DemonaDragon – Toilet Slave Paul and Bonus Shit ($34.99 ScatShop)

He arrives on time and is ready to feed. I find him in the bathroom waiting for me. I lift the stocking he has over his head and hydrate him with my piss. I lift the stocking again and fill his mouth with a steaming hot shit. I put the stocking back over his face and he doesn’t last long at all. He is going to have to come back for more toilet training to learn to consume big mouthfulls. He spits the big shit into the stocking and says he has had enough. I then have him bend over and rip his tights to get access to his bucket of an asshole. I gat the turd that has been in the freezer and put a condom on it and procede to fuck his ass hard with it. I have always wanted to do an “Alaskan Pipeline” and now I have. You can hear as he begs me for more. I manage to break off some of the turd along with the condom up his ass. He doesn’t care. This slave is happy having the whole world up his ass.

After he leaves, I know I am nowhere near empty so I procede to assume the position over the bathtub and push out a big nasty shit. It already stinks in the bathroom and I know I will have to leave the window open to air it out a few hours. I get a suppository and shove it up my ass. It isn’t long before I am cramping and push out more shit. I repeat the process until I am empty. I make a big mess in the toilet putting my pile of shit in there. I show you the bathtub, the toilet, and finish off by showing you my shit covered ass. Enjoy!

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