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666 – Im Namen der Pisse (2003)

Im Namen der Pisse

Im Namen der Pisse

Description :

In “Cum and Pee Eruption,” lovely Angie is on the hunt for a square meal, and her male scene partners are happy to oblige. Piss first, ask questions later, that’s their motto. So they start off by urinating and then projectile cumming all over eager Angie. The well-behaved girl uses a blanket to clean the excess mess off the floor, but not before offering herself a tall glass of delicious pee-juice. Oh Angie, dear, nobody slurps wizz and jizz like you!

Release Year : 2003
Country : Germany
Genres : Group Sex, Piss, Pissing in Mounth, Girl on Girl, Orgy, All Sex, Hardcore, Bukkake, Gang Bang, Pussylingus
Duration : 01:21:28
Produced By : John Thompson
Studio : 666
Starring : Angie and other 666’s sluts


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