Brownsensations – Good shitting 2x

Going shopping for Christmas but I’m feeling naughty and shopping for jeans SUCKS! I’m gonna make a little holiday video for you guys instead >:D You can see me make my way into the store and show you the different fitting rooms. I got some clothes to bring in and got my little number card from the woman watching the fitting rooms. Don’t worry lady, I’m not stealing! But I am up to trouble! I take off my shoes and pants then pull down my panties to show off my asshole and take a hot little dump RIGHT on the changing stool! My asshole is super dirty now but I have some toilet paper and show all my messy wipes, just tossing the used TP onto the pleather seat as well. It stinks immediately SO MUCH. I’m afraid the woman is gonna check on me just for the smell! After doing my best to wipe, I run out of toilet paper and have to get dressed with a dirty ass but I don’t mind! Everything stinks already anyways, but the poopy butt does add to my personal stink as I hand my items back and leave the store. She was short so closer to my bum and definitely smelled me at that point! The stupid jeans had those awful fake front pockets anyways so I put a dirty piece of TP in the back pockets so they stink literally as much as they stink figuratively!

Brownsensations – Good shitting 2x

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