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Lola – 15 Minutes Later He was a Toilet (Full HD-1080p)

Cast: Brat Princess

Released: March 2018

We met in a hotel lobby, 15 minutes later, he was a toilet. I knew almost immediately that I wanted him to be my toilet. I took him upstairs to my room, stripped him naked and told him to lay on the cold tile of the bathroom floor. (The scene) He was very afraid, but also obviously aroused. At first, the toilet tried to reason. He wanted to get out of it, but once I had him in my room I knew that I could get him to do it. (If you’d like to avoid becoming a victim, never allow yourself to be taken to a secondary location.) He was talking too much at first, but I made him hold his mouth open and took a shit right into it. Toilets don’t need their mouths for talking. It was sort of naively endearing the way it was blabbering. I think it was trying to appeal to Me with its humanness. But the minute I spotted this toilet, I knew it was the compliant sort. It was so submissive and open to suggestion. Low hanging fruit. Almost too easy. It swallowed this relatively small movement without much struggle. I made sure every bit of it went down. The compliant toilet did its very best to impress. Regardless, I give him some direction. I think this toilet actually liked eating my shit, and therefore I will not use toilet training as a form of slave training with this one. I will instead use my shit as a REWARD. I tell it this and it responds by asking for MORE shit. It thinks it will struggle better for Me if I give it more. Remember that. You saw the part where it asked for MORE shit, right? Right! Hmmm ….. let’s find out how much is too much. (To be continued.) (10:44 long)

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Milana Smelly – Comfortable live toilet for 3 princesses (FHD)

After this meeting, I realized that a good toilet slave should easily serve a minimum of 3 girls! The princesses drank coca-cola, laughed and joked while their girlfriend devastated her intestines into my mouth. The first was Jana – she did not finish the feeding and gave me to Christina. I had in my mouth the remains of Yana’s shit and on top a big pile of fresh shit from Christina – it was cool! The last was Amina – her shit was well-long-lasting, sweet and thick, but very tasty! Amina was the last, but I ate a lot of her shit. To girls did not see someone else’s shit, I built a comfortable bed with a partition – so that the girls could only see their shit. The girls filled me with their shit and left.

Cast: Christina and Jana and Amina – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (more videos here)

Released: 27 of April 2018

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Sweet Shitty Morning! (Adelina Frau aka Elena Toilet)

Usually I sleep up to 12 hours, but today I was awakened by my toilet slave. He is my toilet and he is very hungry. He took off my clothes and kissed my feet and my arms. I was angry that he dared to wake me up and I slapped him. As punishment for his behavior, I command him to kiss and lick my sweety asshole. Then I shitting in his mouth right on the bed and make him swallow his breakfast. In addition, I spit in his mouth. But it seems he really liked this punishment. Eat my shit and enjoy this morning!

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4k Ultra HD – Baking Poop Muffins…. Eat Them All, Slave (LoveRachelle2)

I’m a very *kind* Mistress.. well, kinder than a worm like you deserves, anyway. But what kind of Mistress would I be if I didn’t reward good behavior once in a while? What can I say, you’ve been very good lately, slave, so your Mistress is going to make you a special treat: Banana Butt Muffins. That’s right, you’re going to be eating all my poop in a batch of homemade muffins-and you’re going to eat them ALL, slave. Don’t you dare disappoint me! ?

I push a HUGE, stinky poop right into my see-through glass bowl, and get right to work on prepping your meal, letting you watch me along each step… finally, your batch of poop muffins are ready to take out of the oven… now, open wide!

Scat Star: LoveRachelle2 – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/love-rachelle/

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Feeding Time – Mistress Evilyne (Femdom – 1080p)

Another beginner toilet slave is serving me today. While he worships my thigh high patent leather boots, I tease him, telling him about how I am going to make him consume my shit….. how he is going to turn into a real toilet. I give him mantras to repeat to get him into the perfect toilet slave headspace. Then I piss and shit into a metal dog bowl and feed him with a spoon. He is really struggling, but that’s nothing that a few slaps with my gloved hands, whipping his back, and a severe telling off can’t fix. I make him keep eye contact with me while he eats. I know that looking into my eyes while he consumes my stirred up piss and shit will make him more willing and malleable. He struggles, and squirms and huffs and puffs. But he will eat everything, or my name isn’t Mistress Evilyne, scat queen.

If you like to see my nastier, cold and distant side, then this is the clip for you. This boy deserved no kindness or compasion. So I showed him none at all.

Scat Star: Mistress Evilyne – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/mistress-evilyne/

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2 sweet asses treated me with morning shit – Milana Smelly (FHD-1080p)

The bell woke me up at 9am. The hoarse, sleepy voice of Christina said – I’ll be with Jana in an hour and I must prepare the studio. Usually they did not come so early. Yana used me first. I hoped that the first one would be Christina – her shit I love much more and to deserve it I had to go through Jana first. When I was serving Jan, Christina hurried me – I also want to shave faster! It was Christina’s turn, she took off her leggings from her beautiful and young ass, and I watched the view from below. Christina poured out a big, warm and tasty bunch in my mouth – her taste and smell became native to me. Her shit massively fell into my mouth with a fart! I heard her say – finally – she experienced the pleasure of freeing herself from shit! Christina hard fed me, the girls were free of shit, they were pleased and laughed. It’s nice to feel in their shit the remnants of undigested food, such as corn, peel, bone!

Starring: Christina & Jana – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (Milana Smelly)

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Morning shit of a young Lady in panties – Poo Alina (FHD-1080p)

Morning shit of a young lady in panties. Today Alina’s breakfast is a potato with sausages and watermelon – you can be around while Alina eats. But try not to interfere with it – Alina woke up only an hour ago, she was still sleepy and did not go to the toilet – her ass is tense and filled with shit and she really wants to shit! During breakfast, Alina had to endure, so as not to crap, because Alina always pooping right after awakening! It is in the morning that Alina’s shit has a liquid consistency and a sharp smell. Favorite time for the toilet slave – is the girl’s morning ..

Scat Star: Poo Alina – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/poo-alina/

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