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THE BROWN THRONE starring in video Rieke, Master

Hightide proudly presents a first glimpse into the amazing world of submissive shit slut Rieke! She turned up at the shoot with her master and their custom-built feeding chair, eager to reveal to the world how she gets off at home: by rubbing herself to a frenzy while she swallows her own and her master’s piss and shit over and over again. No doubt that Rieke is a true connoisseur, so please enjoy the sight of a happy sub reaching multiple orgasms as a well-trained human toilet under her master’s brown throne!

Format: MOV
Duration: 14 Min
Size: 1553 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


KITTY – PRIVATE SHIT PIG starring in video Kitty

Kitty loves to be a dirty, filthy bitch. She pisses her jeans in public, digs deep in her asshole at a monument and licks the shit off – all this just to get her in the mood for some heavy piss and shit play at home where the perverted amateur poops her pants, sucks and licks the mess and gives her shit smeared cunt a good rubbing job. Wonderfully perverted amateur action from a genuine shit loving gal.

Format: MP4
Duration: 55 Min
Size: 1023 Mb
Resolution: 788×576


GINA’S PRIVATE GAMES starring in video Gina, Nadia,1 Male

Filth-loving Gina sent us more footage of her private encounters with slutty Nadia and a lucky guy where lesbian sex, foot fetish, watersports and filthy scat games play a major part.

Please note that this is amateur footage. While image quality, sound etc. may not be perfect, the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.

Format: MP4
Duration: 80 Min
Size: 1487 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720


VM22 – FULL SLUT TREATMENT starring in video Veronica Moser,1 male

Veronica says: “An extra long and super filthy update for the summer! I met with a friend who knows exactly what I need: hard fucking in all my holes and lots
of piss, shit and cum to play with. Just give me the Full Slut Treatment and
I will swallow it all!”

Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica’s former member site.

Format: AVI
Duration: 41 Min
Size: 991 Mb
Resolution: 800×450


TEACHER’S WET PET starring in video Taranee, Penny Devil

Taranee returned from porn retirement – now with a new lesbian subbie making her Hightide debut. The plan was to introduce Penny Devil to mild pee games and hopefully interest her in a return for some heavier action. The plan was thwarted by Penny though, who went all the way on her first day in a no-holds-barred lezdom, fisting and piss swallowing session. In the end, we literally had to pull Penny off the set because she didn’t want to stop. Great teacher, great pet, all wet!

Format: MP4
Duration: 67 Min
Size: 1246 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720


LUNCH BREAK starring in video Mia, Betty, Kira, 0 males

Halfway through a long day of hard play our lovely kinksters Mia, Betty and Hightide debutant Kira left the set for a well-deserved break. As experienced performers they’re well aware that fucking makes hungry, that output needs input first and that it’s hard to relax amongst a bunch of horny guys – and they also know the perfect solution to recharge their batteries and refill three empty stomachs: simply leave out the guys, lock the door and enjoy an all-girl lunch break!

Format: MP4
Duration: 74 Min
Size: 1497 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720


BETTY’S CHOICE starring in video Betty, Victoria, Penelope, 3 males

A message from Betty:

“Hello World, I’m so glad you liked my first ever movie! You made me happy and proud…and to be honest, I didn’t expect it! I mean it was just me and a couple of friends having fun, nothing special… except for the camera, but the Hightide gang made me feel so comfortable that I instantly forgot about that.

I have found my place, and I’ve been back many times – to have fun, make plans and shoot more scenes based on my own choice of ideas and phantasies (be aware – I have lots more…;-)

Enough said….relax and enjoy Betty’s Choice!



Format: MP4
Duration: 78 Min
Size: 1719 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720


BETTY SCREWS THE CREW starring in video Betty, all-male crew

A message from Betty:

Hi guys and girls,

How’s life?

I paid another short visit to the Hightide studios….

….but now I had a special plan!

I wanted to give something back to the poor guys in the crew who sweat and slave for your (and our) entertainment.

Thank you guys…. until the next time!

Love & xxx,


Format: MP4
Duration: 60 Min
Size: 878 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720


SERVING WITH A SMILE starring in video Betty, Marlen, Penelope, 1 male

“Hi boys and girls,

It’s me again, Betty, glad to be at your service ;))

Hope you’re all doing ok!!

I was so happy to be back on the Hightide set …. and soooo excited to finally meet Marlen. I’ve heard and seen a lot of her, and we were right in tune the moment we started playing. What an amazing way to make new friends 🙂

But it wasn’t over yet, the next morning my dear friend Penelope had a surprise for me too – she left me with a big smile on my face…until next time!

If you enjoy the movie only half as much as we enjoyed making it, you are going to have a fantastic time!




Format: MP4
Duration: 76 Min
Size: 1185 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Bizarre Pleasures 2004

Genuine Films features the hottest amateur and pro stars and is one of the premier adult studios in Germany. They produce high end SM made by experts for connoisseurs and are well known for their Black Label line.

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Sneaky Pee Volume Eighteen 2007

Lolly, Belle, Clare, Rebekah Dee, Karlie Simon, Lucy Zara
It’s another big one!! For your entertainment we have 28 different girls, all desperate to pee on the streets of England, in no less than 34 individual scenes. We have the debuts of Belle, Audrey, Faye, Bianca, Thorn, Karlie Simon, Tori, and Kat, which is quite a few new faces on one dvd!! Plus Lolly’s spray on those steps, Minx’s lovely pee with her arse open, Tasmin in the gent’s urinal, bailey peeing then getting changed, Katie on the climbing frame, Morrigan getting caught, Shelley and Tiffany on the bridge together, Clare peeing with people walking right behind her, Rose’s interview, Kaz B in That yellow dress, Isabella in the seafront shelter, plus many many more, the list of treats just goes on and on!!
Various girls are back, the finest pissers the UK has to offer no less, and they find a bevy of public places in which to relieve themselves. One of them even gets caught in the act by a random pedestrian that happens to use the same path that she’s currently “using”. You can see the embarrassment on her face as she straightens up and walks away. Starring; Karlie Simon, Belle, Lolly, Clare, Rebekah Dee, as well as Lucy Zara!

Download from Takefile.com

Sneaky Pee Volume Twenty-Three 2009

Angel Long, Ayla, Caroline Foster, Cate Harrington, Clair Lou, Clare Olsen, Ebony Goddess, Emma Butt, KazB, Koko Li, Lucy Gresty, Shay Hendrix, Suzie Best, Yazmin
The U.K. has a lot of hot girls. It’s even hotter when those hottie take a number 1 in the outdoors. There are some amazing scenes in this 23rd Volume. Angel Long? Emma Butt with that phat ass from the rear view? The stunning Suzie Best and Claire-Lou??? Sign us up! 45 scenes in 1 hour? Hell yeah!
Sneaky 23 features another hour of pissing mayhem with 27 honies in 44 scenes. You will see Clare off that high bridge, Minx and Kaz B. as a bad ass duo, Tiffany’s last ever scene, debuts by Hannah, Princess and Jessica, Beth at the windfarm, Rachel in the underpass, Cate and Rachel pissing their knickers together, Bianca peeing through her knickers, two stunning rear views of Emma Butt, Kaz B. doing the same, a close close shot of Minx, Lucy Gresty pissing through her fishnet tights, Angel Long in thigh high boots, Cate Harrington in a bus stop, Shelley’s infamous jet piss, Suzie Best doing the same in her joint pee with Yazmin, Isabella with two massive gushes and lovely tit flashes from Lucy, Yazmin, Shay Hendrix, Chrissie, Minx, Kaz B., Princess and Hannah. You gotta’ love it!

Download from Takefile.com