😱 Fuck me… 😱
That was the most urgent shit in my whole life. Still remember the sharp pain inside my bowels, the unbearable urge and the enormous strech in my rectum as it was yesterday…🤭
I was experimenting with holding in my bowel movement for 3 days while consuming as much psyllium husk and metamucil as I can.
At the 3rd day, I woke up at the middle of the night. I thought I had shit myself. Fortunately my night panties were clean but the whole bedroom was stinking of my farts I let out while I was asleep.
I rushed to the bathroom and just as I started recording a few inches of shit already started coming out of my tight virgin fartbox…🤭
In just a few moments the BIGGEST HORSESHIT MOUNTAIN pilled up below my little shitchute…I was shocked by the amount of shit that came out of me. You can hear me loudly sighting at the end in my relief💕


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