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Sneaky Pee Volume Seventeen 2007

Well, it’s another monster piss fest!! It features no less than 25 of our desperate girls, in no less than 35 individual scenes, all with a public pissing conclusion. That’s pretty good value I think you’ll agree! It stars Kaz in that famous open pussy shot, Tiffany spreading her arse cheeks for you, and that very daring pee of hers at the bus stop, Bailey peeing on the bridge, Ayla getting caught, Rose leaving her knickers behind, Tammy, Lolly and Michelle in the park (remember Lolly’s pee arc?), the debut pees of Alison, Tori, Emma Butt, Katie and Tiffany Kingston, Tasmin’s beautiful bottom, Isabella giving us a couple of specials, Morrigan and Ayla flashing their tits, Carla’s interview that had to be curtailed as she was SO desperate, plus so many many more!!

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Sneaky Pee Volume Sixteen 2007 Sneaky Pee

Isabella, Kaz B, Lolly Badcock, Fran, Rebekah Dee, Clare, Gina, Ayla, Tiffany, Michelle Barrett
Yes, our sweet little sixteen is here! An hour long, featuring 21 of our “femme pissales” willing to give the heavy contents of their bladders in the name of adult entertainment. This one features Clare and Fran peeing in the gents urinals, Isabella nearly getting caught, Kaz B flashing us her all, two top scenes from Tiffany, Gina getting interupted by a passer by then starting all over again, Lolly with a huge pee arc, Michelle Barrett gushing wildly then flashing us her huge tits, Ayla’s interview and volume test (this girl pees more than 1.5 litres!!), two wonderful scenes with Tasmin (aka Rebekah Dee), the foursome in the park, plus many many more!! It would be criminal not to!!

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Sneaky Pee Volume Eleven

Isabella, Jo-May, Robyn Hunter, Rose Wood, Morrigan Hel, Rachel Travers, Rebekah Dee, Clare, Tiffany, Koko Li
Featuring no less than 20 of our gorgeous pissing beauties!! This dvd delivers in places our competitors can only dream of!!! The full length Tiffany interview, the 4 girls after the pub (including Morrigan’s splash-down), Koko Li on the train, Roxy on those steps, the debut of Gina, the return of Jo-May, Bunny’s river, Clare’s double pee, Robyn’s park piss, Freya under that fir escape, plus all your other favourites from the past few months!!!!
Quick grab your umbrellas, raincoats and duck for cover! These squirters can’t hold it a second longer and have to go! When nature calls; these girls have no choice but to answer! A host of the finest pissers the U.K. has to offer are featured spreading their legs wide and letting the golden showers flow in the wide open spaces of the great outdoors. No less than 38 pissing scenes in 1 hour, 23 girls, including Tiffany’s interview, and Koko Li pissing on a London tube train!

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Sneaky Pee Volume Fifteen

Let’s take the corks out of the bottles again for a desperate pissing party! Over an hour long, this one features no less than 26 different girls out and about and bursting to pee. We have the debuts of Ayla, Emma, and Paola. The return of Wendy Taylor. The full interview with Lolly Badcock. Fabulous and very exposed rear views from Shelley and Tilly. Mini-Minx’s infamous pee arc in the carpark. Bailey’s JFK tribute. Morrigan, Silver and Lara in a park threesome. Tiffany nearly losing it completely. Clare being made to wait by her friend, and THAT scene with her swolen belly. Isabella and the Easylay van. Kitten and the monitor. The ever gorgeous Kaz on fine pissing form. Tit flashing in public from Michelle M, Paola, Emma, Wendy and Shelley. Plus many many more, the list goes on and on!!
This movie features over thirty very public scenes with twenty-six different girls… all of them just dying to relieve themselves any and everywhere! They sneak off to various public places, places with the prospect of vacancy, but also with the vague hint of being caught!

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Sneaky Pee Volume Fourteen

It’s time for another desperation peeing extravaganza! A one hour feature, 23 desperate honeys, 31 scenes, it’s the sale of the century! This one features the pissing debuts of the naturally hairy Tammy, and the naturally sexy Michelle B. Plus 18 year old Kira under the arches, Tilly at the bus stop, Mini-Minx’s full interview, Tasmin on the bench, the infamous Lolly in the phonebox, Kaz peeing right next to the main road, Tiffany and Shelley’s fight for the loo, Koko Li at Windsor castle, Rachel’s upskirt desperation, Tiffany’s pee dance, Isabella’s spiral staircase cascade, and of course, Mini-Minx on horse back, plus many many more!
Michelle Barrett, Lolly Badcock, Tammy Oldham, Bailey Bliss, Kaz B. and Minx star in Sneaky Pee Volume 14! 23 different girls roam around various locations looking for a place to stream all over. In a way it’s hot. There’s something about watching hot women take care of their business!

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Sneaky Pee Volume Twelve

Another fun packed hour, featuring 20 of our beautiful girls overstretched bladders. We have Rose naked by the jacuzi, and getting caught by the police, Kira behind that post, the gorgeous Robyn, the full length Clare interview, Tiffany’s jeans wetting, the debuts of Mini-Minx, Julietta, Misty, Silver and Lara, the return of Tilly, plus a previously unseen clip from Bunny and a whole lot more. Go on, you know you want to!!!!
Come and delight your senses with a host of the finest pissers the U.K. has to offer! You do not want to miss out on nineteen different girls who are very skilled and very inconspicuous as they discreetly urinate in all kinds of public places! These girls have had a bit too much water and their bladders can’t take it! Watch babes like Rebekah Dee, Mini-Minx, Lillith, Lara Croft, Robyn Hunter, Julietta, Koko-Li and Bunny as they urinate for your viewing pleasure!

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Latinascatwife – Human toilet 2 full versio

scat couple, toilet slave, worship, submission, foot, amateur, golden rain

As usual Mike was already in place, just waiting to feel my delicious cocolato entering his mouth, I sat down and without much delay started a complete rain for Mike, pee and coconut entering his mouth, Mike’s mouth it filled up quickly making a lot of poop, dropping a piece. I took what had fallen and started to pile that pile of shit on Mike’s face, I sat on the chair and started to put my beautiful feet in Mike’s mouth so that my poop would come in with my help because I realized that he was having trouble I swallowed and I was punching my wonderful chocolate with my feet, feeling it enter between my fingers as it stuck and Mike just had to accept his situation, the deeper my feet went in his mouth the more shit spilled out of his mouth, an incredible sight.

AVC | 1920×1080 | 3936 kb/s
AAC LC | 44.1 kHz | 320 kb/s
MP4 | 00:12:49 | 391 MB

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Latinascatwife – Having fun with the bathroom slave

scat, ass to mouth, facesitting, human toilet, scat couple, toilet slave, worship, submission, amateur, hairy pussy

It was the day of using my human bathroom, and when I arrived from the market I was ready to be used, I arrived and went in already with pain in my stomach wanting to shit, I already sat down lowering my shorts, but my poop got a little stuck at the exit with a shove he started to leave, giving me such good shivers, I felt my shit slide down the rectum and fall into the toilet. I put what had fallen off Mike’s face, and I felt a great urge to make dirt, I sat it spreading all over Mike’s face, the sensation of the coconut spreading between my ass and Mike’s face and fascinating, made him suck my ass and pussy all wet with shit, dissatisfied I took off his mask and spread it on his face, beard and hair. I lift Mike up so you can see the result better and continue to sit and rub more. This game was perfect, the end result was more than 1 hour of bath to remove almost all residues. That’s why Mike uses mascara, not out of shame, but because of the difficulty of cleaning because he has a beard and big hair. More is there for you to try this amazing content.

AVC | 1920×1080 | 3974 kb/s
AAC LC | 44.1 kHz | 321 kb/s
MP4 | 00:11:18 | 349 MB

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Welcome Home (EllaGilbert)

scat, solo, amateur, anal, masturbation, smearing

Big dildo in the ass loves to fuck but now I got an orgasm and pooped with pleasure

AVC | 1920×1080 | 4925 kb/s
AAC LC | 44.1 kHz | 106 kb/s
MP4 | 00:27:14 | 981 MB

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TUBA-057 – Pee And Shit And Fart (おしっことたわごととおなら) FullHD






Release Year: 2020
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing


Title: 870_EE-453copro.Pw.mp4
File Size:4.31 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|29.970 FPS|4162 kb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |152 kb/s


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FF-428 – Dynamic pissing of amateur girls FullHD






Release Year: 2020
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing


Title: FF-428.mp4
File Size:3.40 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|29.970 FPS|4424 kb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||48.0 kHz|2 channels| |128 kb/s


FF-434 – Cute amateur girls exposed their boobs and showed – FullHD






Release Year: 2020


Title: FF-434.mp4
File Size:5.77 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|29.970 FPS|4340 kb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||48.0 kHz|2 channels| |128 kb/s