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Naughty pig gets to eat lunch starring in video NastyNataliaRose (Release date: May 10, 2021)

This wonderful slave is starting to be trained very well. I think he might be liking it now. He has a nice cumshot at the end(you dont get to see the cumshot, unfortunately.) This was such a stinky one. You can tell he really likes the smell because once he smears it on my ass. I let him have dinner. What a naughty little pig. I think this is going to be a regular thing now.

Format: MP4
Duration: 3 Min
Size: 1402 Mb
Resolution: 2160×3840


Great fisting with smelly shit, love it starring in video Natalia Kapretti/Mistress ($24.99 ScatShop)

Come on in, lie down on the couch. I’m going to do checkup on your ass today. So, let’s see, everything seems to be fine. And here it is… Oh, how well hand enters, now I will give you prostate massage with my fist. What fragrant, smelly grease from the shit turned out and so much. Great, thick, smelly shit, I love it. I’ll shove my panties up your ass and you’ll be walking around with them until next session. What a wonderful procedure turned out, I even cum from pleasure

Format: MP4
Duration: 20 Min
Size: 1481 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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Mistress Anita scat in my whore mouth starring in video GoddessAndreea ($10.99 ScatShop)

Today I went to a hotel with my personal toilet and announced him that he would have a huge diarrhea as lunch. I made him lie down on the floor under my fantastic ass and I put on a pair of latex gloves to relax and be able to give him everything I had in my anus. I humiliated him and obliged him to swallow and eat all my diarrhea and so I promised him that I would let him stroke his penis and ejaculate. He was a good slave and he followed my orders exactly and for that he ejaculated a huge amount of cum. I love to always have a human toilet for my daily needs. I am waiting to be contacted through messages here on site by potential toilet slaves who can afford to pay for a custom clip with me. Anita never disappear, keep in mind that !

Format: MP4
Duration: 11 Min
Size: 796 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Tallulah Brown Scat – Tallulah Extreme – Brown Blow & Fuck

Let us introduce you to the exclusive collection of Extreme Scat Movie!!! This SCAT video is not available on other sites, as it is exclusive, and you can download it only from us!!!

Format: MP4
Duration: 51 Min
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Shitting In Your Mouth starring in video GoddessTempest ($14.99 ScatShop)

You know what it feels like after a good night out? When you over indulged the night before be eating and drinking too much?

That next day your stomach is all queasy with those cramps on your lower abdomen that gives you Goosebumps? You want to know what really helps for that?

You lay on your stomach and have someone lick your ass. This is however a very unpleasant task for the one who has to do the licking because after such a night your asshole is all smelly and gross. Not to mention the person licking is going to very likely taste a bit more than just your asshole.

Luckily I’m one of the very few women who own a male slave who was born into this world for the sole purpose of ensuring my comfort and pleasure even if it means he has to endure high levels of unpleasantness and suffering.

You will notice a few times while he is licking my ass deeply for me that I relax my asshole completely so his tongue can gain even deeper access into my ass. He mentioned that he can actually taste I need to go to the bathroom and I told him I can feel it.

But since it felt good I decided not to get up and go to the toilet but rather let him continue to eat my ass deep because it felt really good for ME at the time. Make no mistake. I was well aware he was tasting my waste back there because I felt his tongue made contact with it in my asshole. I just did not care because it felt great.

A few times he mentioned the taste is getting really nasty and strong now and I merely replied I can feel the need is also getting very strong. However I made him continue because feeling his tongue constantly probing into my waste back there felt fucking amazing. It felt so good that I moaned in pure delight.

Eventually the cramps and urge got to intense and I told him I want to take a shit in his mouth. Why would I walk all the way to the toilet while I have a perfect mouth right there by my asshole?

Like any good toilet slave he put his wide open mouth nice and tight over my asshole, ready to accept his nasty fate for my pleasure.

These hungover shits are the BEST! I could feel my turds were really thick but with that nasty warm creamy shit coating filling his mouth. Feeling him doing his best to keep up chewing and swallowing back there in perfect view of the camera only made my big bowel movement that more enjoyable. I pushed out multiple of those thick turds and the last two were really soft and creamy. I could feel him eating and swallowing it from between my ass cheeks right out of my perfect asshole.

What truly felt amazing is something that never happens. Halfway through eating he started to vomit my shit back up into my ass cheeks. Felt so warm and amazing. Especially when he started eating the vomit shit between my ass cheeks. To make sure he gets the message that he WILL EAT ALL MY SHIT I shit some more for him to swallow along with the vomit shit soup sludge. Making him suffer so intensely is so arousing!

It really was a MASSIVE shit because I had very big meals and lots of drinks the previous day but he literally ate EVERYTHING for me. He is such an amazing toilet slave!

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Format: MP4
Duration: 16 Min
Size: 1163 Mb
Resolution: 3840×2160

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Totally perverse part 2 starring in video LittleMissKinky

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Format: MP4
Duration: 8 Min
Size: 545 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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Princess Mia Jenny and their toilet slave watch starring Princess Mia and Stella

Mia called her friend Stella to mock the slave. The girls stamp the slave with their feet, they smoke and spit on the slave. Mia strangles the unfortunate slave with her ass, and at this time Stella kicks hard the ribs of the slave. The girls laugh at this worm. Mia continues to sit on his face, and Stella torments and tramples the body. Now it is the turn of the slave to eat the crap of his mistresses. Mia places shit in his open mouth, it’s not a mouth but a toilet bowl now. Mia goes for a walk with her friend and the slave is left to eat her tasty shit.

Format: MP4
Duration: 17 Min
Size: 1688 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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I have a new slave who contacted me and said he wants to be trained in eating my shit. I brought him to the dungeon and this is his first training session. We’ll see how he gets on. I’m also going to use the fucking machine on him. He says he wants his ass broken in, and he wants to enjoy being ass fucked. I get him to kiss my shoes before allowing him the luxury of anything else. He’s a bit stupid, and I need to make sure he understands what I want from him. I order him to fetch the dog bowl, It’s going to be used for him to enjoy eating my shit. I then get him i position for the fucking machine. He’s going to suffer while he’s eating my shit. I then put a little of my shit into the bowl, just enough for now as he’s in training. I tell him to get eating, and I turn on the fucking machine. He has to empty the bowl or I’ll punish him. When he’s finished, I see him touching his cock. So I tell him he can cum and he then has to lick all his cum off the floor. The stupid slave can’t cum, he’s wasting my time and making me angry. I’m going to leave him on the fucking machine all day. He has to remain in that position until I return and decide on his further punishment…

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 Min
Size: 627 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


My most sweet Lady and their toilet slave Full version watch starring Princess Mia Jenny

Before taking a dump into the slave’s mouth, Princess Mia takes a shower. She pleases the slave allowing him to lick her ass. Lady spits in his face. He groans because of humiliation. Now Mia brutally beats the slave with her feet, she kicks him in the ribs, jumps on him and spits at him. The slave moans in pain. Now, instead of from the toilet the slave will drink urine from Mia, and eat her shit. The camera is so close that you will see how sweet chocolate shit comes out froman amazing masonry ass of Mistress directly into the slave’s mouth. Mia ordereshim to lick her ass. Shespits a full glass of saliva, and the slave must drink sweet saliva of his Mistress now. With a furniture stapler Mia fixes an inscription shit and warmonto the slave’s body. Now the slave’s torturesare over. P.S. Offer your scenario, and we will shoot a video for you. You will find it on Scatshop We have a new beautiful and delicious young model Mia! She’s the most beautiful model in our studio who loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby is to beat and humiliate slaves.

Format: MP4
Duration: 27 Min
Size: 1839 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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2 Girls and shit Consumptions – Young-Dominas

Two ladies rests on the man’s experience, producing eat her asshole! Not lengthy after, she requires a dump! She then propagates her huge wet waste all over the poor sufferer until she protected his whole face! She then continues to fresh up her arms by cleaning them on his chest!

Format: MP4
Duration: 47 Min
Size: 3436 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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FemDom Toilet Slavery saving clip starring in video RosellaExtrem

Here you see only shit horny mouth and piss and the inlet into the slaves mouth fart scenes from the Full Movie FemDom extreme! Milk enema farting and shitting in the mouth of the slaves in the mouth! And with 3 camera positions! Stop Something for real savings Foxes!

Format: MP4
Duration: 4 Min
Size: 183 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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Prisoner of goddess is fed with shit

My toilets slave is bound as a Prisoner and then fed and punished with my shit! I had to shit urgently. Since the toilet failed last time and did not swallow everything, he must be punished now. His lesson: This time he is bondage to a chair. Then I’ll shit a big portion of shit in his wife’s plate! With cutlery I put the shit in his mouth! In between he swallow my piss. In the end everything was eaten. Also the dirty shit toilet paper, which I clean my asshole.

Mein Toilettensklave wird wie ein Haeftling gefesselt und anschliessend mit meiner Scheisse gefuettert! Ich musste soo dringend kacken, dass war kaum noch auszuhalten…. Da die Toilette beim letzten mal versagt hat und nicht alles geschluckt hat, muss er bestraft werden. Seine Lektion: Dieses mal wird er an einen Stuhl gefesselt. Dann kacke ich eine riesen Portion Scheisse in den Teller seiner Ehefrau! Mit Messer und Gabel stopfe ich ihm die Scheisse in sein Maul! Zwischendurch wird mit Pisse runtergespuelt. Zum Schluss hat er alles brav aufgegessen. Sogar das Klopapier, womit ich mir den hintern abgewischt habe!

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 Min
Size: 1491 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080