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Sniff my shitty ASS starring in video Goddess Amirha

RP Is your nose on it?! Good… PFFFRTTRRRR… A a hollow deep rumbler tunneled straight into his nose. You dont need air, breathe my ass boy.. I grind my ass back and forth on his pathetic face while he struggles for fresh air.. but with his mouth covered by my pussy and nose right against my ass all hope is lost. The neat little bench I had made specifically for facesitting has him strapped down entirely. Ankles, knees, waist, wrists & elbows. With built in clamps pressed against his head and the pillow inflated fitting the hole just wide enough for his face.. his head is completely immobilized. Theres no escape from his punishment. He could be my personal toilet if I wished it so. Keep struggling bitch boy. I love turning any man I talk to into my personal slave. They always think they’re going to slide into my panties. The only thing thats sliding anywhere is your face into my ass. You have to earn that right, and only when I want it, may I POSSIBLY allow it, and I’ll be the only one getting off. PFFRRTTT… a long hot one slips out, filling the fabric of my yoga pants.. surrounding his helpless nose. He struggles against his bonds but just weakens himself even further to my mercy. Theres no escape from this. You’re my chair for the night. Isn’t just so humiliating? Tied and bound, and recorded for further blackmail? You’re going to be my little seat whenever I ask you. You’re my slave now. I play game after game on his helpless face.. only lifting to give him fresh wiffs of my ass when I have to fart. Stripping off my pants down to my panties since I caught him sniffing my panties, now he can smell where they come from. How do they smell now? Haha not so good huh? Too fresh for you? Awhh. Moan for me. FFFRRRPPP a wet one slaps out and he’s spared by my panties.. I think I have to use the bathroom.. Don’t go anywhere I say jokingly with a sadistic laugh as he remains tied up while I use the toilet. Just as like I thought, I did have to shit. A foul smell filled the bathroom and I couldn’t bare to try to push out more.. But why use toilet paper? Haha I return to my little bitch and sit my bare naked dirty ass right on his nose and wipe with it. MMMMMMHMMMMMMMM MMM .. It must be just awful for you down there.. under my tight dirty little ass.. PRRFFFFTT Another hot blast rockets into his lungs.. Oops.. looks like I still have a little gas for you.. thanks for being such a good chair.. dirty little brown noser.. struggle a little more and you can be my toilet.

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Goddess Amirha – Liquid Shitting into my slaves Nose

Title: Liquid Shitting into my slaves Nose
Cast: Goddess Amirha
Genre: Scat, Farts, Facesitting, Domination, Smearing
Duration: 00:14:01

Liquid Shitting into my slaves Nose.

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Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 29,97 fps(r) (und)


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Goddess Amirha – Quick Sniff & Shit (FHD-1080p)

Anxiety always makes me have the worst loudest nastiest farts. Everytime. My friends were about to be there within the hour and the entire house smelled like ass.. I needed some way to mask them.. I thought of just blaming it on my boyfriend.. but being the asshole that he is he would call me out and not take the blame. But I had an idea.. Hey Baby.. remember that chastity device I keep laying around for punishment when you won’t do things for me? Yeah.. Well I’m going to need you to do something for me I snickered as he came into the basement.. Lay down .. Ok.. I need some way of getting rid of all this gas, the entire house smells like a dumpster full of diapers. Jessy and Rebecca will be here in almost an hour. So for this next hour, I need you to sniff and swallow anything that comes out.. GOT IT?! he shook his head and layed down reluctantly. I straddled his face with his nose right against my tight spandex pants and let the first one rip.. He could barely handle it. Oh god, I have to p .. great.. more smell. I ran to the bathroom and cleared the way to release the rest of the gas on his face.. Seeing as hes always such a dick lately, I forgot to wipe. Uh oh, sorry honey. Too bad so sad! I slammed my ass right back onto his nose and pummeled his lungs with more ass warfare. In fear of further chastity punishment that I just KNOWW he loves (sarcasm).. he just laid there like a good little boy and took it. He struggled and moaned.. but the smell of the house was going away… and into his THROAT. Some of it still would seep past occasionally and I could still smell it.. I cant have that.. there going to be here any minute. Ill fix that baby.. Removing the spandex pants I sat my ass right back onto his nose with a perfect seal.. leaving no room for escape and ripped a HUGE fart right into his nostril!!! Haha thats hillarious! Direct fart injection! I couldn’t help but laugh.. how humiliating it has to be. Most people clear rooms, and avoid gas at all costs. And here you are, my little fart bitch with your nose pressed directly against my asshole.. taking it ALL. That nice little muffled fart sound it makes when its sealed tells me you’re in a world of torture.. What a good boy obeying your woman. But, you’re still going in chastity when I’m finished. I guess how well of a job you do will depend on how long. And so far.. you’re on week #3…

CASTGoddess Amirha

File: goddess amirha – quick sniff & shit.mp4
Size: 463297529 bytes (441,83 MiB), duration: 00:07:28, avg.bitrate: 8273 kb/s
Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (und)
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 29,97 fps(r) (und)

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Solo Farting & POV BJ TEASE [Goddess Amirha]

By request, I blow relentless farts on the couch. Half laughing at your humiliation and how pathetic you are for enjoying this, and well.. some of them are just so loud or ridiculous I can’t help but laugh. Watch as my ass puckers and blows you over the edge. Imagine how it would be to stick your face in there, to take all these farts in your lungs.. its addicting. Teasing like this actually made me horny and I decided to give a little POV Blowjob tease.. but a tease is a tease.. and you do not get to cum. Only the last minute of the video contains the POV tease…

CASTGoddess Amirha

File: goddess amirha – solo farting & pov bj tease.mp4
Size: 527812342 bytes (503,36 MiB), duration: 00:08:17, avg.bitrate: 8496 kb/s
Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (und)
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 29,97 fps(r) (und)

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Brown Noser – 4k UHD Scat (Goddess Amirha – April 2018)

Following his last punishment I decided I wasn’t done with him just yet.. Laying on the couch I straddled his face and shoved his nose right back up into my crack for round 2. You want to cum? Let’s see if you can cum with your nose stuck in my ass. Every time you cum you’re going to be reminded of how my ass smells. You’re a slave to it. Your life’s purpose is to serve my ass. I wanna hear you sniff with each stroke. Deep breaths! Mmm.. good boy. In between breaths and being smothered I pummeled his nose with loud and silent left over gas.. each time he’s about to cum I fill his lungs full of fart and I can see him start to struggle and lose his erection. Hell have to learn to love it if he wants to ever cum again.. every time he gets close I lift up JUST ENOUGH and with his nose barely touching my asshole.. “PFFRRTTT” .. a hot nose burning puff tunnels through my panties & sweaty spandex right into his nose, amplifying the smell.. but after catching him sneaking breaths I made it even worse on him by taking them off.. completely sealing his nose against my ass!! Now they have NOWHERE to go except his lungs.. The game continues of tease and denial burning his nose every time he gets close until I feel something more come out and he can hardly breathe through his nose any longer.. I look back at him and his nose is completely brown!! I literally sharted up and all over his nose!! How fucking pathetic he looks now.. a true little brown noser! I didn’t say stop stroking!! My ass slams right back down like nothing ever happened sealing his nose deep in my filthy crack. This is how you cum from now on Slave.. with your nose as my filthy little toilet….

The first clip shot in 4K AND Reformatted as 4K. For the hardcore fart fetishist only, sharts & filth visible.

CastGoddess Amirha

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Goddess Amirha – first time eating my shit!

Goddess Amirha

goddessamirha - first time eating my shit! img 1

goddessamirha - first time eating my shit! img 2

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FULL HD 1080p

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