MessyGirls – Dirty Diaper Enema! ($12.99 ScatShop)

Poor Kim is constipated. “I’ve been having such a hard time lately going potty,” she says, as she waves her gorgeous butt towards us while on the floor on her hands and knees. But she’s got a plan to fix her problem, and it’s pretty obvious she’s excited about trying it. She touches the mound of her pussy with her hand, clearly visible through her little pink panties. She claims to be a bit nervous about her first enema, but from the look on her face there is clearly also a sense of aroused anticipation.

she slips out of her panties, baring her beautiful butt, and prepares the enema syringe. Then OMG, what a sight! Kim with her bottom in the air, her face on the floor, and the huge syringe sticking out of her butt hole. To the sound of little gasps and moans, Kim slowly depresses the plunger, filling herself up! Then with a little chuckle and a smile on her face, she prepares the syringe for a second go. This time the moans are a little louder. She stars to go for a third time, but realizes he’s about as full as she’s gonna get, and it’s time to get into her pullup diaper to wait for the inevitable.

Then back on her hands and knees, with her now diapered butt facing us, Kim begins to let it all out, starting with some amazing sounds as the solution and poop is expelled into her diaper. Kim is a bit overwhelmed by it all, and not sure how to cope, not sure whether to laugh or cry! She talks nearly the whole way through, but at one point exclaims “WOW!” before bursting out laughing. There is so much shit inside her diaper. With little bits of liquid poop beginning to leak out onto the baby blanket and more moans and squelchy farts, Kim is like “OMG, what I have done! Oh fuck, this is bad!”

When it’s finally all over, most of the mess is still held inside the diaper, but Kim has no idea how she going to be able to take it off, and starts to regret using a pullup instead of a full diaper. Carefully she takes it off, but some mess still inevitably spills out onto the baby blanket. She lays the diaper on the floor, and positioning her butt over it, does a few more squirts out of her butt hole. She talks about the huge mess she needs to clean up, then stands and does more squirts from her butt! The mess is just getting worse.


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