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Shit from 5 girls, now in my stomach! Part 1 starring in video Smelly Milana ($16.99 ScatShop)

This video can also be called – “Christina bombed my mouth today” – you must hear it! Christina called me and asked – “are we meeting today?” On this day, I did not plan a meeting and her call was unexpected, but I did not find the courage to refuse her, as I love being her toilet. I asked her – is it possible to postpone the meeting until tomorrow? She replied – “no, I have not gone to the toilet for 2 days and drank a lot of alcohol yesterday.” From her voice, I understood that she was in a bad mood and her ass was filled with nectar, which I love so much, and she would not endure until tomorrow. She also refused to wait 4 hours and I had to act immediately. It was Sunday, and I know that on Friday and Saturday she likes to go to various establishments and pamper her tummy with delicious dishes. Later, when she arrived, I found out that this weekend she really had a great time and now her ass has to unload all this, of course, my mouth will be glad to take it all! At first, Christina, as usual, beat me with a whip, this time not hard, as she really really wanted to shit faster. I sat with my back against the wall. Christina turned her back to me, I parted her buttocks and opened my mouth in front of her anus. She said – “are you catching?” As soon as I had time to say yes, and from her sweet hole, a powerful stream filled my mouth with shit. My mouth was completely filled to the throat, today the shit was liquid, I tried to swallow a little, but I could not close my mouth, as it was starting to fall from my face, and I didn’t want the process to look dirty and tried to do everything neatly. I lifted my head up hard to keep the shit from falling on my chest. The sound of the farting was really powerful, and it was evident from Christina’s face that she was ecstatic. She said – “What a thrill it is!” She completely unloaded into my mouth and now my task is to take it into myself as quickly as possible, since Christina does not like the smell of shit and I must make this process as comfortable as possible for her. The process went quickly, Christina even praised me later, when we finished filming and said – “today you did everything quickly, well done” and went home, leaving her nectar in my stomach.

Length: 6:00s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 529 MB

2Big Piles Shit for the Pig1 starring in video Lady Domi & Lady Kimi ($14.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 03, 2021) – Toilet Slavery

The two Scatqueens do not need much forerun today. After a short conversation Lady Domi has to shit urgently. The toilet slave is already on the ground and only need to open his mouth. Lady Domi bends down and shits the pig then a soft fat sausage in his throat. Then she drives the slave with a wooden spoon to eat the shit faster because her friend Lady Kimi also has to shit. Before that, Lady Domi pisses the pig again in his mouth.

Length: 6:26s
Resolution: 1280×720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 233 MB


Christmas Tree Destroyed with Farts and Diarrhea starring in video Goddess Zaleya (38.99€ YezzClips) – diarrhea

was checking the Christmas presents when IT Commenced! The hurricane! Farting after farting until I got angry and begun to ruin the Christmas tree by removing each decoration. For each decoration I did a fart. Santa loved it. Santa loves booty and farts. Santa is a pervert. Thats why he has given me so many boots. Because I am a girl with a big juicy ass. Perfect for Santa. After I was done with the decorations, I took my pink strap on and told Santa Ill fuck his ass hard for this delight he has given to me. At the end, I laid on the floor, with a roller, on my belly, with my ass up so that Ill remove all the farts.The next morning, after an intense gym workout, I decided to ruin the Christmas Tree with a smelly diarrhea next to it! Enjoy my sexy ass doing stinky farts and a diarrhea!

Format: MP4
Duration: 13 Min
Size: 581 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Farting and Dirty Scat in My Kitchen starring in video Goddess Zaleya (18.99€ YezzClips) – new scat

I was so bloated Ive eaten beans so I determined to make an orange juice to feel better. While preparing it, I pants exploded in farts, farts, farts! I pull down my pants to fart better and not to make them stinky and again farts, farts, farts! You can love my delicious arse farting non stop! My slave ultimately arrived and I used him as my farts inhaler because I dont want the kitchen to be smelly. After the farts explosion, I felt desperate to release my chocolate and got unclothed, wearing just pantyhose and a bra and filled his mouth with my brown. I wiped my ass with hygienic paper and let it in his mouth, using him like a real toilet chair that absorbs everything and flushes the unneeded things. P. S. Since some of you buy my clips to make profit, I decided to put a watermark on the clip. My videos are mine and only min, you have no right to resell them. I record my clips for my scat fans only and the purpose of purchasing the video is to enjoy it at home, to jerk off at it!

Format: MP4
Duration: 17 Min
Size: 506 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Special dirty game + Two women playing with shit + shit swallow a smear + pantyhose encasement scat sho… (€82.99 YezzClips)

Sunday afternoon turned into a perverse meetings.At the conclusion of surprise for our cameraman.My good friend Denise wanted to again play dirty games. I say yes, let’s play..Both we love pantyhose and it was clear where to begin our dirty game..Then it’s just a matter of improvisation between me and Denise!! Denisa beautifully kisses and has a delicate ass hole.

My friend Denise, brought new toys and that we must try..Look at me as she is fucking strap-on dildo, I did not know that she is the dominant type…

First biting big shit in my hands, then the big shit in my mouth … shit and I will anoint the breast ….: Today the film in two parts

Heute den Film in zwei Teile: erste große Scheiße in meinen Händen, dann die große Scheiße in meinem Mund…Scheiße ich werde beißen und salben die Brust….

sit on a chair and piss, then dildo in pussy and shit out of my ass, I drink my piss, I’m excited …. I’ll take a dildo and masturbate, I love the smell of shit!, I will lick shit and put it in pussy, ointment all the shit ….

Ich sitze auf einem Stuhl und Piss, dann Dildo in Muschi und Scheiße aus dem Arsch!Ich trinke meine Pisse!Ich bin begeistert….Ich nehme einen Dildo und masturbieren, Ich liebe den Geruch von Scheiße!!!!!Ich werde lecken Scheiße und steckte es in Muschi, Salbe die ganze Scheiße….

Format: MP4
Duration: 65 Min
Size: 2.93 Gb
Resolution: 1280×720


Their ass really sweet starring in video MilanaSmelly ($17.99 ScatShop) – Russian Scat

Their ass really sweet! At first the girls walked around the store and selected products for the competition. We decided to hold a contest – which of the girls will eat cranberries faster. Their juicy asses looked sexy, but the fact that they still wanted to shit gave them even more sexuality! They constantly urged me: “faster, I want to shit.” We held a competition and the girls alternately filled my mouth with their sweet, morning shit!

Length: 17:10s
Resolution: 1280×720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1218 MB


Karina poops after bathing in slave’s mouth starring in video MilanaSmelly ($14.99 ScatShop) – Toilet Slavery

Every time I look forward to this day. Several times a month Mistress Karina invites me to her apartment, as a slave who will provide her comfort and pleasure. I have to fulfill a variety of duties. Serving Mistress Karina as a toilet is one of my responsibilities during these meetings. This time Karina decided to take a bath, and I had to serve the girl during this procedure. And I got great pleasure from the fact that I could once again admire the beautiful young body of Mistress, her breasts, her ass. Mistress Karina is a very beautiful girl. I was in seventh heaven with happiness when Mistress allowed me to smell her panties, and then wash them while she takes a bath. The toilet slave has no right to touch Mistress’ body with his hands. But this time, a small exception was made for me. Mistress Karina allowed me to dry her body with a towel after she finished washing. Touching her body, albeit through a towel, is what I have long dreamed of. And my dream has finally come true. I figured that Karina would want to use the toilet later. However, she had a very hearty dinner the night before, and she really wanted to shit. Karina decided to use me as a toilet right in the bathroom. Without getting out of the bath, she positioned her anus in front of my mouth. A huge long turd filled my mouth, and then, like a snake, in a spiral, lay on my face. I havn’t tasted such good-tasting shit for a long time. It was especially pleasing that there was a lot of it. Karina left to relax on the sofa, and I stayed in the bathroom, eating the rest of her fragrant shit.

Length: 9:03s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 793 MB


Scat Toilet Slavery starring in video ($16.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

I enjoy a big hard shit into the slave mouth! And it lay down and enjoy it too? Today I am enjoying a nice shit on my toilet. First I tease slave then I shit, why don’t you join me

Format: MP4
Duration: 14 Min
Size: 1383 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Eat Shit From My Tights starring in video scatdesire (12,99 € YezzClips)

Watch me in sexy pantyhose… Show off my ass. I want you to sniff it, sniffing my stink hole smelling the shit inside thats waiting to come out… Your only purpose in life is to eat my shit from my butthole… You wish you were eating and sucking my tights now dont you… Feeling the warm load push through my tights…. I want you to smell my shit, Lick My Shit And Smear My Warm Shit On Your Dick… Now stroke hard and fast im going to give you a countdown and when i get to 1 i want you to not just chew my scat but swollow it too and cum… Ready…. EAT MY SHIT!!!

Format: MP4
Duration: 9 Min
Size: 877 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download Eat Shit From My Tights starring in video scatdesire (12,99 € YezzClips)

My Only Dump starring in video Molly Jane, Cory Chase

Molly surprised us last week. She took her one and only dump on camera. You will never see or find another Molly Jane poo video anywhere on the net. She even motivated me out of retirement to poo on film.

Format: MP4
Duration: 16 Min
Size: 895 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Cory Chase in Messy Hotel Dump (Cory Chase Customs)

Sometimes they do not come out clean. I was staying at a hotel last week and really had to go. Wow that was really messy, now you can enjoy the mess.

Format: MP4
Duration: 6 Min
Size: 249 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download Cory Chase in Messy Hotel Dump (Cory Chase Customs)

Cory Chase in I Poo and You Swallow dirty (Cory Chase Customs)

I know you love my poo. Today I have a special treat, you can eat everything that comes out of my ass. I hope you are hungry, I have not gone all week!

Welcome to Cory Chase Customs. We are an independent fetish production studio, providing fetish video content to those seeking something unique and different. While we try to cater to every request, our favorite niches include MILF, Taboo, Anal, and Super Heroine as well as trying new and exciting things all the time.
–Cory Chase

Format: MP4
Duration: 6 Min
Size: 304 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download Cory Chase in I Poo and You Swallow (Cory Chase Customs)