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MissAnja – Big, Big Pooping, Peeing In Public Toilet Bundle (30.06.2020) 4kUHD

Title:  Big, Big Pooping, Peeing In Public Toilet Bundle
Cast: MissAnja
Genre: Scat, Piss, Diarrhea, Big shit, Solo, Compilation, Smearing
Duration: 00:23:25

I’m away from home but in fact I should poo and pee a lot so recorded 1 string stream pee, 1 huge long poo into bowl, and on another day big creamy shit as well. All these made in public toilet then you able hear peoples in the background. Itried to being quiet. 3 different scene in 1. Lets see them. All 3 vids POV.

1. Wear my tiny torn jeans shorts and black top on, show you my tits, squeeze them and remove my jeans and thong to get Access to pussy and peeing a lot with strong stream into bowl. Strongly hitting it and get of my camera too. 4min 02sec

2. After peeing decided to not put my jeans back just tease you standing close up asshole view between my legs. Puckering asshole, peep out my poo. I squat over on the toilet and hold the cam close to hole and pushing out long, long stinky poo. And pee on it. Upon finish puckering a little bit more swollen butt hole for you and flush my poo. 3min 09sec

3. Wearing yhe same jeans short and grey top on on another day. I have cramps in tummy, really should poo. After some teasing remove pants and thong and keep close the cam to my asshole. I just barely squat in one of my leg on the edge of bowl and running out my nasty poo. Huge poo as well and stinky. Show off the results in and flush it again. 4min 42sec

Enjoy my big big pooping and lots of peeing in these 3 in 1 bundle

Download from TakeFileLink Right Now!,_big_pooping,_peeing_in_public_toilet_bundle.part1.rar.html,_big_pooping,_peeing_in_public_toilet_bundle.part2.rar.html,_big_pooping,_peeing_in_public_toilet_bundle.part3.rar.html