SarahWestChococlate13 – Urgent poo!

I went to the toilet and filmed JUST IN CASE. I had been feeling kinda weird all morning, waking up early with a feeling I couldn’t place in my tummy.

I knew for sure it wasn’t that I had to poop – it couldnt be! The day before I filmed this, less than 12 hours before, I had taken a GIANT poop in a diaper for a video, and had none leftover afterwards. It kinda felt like I had a big urgent poop inside me but that was impossible, I thought there was no way I could have so much inside me!

But When I sat down and stated pushing and squeezing pulses of pee out of my bladder, I start to poop! And keep going too! It was not small at all, in fact it was a big long solid thickness log :O I describe the fancy bar I went to the night before and the cocktails I had, explaining that I thought I might’ve been hungover but I actually just had to get this big poop out.

I wipe a couple times and show you everything, including the log in the toilet. I take some of it out to send to a fan, then flush away the rest! Bye!!


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