HotDirtyIvone – An Browne in tights ($11.99 ScatShop)

The mistress came into the room with the heaviest belly ever. She needed to unload her shit, or else she was going to make a mess out in public. Peeling off her napkin first, she pushes it into the hole, where the head of a shit slaze was waiting. The shit slave looks at the sanitary napkin quizzically before trying to lick the center. It taste of pussy juices, and he loves it. What a treat! Though light in taste and not something it normally consumes, the human toilet is appreciative of whatever is given to it. That is the mark of all good human toilets. Pulling down her pink panties, the mistress closes her eyes and focuses on the dull pain in her belly. She knows it’s going to be a lot so she braces for a storm of shit. It began pouring in thick, brown sausages, one after the other. The shit slithered out of her tight hole landing in tall pile on top of the shit’s slave’s face. The turds were thin and brown, and stank powerfully, coloring the air of the entire room. The shit slave could barely keep up as he tasted the bittersweet sausages already lodging near his throat. The mistress kept pushing and several more segments came out, almost burying the slave’s entire face. Smiling at her work, the mistress takes one final look at the shit slave’s overfilled mouth and pulls up her pink panties.

HotDirtyIvone – An Browne in tights

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