DirtyMaryan Boot slave Lick the Shit and Garbage off my Boots ($199.99 ScatShop)

(Custom video) You need to realize how much of a fucking loser you are. You are my boot slave and You’ll do whatever I say. I put the content of my garbage bag on the floor and crush all my garbage under my boots. You will not say a word and you will just keep licking my boots clean. The filth under my boots has more value than your life! You were put on this earth to be a doormat for my filthy boots. Every single day you will lick those boots clean!

How does it taste? Taste like garbage? Well it is actually garbage! Keep licking! That’s your job, so amuse me! Guess what, I have a special treat for you: this piece of shit came out of my ass earlier today and I kept it just for you. I’m gonna crush it and you are going to swallow it all! Now I’m having fun! I love torturing you, I love to see you suffer! How does it taste? Everything I step in is delicious and you are so happy to lick my boots clean!

Don’t complain or I swear I will crush you with those boots until there is nothing left of you! Just keep licking my boots! Don’t ever think your job as a boot cleaner is permanent. To me you are garbage, You are disposable. I could replace you any time if you don’t do your job right! Remember that the shit under my boots has more value than your stupid face. You are worthless. You need to suffer every second of your life!

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