MessyGirls Morning Of Messy Diapers ($14.99 ScatShop)

I was up before Jessie this morning just chilling out and flicking through a magazine. We only had a couple of diapers left and were going to use them when we went out tonight. As I read my tummy starts to churn, and I feel gas building up inside me. I know I need a really big poop!

I could have gone in the bathroom but I’m feeling kinda sexy and would love to feel a big mess spreading over my butt cheeks! I creep in to Jessie’s bedroom to try and find where she’s stashed the diapers. She’s still sleeping so I quietly look in her drawers and cupboards till I find them.

As fast as I can I go back in to the lounge and wrap a thick white diaper tightly around my butt. It feels so good, and I really need to go now! I begin to mess the diaper. At first I just relax until I can feel it starting to come out, and then give a few pushes. I can feel the poop pressing against the back of my diaper, so I push a little harder until it’s right out. I can feel I’m not done and fart a little. I then begin to push again. Just as I do Jessie appears from the bedroom! I pull my skirt down quickly so she wont see it, but there’s not much I can do about the smell!

“OMG I stinks of shit in here!” Jessie gasps putting her hand over her nose. I look at her innocently and pretend I don’t know what she’s talking about!

Jessie isn’t fooled easily though and I have no choice but to tell her I messed one of the diapers. Jessie bursts out laughing telling me how she can’t believe she’s walked in on me in a big messy diaper! I should be embarrassed, but I’m not! I’m actually getting really turned on!

Jessie wants to get a better look at my dirty diaper and comes up right between my legs. She puts her hand over my diaper and massages the mess right in to my butt

“OMG” she cries out “I can see the brown stain coming right through your diaper!”

I tell Jessie to take some video of me in the messy diaper (I have a dirty little purpose for this!) and she grabs her phone. I turn around and bend over to finish what I started.

I start to push again, and do a really loud fart! Jessie giggles as how it echoed round the room! I push again, more farts sound out as I push the rest of the poop in to my diaper.

Jessie isn’t about to miss out on the fun of having a warm squishy mess in her diaper, and goes to the bedroom to grab a diaper for herself. I still need to go more though and give another push. I fart again loudly and you can clearly hear lots of bubbling and squelching as I push another load in to my diaper!

Jessie wastes no time in taking her panties off and wrapping the thick white diaper around her butt. While she’s doing so I begin to show off in my diaper when suddenly it pops open from the weight it’s carrying!

I quickly get it back on and sit down on the couch wriggling my butt against it and smearing the hot sticky poop even more over my ass. Jessie bends over next to me and with her hand on my diapered pussy she begins masturbating me through my messy diaper as she messes her own!

I watch the bulge in Jessie’s diaper grow as she pushes more and more stinky mess in to it!

Watch us both have lots of sexy fun after in our very full and very stinky diapers!

Length: 22:08s
Resolution: 1280×720
Download Format: mov
File Size: 403 MB

Categories: Diapers/ABDL, Groups/Couples, Poop Videos


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