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Samantha Starfish – Filthy Shit Pig (1080 HD)

Oink Oink!

I’m a filthy, disgusting shit pig! I love smearing my big, piggy body with shit! I feel so sexy and horny when I wear my pig ears and nose. I even have a butt plug that’s shaped like a piggy tail! I roll around in my filth for hours! I have shit smeared all over my ass! I’m a dirty piggy! I can’t live without being covered in shit!

Watch as I roll around and oink like a dirty piggy! I show off my shit smeared ass and fuck my shithole with my pig tail butt plug! I shit out my tail and pop it right into my mouth! Mmm! My shit tastes so good! I smear my shit all over my face and lips. I oink and squeal in delight! I fuck my shithole some more with my plug and talk dirty to you! I even shove some fingers up my filthy poophole!

I love being a filthy shit pig!


SamanthaStarfish – Destroying My White Shorts

Look at my nice clean white shorts! They won’t be white for long! I have to poop! I have to poop so bad! I can feel this huge load of shit in my ass! I’m so desperate to push it out! It’s going to burst out of my butt and destroy my white shorts!

Here it comes! There’s no holding back! There’s no stopping this shit from bursting out of my poophole and ruining my clean white shorts forever!

Ewww! Look! Look at all this poop! It’s a massive, soft load! Oh god! It’s smeared all up my butt crack! It’s all over my shorts! These white shorts will never get clean again! My filth has destroyed them forever! Look at this huge mess! I can’t believe how much poop burst out of my butt and into my white shorts!


SamanthaStarfish – Diarrhea Accident While Washing Dishes

While washing the dishes my belly starts to hurt really bad. It’s uncomfortable but I keep washing my dishes. I really want to get them done then I can go lay down. My belly keeps cramping and rumbling. It feels like I need to fart! I push out the fart but it feels like more than just gas came out of my ass! I spread my cheeks and you can see shit in my ass crack! Wet, runny, stinky shit!

I hurry to get the rest of the dishes done so I can run to the toilet! But before I can get them done my belly starts to cramp again! What I think is another fart is actually a huge blast of wet diarrhea! It splatters all over my floor and runs down my ass crack and all down my legs! Oh it stinks so bad! I just made a HUGE mess!

I quickly try to finish washing the dishes as the diarrhea drips out of my ass and down my legs! Oh man! I’ve made such a mess!


SamanthaStarfish – Cum In My Dirty Shithole

Look how dirty my shithole is! I’m such a nasty, anal slut! I need your cock deep in my filthy poophole! Fuck my dirty ass and cum deep inside of me! You’ll probably get poop all over your cock as you fuck me but it turns me on so much to see your cock come out of my ass all covered in shit!

Fuck me hard! Fuck the shit out of me! I want your cock covered in my shit! Look at the poop that you just fucked out of me! Let’s smear that shit all over your hard cock! Now shove it back up my dirty ass! Fuck my shithole and cum deep inside of that nasty ass! Oh yes! Cum! Cum deep inside my filthy shithole! Watch your cum drip out of my shitty hole!