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Princess Puckie the Shitty Piggy

Princess Puckie

Butt ass naked and doggystyle outside in the sun, I smile at you as my golden piss streams out of me and hits the tarp, running along my thighs and belly. I position myself steady in a doggy squat for a fat hot turd to release and it dumps out of me soft and sausage like….I admire my steamy load and beckon you closer. I grab a clump and begin smearing into my tits while talking about its texture and squealing! This is so insane!! I stink I stink I stink! I massage my shit into my arms and breasts and belly, big globs of poo adorning my soft skin. I clutch another big glob and bring it to my nose for a huge whiff and enjoy my anal aroma. I make a shit print on the tarp like a snowflake, I’m just a girl having fun making a mess like a sweet giggly little piggy! Flies start attacking me! They love my sweet chili bean reek too! You get a million close-ups and angles as I hold the camera close to me, taking you on an intimate tour of my body as you see me get more and more shit smeared all over me and as it bakes in the sun onto my skin like a mud mask! I make sure to use every last dropping of my dump on the rest of my ass…AND TASTE IT TWICE TOO! I lick it from my fingers and tell you I’m so brave haha. I’m starting to get super turned on by shitty piggy mess so I touch myself and rub my clit… but the flies want in on the fun so I eventually escape…INSIDE MY HOUSE! While completely coated in my steamy brown poo! I CUM SO HARD while showing off my beautiful shit smeared body inside my house, enjoying the taboo of being so scandalously shitty inside and getting myself off while my roomies aren’t home…you’ll want to coat me in your cum too when i’m through…

Princess Puckie the Shitty Piggy

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Mommys Massive Shit Snack – PrincessPuckie (Full HD)

Mommys Massive Shit Snack

So it was like 10o’clock at night and I had just finished eating most of my takeout, brussel sprouts and a persimmon kale salad. I realized that I had a giant shit pressing against my butthole about to burst out of me but instead of running to the toilet I ran to set up my camera because I KNEW it was gonna be a shitshow!! I didn’t have time to set a plastic sheet down or anything so I just grabbed the rest of my salad and as soon as I started to bend over this THICK SLIMY SNAKE JUST JIZZED OUT OF ME! Seriously some slinky looking shit like real sausage like but soft and like a massive tube of frosting gushing out of me with a fat SPLOOOSH! There was so much of it some of it flung out of the food tray lol. I show off the huge fat dump and spread it around with my fork and talk about how good it smells! What a nice snack for you! You should be healthy, this is so full of vitamins and minerals…and my waste 🙂 I turn back around to show off that I haven’t wiped and not only do I have a pretty stinky yellowy greeny butterfly poo print to show off, you can literally see drops of cum hanging in and out of my pussy because I had just cum right before this! I wink my ass and it farts a bit, I spread and talk dirty and wiggle my bum in your face. I turn back to face you to play some more with my food. It smells amazing, so rich and succulent…I want a lil nibble! Is that bad? I was gonna save this for you but…I’m getting hungry. I spit into my shit salad and stick my tongue out and get a tiny lick of shit and greens on my tongue and swallow it down. I keep picking up big forkfuls of it and then
I switch gears! It’s 3:33min and I realize I want to do some roleplay…and I’m feeling a lot like your mommy who wants you to grow up healthy and strong. I coerce you into eating my poo because I miss being close to you…I choo choo trainfuls of poo into your mouth and praise you for being a good boy!

Mommys Massive Shit Snack - PrincessPuckie

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Dookie Desperation and Cum – PrincessPuckie (1080p)

Dookie Desperation and Cum

I jump on the bed with my ass in your face and immediately drop my pants down to my knees. I smile and talk to you like you’re an old friend…I have to poop really bad, like sooo fucking bad, I’ve been holding it in for like 2 days, and that’s 2 days too many, I can’t do it anymore! I’m going to fucking explode everywhere! I wriggle my bum with a toothbrush up my bunghole while I sing and look at a magazine trying to get my mind off the ginormous shit backed up in my bum! I throw my pants off while I keep talking about how bad I want to poo! I’m freaking out now! I twist the toothbrush around a bit, I can feel it twisting in my shit! I slide my socks off and wriggle my feet in your face as I take the toothbrush out and whine about how fucking hard it is to keep the dookie in me!! I prairie dog again and again and EVERY time my asshole can’t help but clip off a little bit of poo, it’s so silky smooth! My cute turd cutter starts to back up with soft poos clinging between my butt cheeks as I try to prairie dog and show off my turtle head. I have to close my butt and suck it back in my sweet tight asshole! I groan and grimace and talk the ENTIRE time as I struggle with sucking my poo out and in! I tried, I really tried!! MY DOOKIE FINALLY SLINKS OUT SUPER FAT AND SEXY. It’s so fucking hot I have to grab my toothbrush and stick it in my sensitive asshole and fuck my butt til I cum!

Dookie Desperation and Cum - PrincessPuckie

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Big Farty Dump in Leggings (PrincessPuckie – 1080p)

Dump in Leggings

These tights are so clean! So new and fresh, just washed…I wonder what would happen if I released my rank butthole on them?? I start bellowing out big farts and bubbly toots as I shove my beautifully clad ass in your face. Shiny black leggings so tight on my body as I slowly move my butt back and forth full frame in the camera. The focus is on my ass and upper thighs in the tights for the first 7 minutes (with three quick teasing reveals of my gorgeous bare ass, twice as it farts) as I talk dirty and run my hands along my butt. About 3 minutes in I start talking about the shit backed up inside me and how bad I want to unleash a huge dump in these tights! “I’m such a dirty, dirty girl making a mess, I can’t help myself, I want to trash these leggings! God that would be so hot having a steamy pile of shit fall out of my butt! Wouldn’t that be so sexy? I just want the stink to cling all over me, dripping in my own rankness.” “Are you ready for the big stink? It’s definitely gonna be a big, fat one! I love how my ass talks to you, it wants to release. Omg I can’t stop farting… lil burps from my butthole!” Around the 7minute mark I dump a huge load in my leggings! But you can’t see it until I reach in my leggings and pull it out from my butt! It’s a MASSIVE SOFT DUMP I smear ALLL over my spandexed ass as I swear and talk filthy. Then I slowly take my leggings off my butt and spread my bare poopy butt cheeks for you, they’re SO COATED in RICH DARK POO.. You watch my asshole wink open up to reveal a bit more poop and then I pee! “I made such a poopy mess!!” I finally bend over all the way to smile at the camera and say goodbye.
Featuring over 30 farts and toots, destroyed black spandex tights, huge dump, dirty talk, asshole winking and gorgeous close-ups.

Big Farty Dump in Leggings

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1st SHIT SMEAR & LICK – PrincessPuckie (1080p)


I flip my legs over my head in the tub and spurt my first enema on me, wetting my white stockings and dripping on myself. I laugh as I feel myself up, all slimy with ass juice. It’s not shitty enough! I need more….so for my second enema, I get in the doggystyle position and unload a massive dump everywhere, shitty brown water expelling from my body as well as big clumps of poo. I turn around and stare with wide eyes at the huge mess I’ve made, I begin feeling my shit with my hands, playing with it until I work up the nerve to cup my tits with my shitty hands.

I lay back in my shit and begin smearing on my stomach with a crazed expression, WHAT AM I DOING?!? My mouth drops as I rub myself everywhere, my tits, my legs, my belly, all covered with poop. I softly smear myself and smile as I talk about how fucked up this all is…I wasn’t planning on doing this but I just got so curious! I sit in my shit and bend over to look at you, showing off my poopy palms, bringing them to my face to smell. I tentatively stick my tongue out and press it against my shitty finger, 3 times! I keep my tongue out and show off my shitty tongue until I wipe it against my upper lip. I go back to smearing myself and change positions, I let you know I’m a worthless dirty slut and I love it!

1st SHIT SMEAR & LICK - PrincessPuckie

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