Cosmic Girl Summer – 3 Days Poo In My Sheer Pink Lace Bikini

I turn on my camera. I am wearing nothing but my bubblegum pink, lace bikini panties. i do a quick but sensual dance and show off my perky bare breasts then i turn, and with my ass to the camera, I slowly push out 3 full days worth of poo that i have been saving to make this clip. my poop is so big and thick and dense that it stretches my poor little asshole to its limits! i take off my bikini pantie when i am finished with my massive poo and inhale the fresh shit aroma and taste my turds with the tip of my tongue… then give you a nice long view of my monster size load of poo. i tease a bit more, spreading my butt cheeks to show you my dirty asshole and finger it for a bit…

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3 days poo in my sheer pink lace bikini.mp4 – 403.36 MB