Sarathonson – Big step sister and little step sis ($9.99 ScatShop)

When this woman came home after school, she is immediately greeted by the sight of her stepsisters who then waste no time and immediately take advantage of her! She is grabbed and then thrown on a bed where she gets her top unbuttoned and her skirt lifted up! Shortly after, she is placed on the floor on her back where she gets pissed and pooped by one of the dominatrixes! However, that isn’t the end of it! When she could no longer release any more, the other woman takes her turn and does the same thing, consequently drenching the victim with two loads of urine and putting her under two piles of feces! After both the women have completely relieved themselves, they proceed to make a much bigger mess on their victim by smearing the mixture of poop and piss all over her using only their feet!

Sarathonson – Big step sister and little step sis

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