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Speculum Play and Filled Pussy (Anna Coprofield – Full Edition)

Almost one hour for connoisseurs of speculum play and filled pussy (56min)

The original video quality is divided into 2 parts (~3.1gb). Prepare your memory device please! ? Full compressed video is available too (1.9gb) .

I really wanted to play with a speculum so I did not shit for 2 days. Putting on gloves (I like the feeling of rubber gloves when I touch myself) I insert a speculum to show you everything inside my pussy .Then I make a huge pile of shit and insert the speculum into the pussy again. You can see the gentle pink sides of my pussy, my urethra hole that pisses and urine flows into pussy. Then I put the speculum in the ass. There’s still shit in it. Taking out the dirty mirror, I put it in the pussy again. The cervix in shit looks beautiful. I take a piece of shit and insert into my pussy to fill my pussy completely. Let out the shit and repeat the filling and let out it again. Then fill up and hold the shit in the pussy.

I smear shit on ass and pussy, let out shit standing…enjoy with me! ?

P.S.I’m shooting this video the day after the end of my menstruation. There is only a one drop of blood ?

Scat Star: Anna Coprofield – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/anna-coprofield/

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Blonde Boots Grey Pantyhose (Thefartbabes) FULL-HD

Hot huge messy pooping in sexy grey pantyhose, peeing and nasty teasing with boots!

Ukrainian shit loving blond – don’t miss ..

Cast: TheFartBabes – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/thefartbabes/

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