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2 sweet asses treated me with morning shit – Milana Smelly (FHD-1080p)

The bell woke me up at 9am. The hoarse, sleepy voice of Christina said – I’ll be with Jana in an hour and I must prepare the studio. Usually they did not come so early. Yana used me first. I hoped that the first one would be Christina – her shit I love much more and to deserve it I had to go through Jana first. When I was serving Jan, Christina hurried me – I also want to shave faster! It was Christina’s turn, she took off her leggings from her beautiful and young ass, and I watched the view from below. Christina poured out a big, warm and tasty bunch in my mouth – her taste and smell became native to me. Her shit massively fell into my mouth with a fart! I heard her say – finally – she experienced the pleasure of freeing herself from shit! Christina hard fed me, the girls were free of shit, they were pleased and laughed. It’s nice to feel in their shit the remnants of undigested food, such as corn, peel, bone!

Starring: Christina & Jana – (Milana Smelly)

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Morning shit of a young Lady in panties – Poo Alina (FHD-1080p)

Morning shit of a young lady in panties. Today Alina’s breakfast is a potato with sausages and watermelon – you can be around while Alina eats. But try not to interfere with it – Alina woke up only an hour ago, she was still sleepy and did not go to the toilet – her ass is tense and filled with shit and she really wants to shit! During breakfast, Alina had to endure, so as not to crap, because Alina always pooping right after awakening! It is in the morning that Alina’s shit has a liquid consistency and a sharp smell. Favorite time for the toilet slave – is the girl’s morning ..

Scat Star: Poo Alina –

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Two Messy Diaper Girls (Jessie and Danni) HD-720p

40 Minutes Of SEXY MESSY fun with Danni and Jessie!

Danni and Jesse are having fun peeing and playing with each other in their wet diapers. When Jesse begins farting and holding her stomach Danni finds it very amusing, but when she tells her that it’s because she’s not able to poop, Danni comes up with a very sexy, very MESSY idea – pooping their diapers together!

Going to the kitchen, Danni grabs her enema bag and both girls take off their soggy diapers. Danni goes first, pushing the nozzle deep in to her butt hole and letting the water flow in, as Jesse watches on. Once she’s taken as much as she possibly can, Jesse helps her get a clean diaper on.

After watching Danni, Jesse is more excited than nervous now to try it out for herself. As it’s her first time, Danni helps her get the nozzle right up her bum and starts the water flowing.

Once both girls are back in their diapers they wriggle and squirm as they try to keep the enema inside. It’s not long though before they just can’t hold on for another second and let go of an explosive mess in their diapers!

Watch as both girls fill their diapers, The amazement on Jesses face as she sees Danni’s diaper filling up with poop to the point of it bulging in the leg band and threatening to escape – and wondering how messy the heavy diaper is between her own legs. With two girls in very messy diapers, the whole room stinks, but the feeling of the warm poop mushing around in their diaper, is making them both feel very sexy!

The two girls then go on to have lots of fun together in their very messy, very smelly diapers!

Cast: Jessie and Danni

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Blonde Boots Grey Pantyhose (Thefartbabes) FULL-HD

Hot huge messy pooping in sexy grey pantyhose, peeing and nasty teasing with boots!

Ukrainian shit loving blond – don’t miss ..

Cast: TheFartBabes –

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Amandinha and Byanca – Stinky bathroom (10 of April 2018)

Byanca can’t get out of the bathroom, she can’t stop farting, she is really sick and the smell of her farts is very, very bad. Amandinha got in to the bathroom to makeup herself and she is complaning about the bad smeel of Byanca’s farts. The girl decided to fart on Amandinha’s face, the farts are too bad that Amandinha can’t stay close to the asshole. Byanca forced the girl to smeel the farts and lick her asshole.

CastAmandinha and Byanca Tavares

Released: 10 of April 2018

Studio: NEWMFX

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Sweet breakfast in the ovulation cycle from Christina (MilanaSmelly) 5 of April 2018

Christina treated me with her sweet, morning shit and a large dose of vaginal discharge – she now has an ovulation cycle!

Cast: Milana Smelly –

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Shiny Tights Poop (Thefartbabes) FHD 1080p

Sexy farting , body, ass teasing and pooping aughty in sexy shiny tights!

Russian Scat: TheFartBabes –

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