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Extreme disgusting rotten food and shit smearing starring in video SlutOrgasma ($21.99 ScatShop)

Scat Slut-Orgasma Celeste extreme disgusting rotten food and shit smearing swallowing and a hard fuck

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Used as Dirty Toilets by 2 Mistresses (Scat & GS) starring in video MissMortelle | June 25, 2022 ($21.99 ScatShop)

Did you know that Princess Nikki is not only a legendary Scat Queen, but can also speak a little German?

In this clip, Princess Nikki and I train two human toilets in German to become our swallowing pee and shit toilets.

First we fill one slave mouth with our huge load of golden shower, then the other slave has to fulfill his toilet duties. We enjoy peeing in our toilet holes alternately so they can taste both of our sacred juices.
Then we command our slaves to lick our assholes. It’s a lot of fun to perform a toilet education with a like-minded pervert like Princess Nikki.
Finally the time has come. By wetting our assholes, our slaves have intensified our urge to poop. Together Princess Nikki and I press out our turds into the trembling mouths of our shit holes. I decide that the slave who swallows the fastest will be rewarded with a second load of dirty shit! Princess Nikki and I enjoy sharing toilets. This is how our shit gets mixed up in the mouths of the slaves and they have to carry both of us in them! Our toilets were damn lucky to get shit in their mouths from two goddesses at the same time! They will surely remember this awesome experience for a long time. Watch as we deposit our entire load of scat and golden shower in our slaves and train them to become good toilets.

Clip language is German.


In diesem Clip erziehen Princess Nikki und ich zwei menschliche Toiletten zu unseren schluckfreudigen NS- und KV-Toiletten.

Zuerst füllen wir einen Sklaven mit Pisse ab, dann den anderen. Wir vergnügen uns daran, die Klomäuler abwechselnd mit unseren verschiedenen Uringeschmäckern zu befüllen.
Dann befehlen wir unseren Sklaven, dass sie unsere Arschlöcher mit ihrer Zunge verwöhnen müssen. Es macht sehr viel Spaß eine solch perverse Kloerziehung mit einer Gleichgesinnten wie Princess Nikki durchzuführen.
Endlich ist es soweit. Durch das Anfeuchten unserer Arschlöcher, wurde der Kackdrang beschleunigt. Gemeinsam pressen Princess Nikki und ich eine Kackwurst in die zitternden Mäuler unserer Klos. Ich beschließe, dass der Sklave, der am schnellsten schluckt belohnt wird: Mit einer zweiten Portion dreckiger Scheiße! Princess Nikki und ich erfreuen uns daran, die Klos zu wechseln. So vermischt sich unsere Scheiße in den Mäulern der Sklaven und sie müssen uns beide in sich tragen! Sie zu, wie wir unsere ganze Ladung KV und NS in unseren Sklaven deponieren und die beiden zu guten Klos ausbilden. Unsere Sklaven hatten verdammt viel Glück von zwei Göttinnen gleichzeitig ins Maul geschissen zu bekommen. Sie werden sich sicherlich noch lange an dieses geile Erlebnis erinnern.

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Chastity Shit Sucker: Femdom Scat Porn with MissMortelle | April 17, 2022 ($21.99 ScatShop)

I lock my slave’s cock in a chastity cage and tell him that I will only let him out again when he has eaten all of my shit. I wear the keys to his penis cage around my neck while I tease my imprisoned slave with my ass. I make him worship my butt cheeks with kisses. Then he also has to lick my boots while I keep reminding him of his slave duties: If he wishes to regain freedom, he has to suck the scat out of my ass and eat all of it…
Next I tease my chastity slave with facesitting & finally rimming. I ride his tongue with my naked asshole until I’m in the mood to shit directly into his mouth!

These are the rules of this dirty Femdom Scat Game: My slave´s mission is to suck the shit out of my asshole. If he manages to suck it out, he also has to swallow my poop completely. Only then, am I willing to unlock his dick from the chastity cage.

Do you think that my slave will be able to take in all of my scat? Swallowing scat without any sexual stimulation can be hard… Will I reward my chastity slave with an orgasm or will he fail at his toilet duties? See for yourself if my shit-sucker wins or fails at this dirty challenge.

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I feed you, this Sunday. starring in video badkithy ($21.99 ScatShop) – Vomiting

Video relax calmly but with a lot of despair .. I dress only with a mini blue silk robe and I settle between cushions to give you my pee, my poop and surprise without contradicting it .. A little vomit and all this in a bowl for you … ah and many planes of my feet .. little cared for the truth ..

Leave me a compliment on the videos that you like the most please and for private, ideas .. I appreciate it, thanks kisses poop.

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Length: 17:55s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB

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Sara and Isabella smear poop on each other starring in video Sarathonson ($21.99 ScatShop) – Efro

Sara and Isabella start by stripping there clothes off. They then play with there dildos and fingers in there pussy and ass, next they pee on each other. Sara then poops on Isabella and smears it all over her neck tits and belly. Isabella then proceeds to pee and poop on Sara. Then smears it on Sara. Sara then pees on Isabella’s ss and smears it around. They finish off by fingering their pussies and ass one last time.

Length: 22:24s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 576 MB

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Swallow My Shit Moments starring in video GoddessTempest ($21.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

Do you enjoy seeing slaves literally eat shit? Scat swallowing is a work of art. Men licking my ass and opening their mouths wide for me to take massive shits in and then chewing and literally SWALLOWING my shit in full view for you. This compilation video brings you the very best scenes of men eating and swallowing my shit fresh out of my asshole! Also includes a scene where my slave is swallowing my scat directly out of my ass while I finger myself and orgasm repeatedly!

Compliments of Broken Toilet 31:
Women have the gift of life, or do they? I put it to the test for a few days and I have PROVEN that our beautiful female bodies can truly support life. How? By letting my male slave eating NOTHING except my bowel movements directly from my ass!

For several days I have taken all food away from my slave. Only I got to eat all the delicious meals to feed my beautiful female body. Eventually when my body is done with the food and I need to take a shit THAT becomes the meal for my slave in order to feed his body with.

Ladies, I have proven our female bodies can truly support life. By letting your slave literally eat your bowel movement when you take a shit your body is literally feeding & supporting his body. It gives new meaning to the phrase “Ass to mouth” doesn’t it?

After 7 large meals over the past two days I was holding it in my slave was starving. Watch as I’m laying naked on the bed being filmed from two angles taking a massive shit. You have to excuse my load moans, it was extreme pleasure & relieve lol

Then watch as my slave eats my shit from my bottom & inner thighs bite for bite, turd for turd in FULL view until there is absolutely NONE left. He even scraped the last soft she from between my buttocks & asshole and put it on top of the last firmer turd he ate in full view.

As I was laying there completely naked seeing & feeling him eat my ENTIRE bowel movement I could feel my vagina soaking the sheets underneath from my huge arousal. Like any good toilet slave he licked my bottom & asshole clean afterwards. This took a long time because it was messy but I LOVE having my ass eaten & licked so I enjoyed it a LOT!

This episode is a must have as I’m completely naked in this one, moaned from pure pleasure of taking such a big shit and in full close-up view you can see my slave eating every last bit of my shit. I LOVE my life!

Compliments of Broken Toilet 45:
Did you know we as women can cum and shit at the same? I’m warning you, this is my HOTTEST scat video to this date. I wanted to share something very special with you. My facial natural facial expressions when I take a huge shit in someone’s mouth. But something unexpected happened. It felt so amazing taking such a huge shit, feeling him lick my turd and letting it slide slowly over his tongue that I got horny beyond human comprehension.

You can literally see my vagina getting wet and the fluids start leaking. Halfway through his feeding I couldn’t take it any longer. I just couldn’t help myself and started masturbating in pure ecstasy. I started to orgasm lighting quick and the contractions only made me keep shitting into his mouth and face even more.

It felt like the pleasure from shitting and cumming at the same time spread through my entire body like wildfire. As my fourth load of shit turned creamier and softer I rode my ass harder into his mouth and face as my soft shit crackled out of my asshole during my orgasm. This only intensified my orgasm and made me cum harder and longer. My natural facial expressions are indeed intimate and priceless and I’m sharing it with YOU!

It is so fucking hot & erotic to cum right in someone’s face WHILE you are shitting in his mouth! He has no choice but to endure the humiliation of it all! Tasting my stinking SHIT as my body squirm in pure pleasure from orgasm as I CUM right in his pathetic face! I think this should be women’s birth right

I had this filmed from three angles so you can see my entire body as it experience pure pleasure form shitting and cumming at the same time, the second angle showing you my hot shitting action up close including my facial expressions and the third angle up close of my shit sliding into his mouth as he consume, it also shows you a nice view of my vagina as my fluid leaks out during my scat orgasm.

Just a warning, seeing my actual pleasure from scat / toilet slavery will make you cum a lot while watching this video xoxo

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Length: 28:50s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 410 MB

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Dirty DP Anal Slut starring in video LolaBug ($21.99 ScatShop) – Farting

Back to stuffing my tight ass but this time i had to stuff both my holes. fucked a lil shit out but that didnt stop me from fucking my ass more with a dirty dildo. fucked my ass till it leaked muddy slime and fart all in your face.

Length: 7:47s
Resolution: 1080×1920
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 857 MB

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Licking dirty starring in video Valentynexx ($21.99 ScatShop) – Scat

In this video I am in the bathroom and I fuck it until my poo comes out and then I lick the dirty toy.

Length: 7:59s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 468 MB

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CUM Hard & Smear My Poopie Panties starring in video AutumnYoung ($21.99 ScatShop) – Panty/Jean Pooping

I held my poop for 3 almost 4 days and this was a HUGE Poop! It smeared Up my panties and into my pussy and really made a huge mess. Felt So Damn Good!!! I had to make myself Cum. It makes me so hot to feel my hot poo all over my ass.

I moan and enjoy myself a lot in this as cum really hard!! Then I have some fun and smear my poopie panties all over me!

Enjoy! From your favorite Redhead!
All of the following downloads are included when you purchase:

Sold By: : AutumnYoung
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