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GoddessTempest – Best Lesbian Scat Swallow Moments

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In “Best Lesbian Scat Swallow Moments” you get EXACTLY that. Awesome scat swallowing between aa women. Watch as I take massive shits directly into another girl’s mouth and see on camera bite for bite how she LITERALLY SWALLOW my SHIT! If you enjoy watching women literally eat loads of shit / scat directly from each other’s assholes you do NOT want to miss this half hour video of girl on girl lesbian scat eating aaaa action! Courtesy of my top seller Lesbian Toilet scat videos: “Lesbian Toilet – Chanelle’s First Training” – I have been promising you all this for a very long time. That one day I will train a female slave as my a toilet and film the training sessions. The wait is over! Let me introduce you to my female slave Chanelle a whom I’m training as my personal FULL CONSUMPTION toilet. Chanelle blew my mind. By all the tell-tale signs I could see she never tasted poop before but for the first time in my 16 year career of training new aaa aa toilets I have found the ULTIMATE toilet. And she’s female. That’s makes her extra special. In this video a you will see many “firsts” for Chanelle. First time smelling unwashed ass, first time licking unwashed ass and first time tasting shit. My training program is usually six months. But Chanelle was only here for a a mere five days. Meaning I had to squeeze my six month toilet training program into five DAYS! Chanelle aa a agreed to my terms. Absolutely no food during her five day stay. She will LITERALLY only eat what comes out of my asshole. I have PROVEN that one woman’s body can literally support another woman’s body for five aaaa DAYS. Chanelle literally only got one meal a day, my bowel movement. She is perfectly fine! It’s quite aaaa possible that is why she was able to swallow my entire bowel movement on her first try and keep doing it aa five days in a row. She must’ve been hungry lol As you can see watching my vagina. My arousal was pretty aa insane from having another woman making her mouth available for me to take a shit into hehe “Lesbian Toilet 2 – Chanelle Swallows Again!” – It’s Chanelle’s third day and time to push her limits in my training aaa a program. I held my shit in for two days (keep in mind Chanelle has literally NO other food source than my ass) The past 48 hours Chanelle had to watch me eat eight large meals right in front of her. As you can aa imagine she’s very hungry. Not only for something to eat but for serving me as the very best female toilet. This is usually the “Final Swallow Exam” slaves endure at the 6th month of my training program. Since aaa a Chanelle is only here for five days she’s doing this exam only on her third day (only her second feed) This video has been filmed from two angles to ensure you see EVERY single one of my EIGHT turds sliding out of a my asshole into her open mouth in perfect view! I had a MASSIVE shit. What do you think? You think Chanelle managed to do it? I have to admit after 16 years of doing this. This girl keep acceding ALL my HIGHEST aaa expectations. She swallowed EVERYTHING! Also filmed from two angles so you can see she spit nothing out. a Bite for bite, chew for chew you’ll see every last bite of my filthy poop disappearing down her throat, you can actually see it happen. If you like to see the impossible, one woman swallowing such a large load of a shit directly from another woman’s asshole look no further than this clip folks! More videos of Channelle’s training coming soon! “Lesbian Toilet 4 – Mouth Squat Shit” – Well folks, Chanelle did my 6 month toilet a training program in a mere FIVE days and she passed with flying colors. In this one I decided to squat aaa directly over her open mouth as I took a shit. I was a little constipated as you can see. So don’t mind my heavy breathing, grunting and shaking legs lol. Enjoy as Chanelle had to chew this shit of mine a lot to a swallow because it was so firm. I don’t give her any liquids to make things easier on her. I want her to a suffer to show me how much she want the position while we stare into each other’s eyes as I rubbed my clit during this. I hope you enjoy watching Chanelle eating my shit AGAIN Be sure to check out all my other fff intense and kinky clips!

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Annalise – Poop Smear ON Pussy

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Watch your favorite scat model pooping and shit smeared pussy! I shit in a bathtube and smear a it all over my pussy and my clit and showing off my shit and my wet stinky pussy. ?? It feels and smells so good!

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Janet – Real Toilet Slavery

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My slaves do not always appreciate the commitment I put into their care and training. For aaa a example, last night, I had to go to the toilet but I did not, in order to provide, this morning, the aaa aa necessary nourishment to my personal slave who, in fact, is here, lying on the floor, waiting for me. Many slaves don’t realize these and don’t even eat all my shit, which, of course, pisses me off. But now, aaa a finally, I can free myself. I command the slave to open his mouth, I sit over him and start filling his aa mouth. The shit is really a lot, which is logical, given the long wait. He knows very well what to do with that smelly bunch of shit on his face. Come to serve me as my personal toilet, experience frantic pleasure!

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Fetidistrojp – Yua Goto’s Poop & Smearing!

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It has been a while since this couple has had some intimate time, so now that they have the aaa opportunity, the man makes sure to make the most out of it by getting really dirty! He begins with aaaa aaa spreading the lady’s buttocks wide apart and concentrating his attention on licking her asshole! It doesn’t take long though before he starts wanting more and orders the woman to defecate! With every stream of feces she releases, he is fast to smear it all over her ass! Eventually, he finger fucks his asshole, but shortly after, she begins pooping again and he makes sure to hastily pull as much as he can out and then smear it a all over his cock! He then later serves his dick into the lady’s mouth! He then resumes with smearing the a rest of the lady’s feces all over her body as well as serving some into her mouth for her to consume! aaaaa Before long, she is completely covered, but that doesn’t stop the guy who only continues smearing her filth all over her until his heart’s content!

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Welcome Home (EllaGilbert)

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Big dildo in the ass loves to fuck but now I got an orgasm and pooped with pleasure

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Annissa Yara – Shit, smoking and selfmade – caviar pur – Diarrhea – Fetish

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Annissa Yara – Shit, smoking and selfmade – caviar pur

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MiaRoxxx – Lick my DIRTY butt clean!

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Shitting a long, brown sausage that ruined my clean butt… can you see my butthole prolapsing? a Yes? Nice.. but now LICK THAT DIRTY ASS CLEAN!

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Annalise – BBW Womans Shit Feeding

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We a have absolutely degradation shit-eating pig! His dity is to eat smelly female shit. Today a our shit is soft and big! This time slave have to eat it all and clean our asshole before with his aaa aa tongue…a We will see from the perfect angle and best quality how he takes pounds of shit in his big mouth. I order a him to eat female shit because he is human toilet!

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Scatdesire – School Teacher Feeds The Student

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Watch me ask my student to become my toilet, he first lick my dirty shoes with his tongue to taste my treat after. Then i sit over his head and push out a huge giant poo, you see my arsehole stretch open wide. And i feed it to my best student…

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MiaRoxxx – Suck my turd and cum in my ass!

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A user from germany wanted to taste my turd.. but not without his cum in my ass

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ModelNatalya94 – Two dirty smelly bitches

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Hello to all. In this video, Yana and Caroline. They are naked, wearing only knee-highs and aa sneakers. They decided to play their very dirty game. As usual, we waited for an opportunity and prepared for filming. Two bitches want to have fun and they do it. They are ready to give a shit in each other’s aa mouths. I hope you are ready to see it with them. Your cock is already on the eve of a big dirty show and a wants to release cum on these two dirty bitches. Join, get your dick and be on the same wavelength. aaaa aa Carolina gave a shit to Yana in her mouth, then pushed the shit deeper into her throat with a member, so aa that salivation would also go out with the shit. Then Yana shit in Caroline’s mouth the same way. Yana cccc played with Carolina’s throat too and pushed the stinking shit deeper. But they didn’t stop there and vvv v decided to fuck themselves both in the pussy and in the ass, so further, in turn, they sat down with their anus on a big dick and completely sucked it into their ass. These two filthy smelly whores love this kind v of fun games. Join them, you won’t regret it!

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Scatdesire – Using Toilet Slave

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I was dressed today in a pair of erotic crotchless pantyhose and a sexy catsuit. I invited my a slut in the dungeon. Then I told him to lay down on the floor. I face sitting him and order to smell my ass and pussy. I use my slave as my toilet and humiliate him. A perfect day for him to eat delicious from his a Goddess !

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