MyPetiteAss – Become My Shit Slave for Lifetime/LOCKTOBER ($15.99 ScatShop)

I wear a nice lace bralette top and nothing under. I tease you verbally showing off my petite sexy body for you. I order you to worship my pussy, my ass and every single inch of my body.
I bet you wanna jerk off your cock slave but who gave you permission to even touch yourself while you watching my ass and staring on my beautiful body?
I get on my forth to present my booty and tight asshole while I training you to become my slave forever. Do you wanna be that nasty slave who begging to my shit? or being the only one who get the best shit ever all the time? You can be the one just show enough love to me. Show your respect to me show my how much you can worship your Goddess nice and way I deserve it. All right?
In doggy I slide one of my finger deeply in my ass make it stretch by and I just keep ordering you to love and worship me. You got boner don’t you? BUT I STILL DIDN’T GIVE YOU THAT PERMISSON TO TOUCH YOURSELF!
It’s a movie become your favorite movie ever and you’ll begging to my ass.
You’ll make the decision – will be disobedient or become that obedient slave for lifetime!
Control over on you in my hand.
I penetrate a dildo in my shitty ass and paying around make my poo hole so dirty and shit covered. Pissing a lot over on that creamy pile of shit.
My nasty shit slave who’s maybe that you????
As long as you don’t show enough love to me cannot become the only one.
I fuck my asshole front of you that’s drive you crazy, gaping, fucking, make it so shitty and farting to your face. You can fuck me in your fantasy but never ever could touch me. I announce LOCKTOBER and you can’t even jerk off just staring on me!
Be nice and loyal to me than I can give you some permission before I announce NNN NO NUT NOVEMBER 🙂
Enjoy the video 🙂

MyPetiteAss – Become My Shit Slave for Lifetime/LOCKTOBER

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