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MistressGaia – Just for Starters (1080p)

Today I have my slave on the floor and he’s going to worship my feet. I have told him if he can clean my shoes and get his tongue going, then I may reward him. He’s does enjoy eating my shit, and also being under my beautiful ass. After a while of licking my shoes, I decide he deserves a little reward. So I facesit on him and get him ready, as he’s going to receive my delicious shit. I change position and sit over him, and tell him to get his mouth open nice and wide. As he receives my shit I tell him he has to make sure he chews it, and swallows it all. He’s such a lucky slave to enjoy the pleasure of eating the shit of his beautiful mistress…

CASTMistress Gaia

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Mistress Gaia – Open Good This Sewer (2017)

Like any career girl, I have had to learn to multitask. Using slaves as toilets is a convenience, not a job. So just because there is a former human being waiting beneath my perfect ass to be used as a receptacle for a huge amount of shit doesn’t mean I can’t take a few moments to check my text messages. The slave is well trained enough that it doesn’t need much instructions, just “open it”, not “open your mouth”—it is no longer a mouth but a shit hole and it is no longer his but mine. “Open your shit hole, toilet”. You get to see a beautiful shot of my ass and pussy poised above the toilet’s face waiting for a huge load.

This time there is no ass worship. I have become comfortable enough to use the toilet without prior stimulation so you see a slave reduced to pure toilet servitude, serving as nothing but a sewer, a piece of plumbing, a detour for my shit on the way to the city sewer system through the body of a “man”. The slave lies there with a massive shit spreading over its face while my perfect ass stays suspended over its face with one tiny turdlet waiting to drop.

As a special treat to your MASTURBATORS I put my ass right up to the camera as I wipe my ass clean, even though my ass is so perfectly toned that there is almost no need to wipe.

Unfortunately, once I have delivered there is too much shit for it to eat and I have to provide more “encouragement”, in this case in the form verbal encouragement, fake sympathy and of a harsh whipping. The slave managed to swallow what went directly in its mouth but leaves a lot around its face.

“Open mouth, slave. Open. Eat my shit! Eat all!…Ah, good boy! You are a toilet! You are not human!” I whip its penis and spit in its open mouth.

Finally I have to slave turn over to have a good whipping on its ass. My legs look beautiful in my stylish new boots as I hold its head down with my foot and whip its ass, ignoring its whimpers. You will probably CUM watching this part, TOILET PIG!

Cast: Mistress Gaia –

Release Year: 2017

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MistressGaia – Full Hole (Femdom Shit Domination)

MistressGaia – Full Hole

MistressGaia - Full Hole - screen 1

MistressGaia - Full Hole - screen 2

STARRING : MistressGaia


GENRES : Femdom Scat, Takefile Scat, Tortures, Scat Domination, Pooping, Shits in Mouth, Kaviar, Copro

LENGTH : 3 Minutes 44 Seconds

SIZE : 151,59 Mb

FULL HD 1080p

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MistressGaia – A Big Vision (Scat Solo Made In Italy)

MistressGaia – A Big Vision

MistressGaia - A Big Vision - Screen 1

MistressGaia - A Big Vision - Screen 2

Always down like a worm, that’s your place, relax yourself and enjoy this wonderful view as only your Goddess can do … Open your mouth and get the food that I offer to you!

STARRING : MistressGaia


GENRES : Posing, Shitting, Copro, Excrements, Defecation, Diarrhea, Pooping, Shit, Scat, Takefile Porn, Scat 2017

LENGTH : 4 Minutes 14 Seconds

SIZE : 210,81 Mb

FULL HD 1080p

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