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Filth Fetish Studios toilet slavery megapack (46 videos)

Asian Goddess Rachel – This Is Where the Paper Goes Part 2
Asian Goddess Rachel is taking her morning bathroom break with slave Jimmy right by her side! she pisses, farts and a bit more while waving the scent over to her slave, training him to the odor! slowly she begins to wipe her front and back, showing it to the camera and then disposing of it in Jimmy’s mouth, but not before rubbing it all over his face! After she bends over the toilet, forcing his face into her ass and FARTING! two of the Farts are loud enough to hear over the bathroom fan!(At the end of the video you can see Jimmy tapping on her leg trying to cut the video, the smell was a bit much!

Bossy Leah – A Breath of Fresh Air
Do you dream of being under Bossy Leah? Drinking her steaming hot piss? Inhaling all of her sticky hot shit? Well, your dream is about to come true with a direct POV video under her toilet! You get to experience multiple pisses, BIG STINKY FARTS, and a few steaming shits in your mouth! (Leah was a bit constipated during the filming of this video so only the last shit is very big and abundant! the other ones are very rough and gassy!

Bossy Leah – Booty Stink POV
Bossy Leah is a 20-year-old PRINCESS! She is the popular girl at school you always WISHED would talk to you! She has an INCREDIBLY important social life so does not show her face in the video! In this video, she uses Jimmy as her toilet for the ENTIRE WEEKEND. It contains FIVE scenes of her peeing, and TWO SHITS one very wet and gross, the other mushy and stinky! it also includes ALOT of wet farts! we are going to have ALOT more content coming so stay tuned!

Bossy Leah – Constipation and Tacos
Leah doesn’t visit Filth fetish Studios often, but when she does… SHE MAKES AN IMPACT! Jimmy pleads with her not to sit on his face after enjoying A BIG MEAL. She ate a BIG BREAKFAST BLT with a Caesar Salad and all of that is brewing in her stomach and READY TO RELEASE ON JIMMY’S NOSE! Leah PLOPS down in her sweatpants making her seat take DEEP SNIFFS OF HER STINKY BUM! He is already choking, and the farts haven’t even begun! Leah STUFFS HER SWEATY SOCK into Jimmy’s mouth and then TAPES HIS MOUTH SHUT! She strips out of her sweatpants to reveal SEXY PINK LINGERE UNDERNEATHE! There is nothing sexy about what Jimmy is about to experience though! She sits down and begins SMOTHERING HIM WITH HER GAS! The farts are ALL BURNING HOT AND SILENT, Perfect for gassing out her stupid pathetic seat! The video ends with Leah deciding, Jimmy may make a better TOILET THEN A SEAT! She brings him to the bathroom and UNLOADS A CREAMY PILE OF SHIT ONTO HIS FACE! Jimmy can barely breathe under all the wet crap! Leah is looking for a new full time toilet slave, but be warned, the flavor is bitter and spicy!

Bossy Leah – Facesitting and Shitting POV
This video contains TWO MESSY DIRTY GASSY SHITS! Heading directly towards your face! Between the shits, you get some AMAZING views of Leah’s big jiggly booty! Don’t MISS A SINGLE DROP

Bossy Leah – Pizza Binge and Smother
Leah has been REALLY REALLY constipated lately and her poo has been all BLOCKED UP! The video begins with her trying to take a shit on Jimmy’s face, but only managing to squeeze out a few pebbles! Leah STUFFS HERSELF with taco bell, lets it all digest overnight, and then does a BIG MORNING WORKOUT! You get plenty of great POV ass shots as she works up a sweat! The video ends with her POV Releasing her Constipation with a FAT HEAVY LOG right over your face!

Bossy Leah – Taco Shits
Bossy Leah JUST finished a workout!!! Her BIG ASS is NICE AND STINKY, perfect for SITTING ON YOUR FACE! She looks down on you with DISGUST before PLOPPING DOWN and smothering you! She is only doing this because you are PAYING HER! So take a BIG SNIFF! Leah removes her SWEATY LEGGINGS with the condition that you will pay her EVEN MORE! You get to DROOL over her JIGGLY PALE ASS CHEEKS before she sits down RIGHT ON YOUR NOSE! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so you better enjoy it! The video ends with her taking a BIG STINKY WET SHIT right on top of your face!

Bossy Leah – The Messy Morning
The Pizza Binge And Smother series continues with BOSSY LEAH! She has a BIG GREASY PIZZA with BREADSTICKS AND A CINNAMON BUN. She is starving and not willing to share even a CRUMB with her slave! He can smell the pizza though, STRIGHT FROM HER ASS! Leah sits with her full weight, Jimmy’s nose crushed into her ass crack! She wiggles around just a tiny bit giving him only tiny moments for air! The video ends with Leah taking a POINT OF VIEW SHIT right over your face!

Bossy Leah – Toilet Box Graduation
Bossy Leah LOVES to eat fast food, the only problem is it makes her SHIT LIKE CRAZY, not to mention the lethal farts she produces! In this video she SMOTHERS Jimmy’s face under her ass for her entire show, eating and drinking while she FARTS UP HIS NOSE! The video ends with her taking TWO GREASY BRUTAL SHITS all over his face and right INTO HIS MOUTH!

Bossy Leah – Weekend Toilet Slave POV
Being a toilet for Leah is not easy, especially with her diet! more than a few times a week her shit is wet and incredibly runny! Jimmy is in the toilet box, Waiting for his morning meal. Leah deposits a bit into his mouth, covering his face, and then leaves. Jimmy thinks it’s over, but it has only begun! Leah comes back, slamming her ass down and FILLING Jimmy’s mouth with her hot watery shit! His face is smothered in her waste as it should be! This video also includes a Piss drinking section where Leah shows off her body in the background while her slaves struggles with her urine!

Bossy Leah – Weekend Toilet Slave Premiere Video
If you enjoyed Leah’s First video, YOU ARE GONNA LOVE HER SECOND! This video was filmed over an ENTIRE WEEKEND. Jimmy had to endure her piss and shit for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT. This time shot inside of a toilet box, Leah unloads her disgusting shit and piss, without a care in the world! She FARTS in Jimmy’s face while DEMANDING he eat everything! This video is 23 minutes long, it has MULTIPLE pisses and 4 disgusting shits! there is also an extra bonus shit taken in the middle of the night.

Goddess Allie James – Broken Toilet Human Toilet Part 1 to 4
GODDESS ALLIE JAMES IS BACK This video was the first scat video we ever filmed. It contains 5 VIDEOS. Broken Toilet = Human Toilet parts 1 through 4 where Goddess Allie James takes a helpless man prisoner! She orders him to become her toilet taking MULTIPLE servings of piss and A HEAFTY LOAD OF HER SHIT! The video also includes a bonus clip, 11 Shits In 7 Days. You get POV Action as Goddess Allie James brings you in her bathroom FOR A WEEK OF SHIT! Don’t Miss This Amazing Video

Goddess Allie James – Eat It All
Allie James HATES when slaves do not eat EVEYRTHING SHE PRODUCES. So sometimes she needs to PUSH IT IN! In this video she uses a slave as a seat, SMOTHERING HIS FACE under her big stinky bum and crushing his frail body under her weight. That is just the begining though, she drags the slave down to the basement and proceeds to use him as her personal toilet! He tries his best to eat the huge load she produces, but gags and chokes. Allie helps him though by PUSHING IT DOWN HIS THROAT AND WHIPPING HIM! The slave begs for forgiveness but Allie does not care! She walks upstairs leaving the slave with the mess!

Goddess Allie James – Pizza Punishment Face Shitting
This Poop WAS BRUTAL STINKY! Goddess Allie James enjoyed a FULL PIZZA the night before this video was filmed! Her stomach was bubbling and so full, so she decided to do a little face sitting session! Her slave keeps GASPING and trying to lift her BIG FAT BUM OFF HIS FACE, so Allie decides on a more brutal punishment! SHE SENDS HIM TO THE TOILET BOX! The video ends with her sitting and taking a BIG STEAMING SHIT on the slaves face! She evens puts on some pink gloves and FEEDS HIM, MAKING HIM SUCK HER FINGERS CLEAN! Don’t Miss This 30 minute SHITTY Mess!

Goddess Allie James – POV Toilet Tease
Goddess Allie has you trapped in her fresh home made toilet box. there is walls all around to to keep the smell sealed inwards! she mocks you as she sits and pisses all over your face! after that she tells you about all the foods she has eaten and warns you what will arrive in the future!

Goddess Allie James – Shitty Christmas Compilation
This video is a CHRISTMAS COMPILATION, Featuring a TON OF FARTS AND SCAT! The first video Christmas Gas Goddess allie PUNISHES Jimmy’s nose with some brutal farts! All while dressed as Santa of course! The second video, She prepares a SPECIAL BROWN GIFT for Jimmy that waits under the tree! He eats it all of course! The video ends with a POV scat segment RIGHT OVER YOUR FACE, and a special Liquid Explosion in Goddess Allie’s Slaves mouth!

Goddess Allie James – Toilet Paper Tongue
SINGLE PLY TOILET PAPER? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? Goddess Allie James only uses THE BEST toilet paper, so it seems her slave needs a LESSON in what is ACCEPTABLE FOR HER ASS! She calls him to the bathroom and then walks him on his leash to the couch. Goddess Allie STUFFS HIS MOUTH with toilet paper, ALL SINGLE PLY and then rubs his face UP AND DOWN HER ASS CRACK! The slave cries as he collects her waste on the paper only for Allie to replace it with MORE! Allie taunts the slave, telling him he will serve EVERY WOMAN who enters this house UNTIL THE ENTIRE PACK OF SINGLE PLY PAPER IS GONE! His face disappears between her big ass cheeks as he WIPES UP AND DOWN cleaning all the waste away!

Goddess Madison – A Very Dirty Breakfast
Goddess Madison just woke up and has a bad stomach ache! She doesn’t want to eat anything, she just wants to drink, water, coffee, and some carbonated lemon water to settle her tummy, and SMOTHER HER SLAVE of course! Madison put on one of her FAVORITE shows and then PLOPS DOWN on the slaves face! She sits full weight, pushing the slaves nose deep into her leggings covered ass crack, commanding that he SMELL the dirty stench! Madison has not showered and she knows IT STINKS down there, that just makes it more fun though! Madison bounces and crushes the slaves head before standing to remove her leggings! Madison pulls down her leggings to reveal she IS NOT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR! She has been letting silent farts go all morning and she does not want to RUIN any of her panties! Madison jiggles her ass for the camera before gagging her slave and having a seat back on his face! The video continues as Madison chugs water and coffee and BOUNCES on her slave! She pushes the slaves nose DEEP BETWEEN HER DIRTY ASS CHEEKS commanding that the slave SNIFF HARD! Her fat cheeks jiggle and bounce as the slave shakes his head back and forth desperately trying to get air! Madison spreads her cheeks multiple times, showing her anus to the camera as the slave SNIFFS HARD, desperate for any bit of oxygen he can get! Madison even lets a few farts loose! She is SO KIND to her seats! Even after Madison’s show has ended, she continues to sit and smother the slave, her stomach is BUBBLING and she feels something coming, something that her slave WILL LOVE! Madison spreads her ass as she sits full weight pushing the slaves nose inside her anus! This video is VERY NASTY AND BRUTAL The video ends with Madison releasing a BIG WET LOG OF SHIT right onto the slaves face! She quickly leaves the room as the slave sits with the feces soaking onto his face!

Goddess Madison – Ass Kissing Simp on a Leash and POV Toilet Shit
Goddess Madison LOVES to have her ass worshipped in the morning when its NICE AND FRESH AND STINKY! She was farting and sweating all night in bed, so her slave sometimes needs a LITTLE BIT OF ENCOURAGEMENT! He is on a leash and collar as Madison chats on the phone with her friend! The slave tries to pull away but Madison PULLS HIM IN pushing his face into her BIG STINKY BUM! She commands that he KISS AND SNIFF her crack, humiliating him as she sticks out her butt! Madison even makes the slave SNIFF HER DIRTY FEET and KISS THE SOLES! You can see how dirty and cheesy they are from the condition of her soles and toes! Half way through the video, Madison decides to remove her leggings since they block the odor for her STUPID SLAVE! You get to enjoy a POINT OF VIEW look as Madison removes her leggings revealing her BIG FAT SWEATY ASS! She spreads and holds her ass cheeks apart so you can see how OILY AND WET HER ANUS IS! The video continues as Madison pulls her slave in, making him kiss her BIG BUBBLY ASS and worship her DIRTY FEET! She even spreads her ass cheeks wide and commands that her slave SNIFF HER DIRTY ANUS! The slave chokes on the smell and coughs but Madison encourages him to continue, warning him that he may become her toilet this morning if he is not respectful! The video ends with a POINT OF VIEW SHIT where Madison farts in your face, dumps all over you and then makes you eat her shitty toilet paper!

Goddess Madison – Dirty Farts and Dinner
This 40 MINUTE VIDEO has WET LOUD FARTS and a GRAPHIC ENDING Goddess Madison is waiting for her food delivery to arrive! She is SO HUNGRY AND IMPATIENT for dinner! The video begins with Madison already seated on her slaves face as she snacks on some greasy potato chips! The slave is moaning under her PLUMP LITTLE ASS, Madison just loves that he HAS TO SNIFF HER DIRTY ASS CRACK! Madison has been so BLOATED all day and she has had the WORST GAS! All that fart stink is trapped in the fabric of her leggings which the slave has to suffer under! Madison BOUNCES and WIGGLES pushing the slaves nose deeper and deeper as she complains in a VERY BRATTY SPOILED TONE! She wants the slave to SHUT UP! She does not even want to hear him breathing! Madison stands up and pulls off her leggings because she feels like there may be some FARTS COMING and the best place to release them would be her slaves nostrils! Madison TEASES AND JIGGLES her fat bum before gagging the slave and sitting back down! Her food is still 20 minutes away, Will her seat even survive that long? Madison keeps snacking as she SPREADS HER ASS CHEEKS and tells the slave to sniff! With each bounce, her BIG ASS JIGGLES, The slaves nose takes a beating as he begs her to stop! Madison eventually gets up and commands her slave kneel! She pulls his head into her ass, spreading her cheeks as she STICKS OUT HER BUM! The slave CHOKES ON THE ODOR and tries to pull away but there is no freedom from her STINKY CHEEKS! You get to enjoy a POV SECTION as Madison spreads her bum and commands you take DEEP SNIFFS! Madison takes a seat back on her slave and REMOVES HER THONG. She takes it off because she feels some FARTS COMING! Madison begins to spread her ass cheeks and release LOUD WET CRACKLY FARTS right on the slaves nose! The poor slave cries and pleads through his gag for her to stop but Madison LOVES Humiliating him! She starts to push HARDER AND HARDER as more dirty farts come loose, But all that pushing causes her to have a REAL ACCIDENT! RIGHT ON HER SLAVES FACE

Goddess Madison – Your Face Belongs to My Ass
Madison just finished eating some GREASY FAST FOOD and she has a bad stomach ache! She relaxes on the couch for a few minutes before deciding that she wants to WATCH SOME TV. Madison very casually DROPS ONTO HER SLAVES FACE sealing him under her SWEATY SMELLY ASS CHEEKS! She sits heavy with her FULL WEIGHT and JIGGLES BACK AND FORTH when the slave complains for air! After more than 10 minutes, Madison has still not been able to decide what she wants to watch, she is SO INDECISIVE! Too bad for her slave, every moment she spends trying to find a show means the slave will have to SUFFER UNDER STINKY ASS for that much longer! The slave tries to get air by pushing his nose from out of Madison’s fat stinky ass cheeks, but she keeps the slave sealed away under her! Madison even gets frustrated by the slaves SMALLEST MOVEMENTS! She just wants comfortable furniture that wont disturb her relaxation time! The video ends with Madison still unable to find something to watch, but her slaves nose is gonna stay in her stinky ass ALL NIGHT LONG! The video ends with A BIG STINKY POV SHIT as Madison goes to the bathroom right on your face, after that she smothers jimmy on the bathroom floor and FILLS HIS MOUTH WITH HOT SALTY PISS!

Organic Princess Brooke – 3 Course Meal
Brooke only uses HUMAN TOILETS, Are you WORTHY to be UNDER HER ASS? This video is all about YOUR BREAKFAST! HOT! STEAMY! FRESH! AND BEST OF ALL, COMPLETELY ORGANIC! Open wide! The video ends with Brooke serving Jimmy a REAL 3 COURSE MEAL, She even lets him know what each course is made from, as its coming out of her asshole and into Jimmy’s hands!

Organic Princess Brooke – 100 % Organic Meal
Princess Brooke is Filth fetish Studios NEWEST Scat star! She is 22 years old, Incredible Gorgeous, AND LOVEA feeding men her shit! She has a 100% ORGANIC and VEGETARIAN diet so her shit is THE HEALTHIEST. This PREMIERE video has her using Jimmy Multiple times over a weekend! She orders him to consume now only BOTTLES AND BOTTLES OF URINE, but also her SMELLY STICKY SHIT! She even makes the toilet SUCK IT RIGHT FROM HER ASSHOLE! This video contains 2 BIG SHITS and multiple pisses where Brooke Makes sure Jimmy takes EVERYTHING IN!

Organic Princess Brooke – A Princess Story – Part 2
Brooke is playing her favorite game, The Sims, while using Jimmy as her seat! She is creating a virtual village where she and all of her friends will be using Jimmy as a TOILET, the only thing he is good for! The idea of doing that to him with SO MANY WOMEN gets her so horny though, so can’t help but finger herself a bit! The video continues as she starts to get GASSY unleashing LOUD STINKY FARTS right into Jimmy’s MOUTH AND NOSE! He chokes and gags but the struggle only makes her hotter! When Jimmy can’t take anymore, she retires to the bathroom, where you get to enjoy A POV FART RIGHT TO THE FACE! The video ends with Princess Brooke laying A HUGE FAT LOG on Jimmy’s face! ITS A BIG ONE!

Organic Princess Brooke – Canadian Heat Smell That Stink
It’s Been HOT In Canada… In fact… Its the HOTTEST IT HAS EVER BEEN! That won’t stop Princess Brooke from going out, enjoying herself, Shopping AND working out! That is EXACTLY what she did today! Her slave was TIED UP AND WRAPPED IN PLASTIC all day in the heat! She returns and he is JUST WHERE SHE LEFT HIM! Brooke SITS FULLWEIGHT ON HER SLAVES CHEST, CRUSHING HIM as she peels off her socks and pushes her slaves nose right BETWEEN HER TOES! He chokes on the sweaty odor as Brooke LAUGHS! She can smell it too! She sits on her slaves face, MASHING his nose RIGHT BETWEEN HER SWEATY CHEEKS! You can see her fat bum overlap his head, the plastic keeps him from turning away too! MULTIPE STINKY FARTS are BLOWN into his nose AS BROOKE JIGGLES AND WIGGLES! Jimmy is completely SMOTHERED and there is nothing he can do, Brooke is just getting started though! She peels off her grey sweats and begins grinding her slaves nose deep into her SWEATY ASS, STANKY PUSSY, AND MOIST WET SOLES! She even tramples him and BUTT DROPS full weight onto his poor body! The video ends with Princess Brooke UNLOADING One of her BIGGEST POOPS TO DATE! Will Jimmy survive the CANADIAN HEAT WAVE?

Organic Princess Brooke – Eating Shit and Working out
Princess Brooke is always thinking of NEW AND FUN ways to torture and punish her slave! In this video, you get to see her put his strength to the test! The video begins with Brooke, settling down for a nice dinner, Spicy Samosa Soup while sitting on her slave’s face. The more he struggles, the more she SMOTHERS HIM, cutting off all air! She FARTS down his throat and even make him smell her CHEESY TOES. Jimmy has to endure two large hot loads of her Piss before she makes him raise his arms, HOLDING HER UP AS SHE SHITS. You can watch it al pile into Jimmy’s mouth as his arms shake and wobble. The video ends with Princess Brooke, Working out and stretching for you in a PINK LEOTARD and STOCKINGS, showing off her amazing ass. and then using Jimmy one more time. This time she sits on his head sideways, making him catch and eat her shit as it ROLLS DOWN HIS FACE!

Organic Princess Brooke – Enough to Feed a Village
Brooke LOVES to humiliate her slave Jimmy, and recently she has been trying to see… How big of a shit can she take in one sitting? This video contains TWO MASSIVE LOADS, Large enough to feed a Village! The first video, Brooke FILLS A HOT DOG, Her shit piles up spilling over the sides. Jimmy can barely finish the monster. The next video, FILMED JUST FIVE HOURS LATER, Brooke fills Jimmy’s hands with a MOUNTAIN OF SHIT! While he’s holding the steaming monster she has him clean her dirty ass too! When Jimmy complains, she steps on the back of his head, SMOTHERING HIM IN THE PILE!

Organic Princess Brooke – Fragrant Morning Asshole
Princess Brooke is ALWAYS SWEATY AND GASSY WHEN SHE WAKES UP. So what better time to SMOTHER HER SLAVE! She taunts him with her ass before DROPPING it onto his face, FULL WEIGHT ON THE WOODEN FLOOR! Can you smell your breakfast? She asks as he smells the odor between her cheeks! There is no escape for her slave as she sits Forward, Reverse, and even spreads her cheeks right above his face! When Brooke begins to feel the slaves breakfast coming, she GAGS HIM WITH A SOCK and begins SITTING FULLWEIGHT ON HIS NOSE! You can see his poor nose smear against her FRAGRANT MORNING ASSHOLE! There is nothing he can do but BREATHE IN AND OUT smelling her farts and stink! The video ends with Brooke feeding her slave DIRECTLY FROM HER ASSHOLE and right to his mouth!

Organic Princess Brooke – Hold It for 2 Days
This fan asked for Brooke to HOLD HER SHIT IN FOR TWO DAYS and then unload onto Jimmy’s face BURYING HIM IN FECES! She knew it was going to cause her stomach pain, but she can’t say no to pushing Jimmy’s limits! Her toilet can do nothing but watch as she EATS AND EATS AND EATS! Most of her meals were filmed so you can see her diet. The camera view was a bit off at the end, so this is sold at a discounted price!

Organic Princess Brooke – Piss Waterboarding and Poop Collecting
Princess Brooke delivers Jimmy HOT STEAMING PISS in two different fashions! The first clip, she lays a towel over his face and WATERBOARDS HIM WITH URINE! You can hear him choking in her piss as she laughs and lets FARTS LOOSE over his face! As Jimmy chokes, she does a little booty tease above him! The second clip, she makes him drink piss with a funnel! Jimmy chokes and sprays piss everywhere but Brooke just squats over him, filling his mouth further! Next, Princess Brooke does a BOOTY TEASE, Spreading her ass cheeks and giving you a CLOSE UP VIEW of her INCREDABLE BUTT. She Jiggles and wiggles back and forth, ALL RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! The video ends with Jimmy holding out his hands and COLLECTING A GIANT LOAD OF VEGAN POOP! The video unfortunately cut short so you don’t get to see Jimmy choke and gag, but Brooke still wanted to show off her shit producing skills for everyone!

Organic Princess Brooke – Pizza Binge and Smother
Princess Brooke does not eat bread often, but when she does, she ALWAYS SITS ON HER SLAVES FACE! Today she eats a ENTIRE PIZZA to herself and a SPICY ARRABBIATA PASTA, and what do you know… it makes her a little bit gassy! And all that gas… goes right into her SLAVES NOSE! Brooke sits with her FULL WEIGHT while stuffing her face with Italian food, she teases her slave asking him if he wants to taste the food later, after it has been digested of course! Before he can answer she BLASTS HIS NOSE covering him in ITALIAN GAS! By the end of this video, her slave is BEGGING for the session to end! She even lets a fart loose RIGHT ABOVE HIS EYES! Pink eye is no problem for a slave though… right? The video ends with a DUAL SHOT of Brooke UNLOADING onto Jimmy! All the Pizza, Pasta, Cupcakes, and other treats! It’s an ITALIAN FEAST! Jimmy has a bit of trouble eating so Brooke uses her pink tongs to push some down.

Organic Princess Brooke – Princess Anal Perfume Gas Warning
Princess Brooke starts this video by tying a TIGHT ROPE around Jimmy’s balls! She pulls it tight and them HOPS ONTO HIS FACE. You get to watch as she WHIPS AND HITS HIM over and over! All while making him breathe her asshole! The camera moves directly behind her as Brooke begins UNLEASHING FARTS! They are wet, loud, gross and she even spreads her cheeks letting a wet one loose right in the camera! Jimmy chokes and gags but she won’t let up! The end of the video, Brooke sits on Jimmy’s face and tries to play TUG OF WAR, making him block her shit with his tongue! spoiler alert… HE LOSES and she makes a mountain on his stupid face!

Organic Princess Brooke – Smother and Soak
This clip is VERY VERY SMELLY! Princess Brooke has the water turned off at her home for repairs! A Job that should have taken a few hours turned into TWO DAYS! She was FURIOUS that she had to go so long without hot water! She came up with a solution though, Travel to Jimmy’s and SMOTHER HIM WITH STINK and then use HIS SHOWER! The video begins with Jimmy IN THE SMOTHERBOX AND WRAPPED IN PLASTIC! Brooke makes him WORSHIP HER DIRTY SWEATY SALTY FEET as she laughs down at how pathetic he is! She rubs her feet down his face and then SITS FULL WEIGHT IN HER JEANSHORTS! Jimmy’s face disappears under her fat ass cheeks and then through the denim he can SMELL THE STINK! Brooke takes off her bottoms and then proceeds to MAKE HER SLAVE SMELL HER ASSHOLE AND PUSSY! She sits front and back, making sure he has to smell every single bit of the odor! She even GAGS HIS MOUTH WITH HER DIRTY SWEATY PANTIES! Jimmy screams for help as she cuts off his air supply and smothers him RUTHLESSLY! There is one last surprise though… Brooke places a towel over Jimmy’s face and PEES THROUGH IT, WATERBOARDING HIM WITH HER PEE! You can her the slave choking and gasping under the towel as she laughs at how pathetic he is! The video continues the next morning where Brooke UNLOADS one of the biggest and messiest loads to date on her slaves face! He uses a plastic barrier to keep all the feces on his face in a tower of CRAP!

Organic Princess Brooke – Stinky Booty Facesitting and Wrapped Faceshitting
This is Brookes MOST EXTREME VIDEO TO DATE. The video begins with Brooke TEASING YOU and FACESITTING you in POV. She has not showered yet and JUST FINISHED HER WORKOUT! you even get the honor of seeing her STINKY BARE ASSHOLE. The second half of the video, Brooke lays HER BIGGEST SHIT TO DATE, onto Jimmy’s face and then WRAPS HIM IN SARAN WRAP! The shit is munched into his mouth nose and anywhere else it can find! Brooke is not satisfied though… SHE STOMPS ON JIMMY’S HEAD, mashing the feces in with her stinky toes! The custom video request pushed Jimmy to the limit and he almost did not make it!

Organic Princess Brooke – Stinky in Pink – Part 2
The video begins with a pooping and stuffing session where Jimmy BEGS Brooke to stop! It is cut a little short because of the terrible smell! Princess Brooke just LOVES Pushing Jimmy to his LIMITS! Today she is feeling a little bit GASSY so what better time to SMOTHER AND CRUSH HER SLAVE! Jimmy is laying on the smother bench as Brooke walks over and JUMPS onto his stomach! She lands with her BIG BUM and wiggles around getting comfy on his chest! This is JUST THE BEGINING THOUGH! Brooke BUTT DROPS and CRUSHES Jimmy’s body to a pulp, All while she laughs at his PAIN! She puts her weight on him in ALL SORTS OF WAYS, compressing his weak skinny body! Jimmy has had enough and is ready to be set free, Brooke is just getting ready to SMOTHER! She sits with her FULLWEIGHT on the slaves face, PUSHING HIS NOSE between her SWEATY ASS CHEEKS! He gasps and sucks in any air he can get, Brooke takes the opportunity to release some STINKY CRACKLING FARTS! She SLAMS her butt down making sure he SMELLS EVERY SINGLE ONE! Jimmy is almost crying by the end of the video, BEGGING Princess Brooke to end the smothering session! His poor face can only take so much! This video ends with A BRUTAL SHIT! Brooke unloads onto Jimmy’s face and then BY CUSTOM REQUEST STUFFS HIS MOUTH USING HER HANDS! She has pink gloves on and Jimmy is gagging, crying and begging for it to end! She makes him lick her fingers clean right before it ends!

Organic Princess Brooke – Stinky in Pink and the Failure
The video begins with Princess Brooke giving Jimmy his Valentine’s day TREAT! She fills THREE cupcakes with shit and then CRUSHES then on Jimmy’s face! Stuffing them into his mouth! Jimmy gags and chokes so hard! Then she orders him to kneel in her feces as she showers in the background! Then Princess Brooke Cooks a BIG VEGAN MEAL FOR HERSELF, all while her slave starves upstairs! When she is done, she SITS DOWN ON HIS THROAT and begins eating, slowly, casually, enjoying herself. As she slowly finishes her food, she begins to feel GASSY so she strips down and prepares to inject the farts right up her slave’s nose! The farts are LONG WET GREASY AND VERY AUDIBLE, Jimmy is screaming for her to stop! The video ends with Brooke LAYING A MOUNTAIN on Jimmy’s face and STUFFING HIM once more! This may be the biggest poop she has taken to date!

Organic Princess Brooke – Take a Big Sniff
Princess Brooke does a ASS TEASE for the camera showing off her INCREDIBLE FAT ASS CHEEKS and spreading them so you can SEE HER ANUS! She winks and flexes it right in your face while BENDING OVER giving you a preview of Jimmy’s future meal! The video continues with Brooke enjoying a BIG PLATE OF RAW VEGETABLES! All of it PERFECT for FARTING! She begins to eat and the clip fades out to her SMOTHER SESSION! Her pants are STINKY AND SWEATY from her workout and she GAGS him with a sweaty sock!! Jimmy gets NO BREAKS as she BOUNCES AND CRUSHES HIS FACE making him SNIFF DEEP IN HER ASSHOLE! She lets multiple FARTS LOOSE but most of them are hot and silent! Only a few can be heard on camera! The video ends with Brooke LAYING A MASSIVE WET LOAD OF SHIT, HER LARGEST TO DATE. On Jimmy’s face and then using plastic gloves to STUFF IT IN HIS MOUTH! Jimmy chokes and gags and the video is cut short because of hot much vomiting occurred!

Organic Princess Brooke – The Fun Never Ends
Brooke takes BIG BIG SHITS! In this video, the first clip shows her having MESSY DIARRHEA after enjoying some Indian cuisine. The second video, Broke unloads A MOUNTAIN of feces over Jimmy’s face! It just keeps GOING AND GOING AND GOING! She knows he won’t be able to finish it all, so she has a pair of tongs ready to STUFF HIM! She smears the shit over his face, Stuffs it into his mouth! And Much More!

Organic Princess Brooke – This Punishment Stinks
(Direct request from email below) Dialogue that I have in mind: Brookes slave has been begging for weeks to let him jerk off to her, he claims he will do anything for her for the opportunity. Brooke is hesitant at first but gets a devious idea and decides to entertain his request, but the slave has to agree to her terms. 1. He’s not allowed to cum until she gives him the OK. 2. He’s not allowed to argue or complain about anything she does to him 3. For every time he stops jerking to prevent himself from cumming, he has to do a nasty task that Brooke says (drink pee, swallow her spit, lick her sweat, panties in mouth, ect) anything she feels like doing to him 4. If he can not hold off and cums, he has to become a full-fledged human toilet for a week. Eating/drinking/smelling whatever is provided to him, starting immediately.

Organic Princess Brooke – Weekend Stuffing
This video begins with a TEN MINUTE POV ASS JIGGLE! Brooke SHAKES AND WIGGLES her fat cheeks making ripples and waves of fat run down her thighs! She bends over, her cheeks SPREADING right in your face, so close to the screen you can almost SMELL HER! The second half of the video, Brooke face sits her slave in a very AGRESSIVER AND DANGEROUS MANNER! He is gagged and defenseless as Brooke SHAKES AND JIGGLES her big bum. You can see her slaves head being THROWN BACK AND FORTH with the motion of her ass, lucky for him though, Brooke has air for him. All that jiggling has brought out some FARTS! The video ends with Brooke SHITTING INTO A DOGGY BOWL and then FEEDING HER SLAVE! He never eats so she makes sure that he gets it ALL DOWN this time! She even wears cute pink gloves to STUFF IT DOWN HIS THROAT!

Organic Princess Brooke – You Are Not My Boyfriend You Are My Toilet
Brooke gets so many emails from WEAK MEN BEGGING to be with her! They send her money and gifts in the hopes that one day they could spend romantic time with her, But Brooke wants you all to know, YOU ARE NOT HER BOYFRIEND, YOU ARE HER TOILET! Brooke only has ONE use for you… she doesn’t wanna see your ugly face, she just wants to SIT ON IT! She teases you with her PLUMP FAT BUM wrapped in a tight pair of granny panties, even those full bottom undies can’t contain her fat ass cheeks though! She jiggles and shakes her ass above you before SLAMMING DOWN and making you smell her ASS CRACK! She BOUNCES AND CRUSHES YOU under her as she giggles and laughs! Halfway through the video, Brooke removes her panties and decides to sit down again, this time with your nose pressed right up to her FRAGRANT UNWASHED ASSHOLE! She jiggles back and forth grinding her butt on your face and SOAKING THE ODOR INTO YOUR FACE! She even comments how people will smell her ass on your face FOR DAYS! Or maybe she will just keep you… MAKE YOU HER FULL TIME CHAIR! The video continues as she looks down on in the toilet bowl, letting you what you are to her… AN OBJECT, right before she takes a big fat stinky shit in your mouth! EAT UP

Princess Millie – The Accident
Princess Millie is part of Princess B’s group of friends who are slowly going to be introduced to the toilet… Jimmy. In this PREMIERE VIDEO, Millie is facesitting Jimmy, riding him hard! She is soooo gassy! Princess B told her to gas up before coming (she is also an organic vegan), but she can’t seem to push anything out! Half way through the video.. SHE SHITS HER PANTS! Off camera Mille is about to go to the bathroom but Princess B convinces her to hop back on Jimmy’s face and SMOTHER HIM IN POOP! Millie can’t believe how badly she treats her slave but she loves the idea! The facesitting continues as Jimmy gags and chokes! This film ends with a pov shot of Millie removing her SHITTY PANTS before getting in the shower!

Princess Viktoria – Taste My Waste Part 2
Viktoria is a PRINCESS and Princesses only use THE MOST EXPENSIVE AND COMFY TOILET PAPER!Watch what happens when Jimmy FORGETS TO BUY MORE PAPER! Viktoria will always find a SOLUTION to her problem, even if it comes at a slave’s expense!

Spoiled Princess Araya – Eat My Ass and My Farts
Princess Araya never goes to rest without her NIGHTLY ASS EATING! Tonight she is ESPECIALLY GASSY and wants to play a game with her slave! She makes him JERK OFF as he EATS HER ASSHOLE, all while she FARTS RIGHT INTO HIS MOUTH AND THROAT! She knows it will be almost IMPOSSIBLE TO CUM while also choking on her gas, so the game is EXTRA FUN! Araya bounces and SMOTHERS HER SLAVE with her tiny gassy bum until his dick EXPLODES! Soon he is gonna LOVE HER GAS!

Spoiled Princess Araya – Give Me Those Digits
Araya is GREEDY, but you already knew that… You paid her $1000 to become her toilet, BUT last minute, she changed her mind! It’s gonna cost you $7000! That’s not too much money right? she takes your ATM CARD and holds it above you, dangling it inches from your face… Araya teases you with her asshole and tiny little booty, Sitting over you and letting you enjoy the AROMA OF HER ASSHOLE! You already paid $1000, so hows a few more gonna hurt? All you need to do… is GIVE HER THOSE DIGITS!

Spoiled Princess Araya – The Sloppy Joe
Princess Araya IS THE YOUNGEST AND HOTTEST SCAT MODEL ON THIS PLANET! In this SPECIAL VIDEO she UNLOADS into a hot dog bun, the shit is WET AND SLOPPY! She makes her slave to ingest it, sucking and slurping her diarrhea until he throw up!



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