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Janet – Sch00l Girl Shitting

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I’m wearing sexy tight white crop top and short pink mini school girl skirt. I love My pee and poop in cute dress vid, so I thought I would do something similar! This skirt gives amazing views of my aa ass, so I show that to the cam a lot to get you nice and hard before I pee and poop my morning load, out of that tight sweet arse hole. I bend over and push out a huge giant poo in the bowl, you see my arsehole aaaa stretch open wide. And I feed it to my Teacher… Jerk off to the best view of my ass you’ll get!

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Janet – Eat My Delicious Shit

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There is coronavirus so stay home and watch my videos! My slave came to me to serve me for one weekend and he was very hungry. Fater I made him lick my asshole I instructed him how I want to serve me. He is a subhuman, toilet! -When I say open your mouth and eat you should do it! I deposit big shit in his mouth and tell him to chew and swallow all! He is my best slave so I will use him tomorrow. Now if you want more of me you can check my onlyfans page too.

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Janet – Sexy Constipation Shit

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I’m super constipated i can feel shit inside me and nothing comes out for two days… ?? I can a feel more inside me then the more i strain and push. Super constipation I still think there is more inside this is me after all…. Three little poop coming out of me.

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Janet – Vacation to Serve Me

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This slave compelled eats my delicious shit! He came on his vacation to serve me. I will use a human toilet slave for 14 Days! Every day i will shit in his mouth and he will eat my shit or he will aaaa starve until I feed him again on the next day! This is DAY 1 , the slave is not so much hunger. I fuck him in the mouth with my hands, sufocated him with my beautiful ass …. hahaha he should be prepared to consume a lot of crap in 14 days.

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Janet – Explosive Diarrhea In Snickers Leggings

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Oh, I love these SNICKERS leggings, they serve me faithfully many years, taking all my shit so leggings must soaked in the scent of my ass! I shit in these leggings. I produce an disgusting diarrhea in my snickers leggings. I release my super disgusting diarrhea in my sexy leggings. Quickly got extremely aa shitty. Also as the diarrhea was explosive it’s just smeared on my ass. I remove the pants on halfway to aa show you this mess. Disgusting and stinky diarrhea for sure. And I totally destroyed my lovely leggings aaa with it. Enjoy! a

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Janet – Melania’s Scat Service

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My slave today is lucky enough to be used again as a total toilet. But first I allow her to az lick the soles of my beautiful shoes and hit her with my whip, which I will not hesitate to use more fully if she makes mistakes. Since she’s been doing her total toilet duty well for some time now, I will allow a her to worship my ass and feet. The time has come to empty myself and fill her mouth with my shit. Now she has to show me what it’s worth as a shit-eater toilet.

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Janet – Diarrhea for Toilet Slave

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Have you ever seen human toilet in agony with mouth full of diarrhea? ?? I used my slave’s ss s mouth as a toilet with shit exploding everywhere on his face and his mouth. I even sat on his face made him lick delicious shit from my arse. ?? I made him lick my ass clean like a good little whore.

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Janet – Most Lovely Shit Your Ever Eat

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Fresh and hot smelly sausage from my sweet asshole for you. Sausage in a sauce of my a pee dfgd after breakfast.

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Janet – Diarrhea Bursts

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I had to shit so bad! Half way to the toilet I pooped some and you can see shit already in my a ass crack as I squat in front of the toilet to shit. My tummy was really grumbling and the urge to shit aaa came on so fast I barely made it to the toilet!! The bouts of diarrhea hit me again after the holidays, as I was meeting my best friends and drinking some alcohol. I had to drink activated charcoal, so the color of my shit was darkish. ENJOY EVERYONE ?? From your favorite redhead!

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Janet – Pooping Under Chair

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I imagine your face under my chair while I released a massive log sitting on a chair. I perched on the edge of a chair and pooping out smelly solid poops! This is a nonverbal treibend release. I enjoyed doing such videos like this because it makes using men as toilet a lifestyle.

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Janet – Real Toilet Slavery

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My slaves do not always appreciate the commitment I put into their care and training. For aaa a example, last night, I had to go to the toilet but I did not, in order to provide, this morning, the aaa aa necessary nourishment to my personal slave who, in fact, is here, lying on the floor, waiting for me. Many slaves don’t realize these and don’t even eat all my shit, which, of course, pisses me off. But now, aaa a finally, I can free myself. I command the slave to open his mouth, I sit over him and start filling his aa mouth. The shit is really a lot, which is logical, given the long wait. He knows very well what to do with that smelly bunch of shit on his face. Come to serve me as my personal toilet, experience frantic pleasure!

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You Are My Toilet (02.02.2021) 11,99$ (Premium Request) by Janet

Download or watch scat session named Diarrhea in mouth after mouthfull of piss with Toiletslaveanddommes

Title: You Are My Toilet
Cast: Janet
Genre: Scat, Piss, Diarrhea, Domination, Smearing, Eat shit, Drink pee
Duration: 00:04:28

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