DemonaDragon – Dung Beetle Confessional ($44.99 ScatShop)

Paul is back and this time he is here to see Mother Superior Demona to confess all his sins and take his punishment. He lays in my toilet box and begins his confessional. He has been a very naughty dung beetle and he shall have to be punished severely to be absolved of his sins.

I start by giving him some of my golden holy water and then feed him some brown communion wafers straight from the source. I didn’t even see him chew, I think he just swallowed my turds right down.

I then continue with the punishment. I clean him of sin from the inside out and remind him what the fires of hell feel like by using hot sauce to fuck his ass with my new favorite toy. He begs me to stop and I pull the toy out and shove some frozen vegetables up along with a frozen hot dog to put the fire out. Enjoy!

DemonaDragon – Dung Beetle Confessional

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