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Sperrgebiet Erotik 12 – Full Movie

Sperrgebiet Erotik 12

Sperrgebiet Erotik 12

In the first scene Redhead mistress Eva dominates a negro. At the beginning she gives him foot domination while he laying on the ground & masturbates, then she sitting on a gynecologist chair to pee & shit to his face. After they smudge lot of shit to cover each other body, which they rub to each other & he jizz from a handjob then his body get cleaned by Eva’s pee.

The second scene : Blonde girl Eve masturbating in the morning when waking up. After she smoke some cigarette, wash her teeth and make the daily routine, she sit on the toilet, but do an unregular thing and start to pee on the floor, then also put a lot of faeces there which she tramps with her feets and it’s feel amazing to her.

The third scene : While a young girl gets fucked by her friend on the table, Silvia and Roland pick out some shit of the girl’s ass with fingers and start to lick it. When the fuck is done, the girl bend over on the table and release the golden shower to them, then shit on the ground & they start to pick it up and smuge everywhere on her body & even eat it.

The fourth scene : A scene in a gynecologist office where Roland crouching on the grund under Silvia and get diarrhea-like enema shit to his mouth. Then he lay down the floor and all 3 girls, Silvia, Eva and Sandra release the enema and some real kaviar to his body and cover him with shit, then smudge it with feet and kiss with him with shit in their mouth.

STARRING : Silvia, Eva and Sandra


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Kaviar, Crapping Groups, Lesbian Scat, Shitting, Threesome Scat, Copro, Scat Party

LENGHT : 1 Hour 31 Minutes 15 Seconds

SIZE : 439,9 mb


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 11 – Full Movie (Eva and Silvia)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 11

Sperrgebiet Erotik 11

Scat video with 5 scenes.

In the first scene Silvia and Roland look for in a doctor’s office, as the Doctor fucks a young patient in Gynokologischen chair. Then they are allowed to enjoy the shit of young patient directly from her ass. Both lick the caviar-smeared ass while they kiss again and again.

The second scene Silvia in sexy lingerie and on high heels shits a big pile and eat in completely. Standard-definition. First she starts to take off her clothes slowly, take off her pants then put a big shit on the floor which have solid and liquid parts. Then she take of her clothes completely, take up some shit and eats it. Then lick off the rest from the floor.

The third scene a guy showers in bathroom while hot slim redhead Eva wait for him in toilet in purple leather dress. After he finished, Eva gives him blowjob and pee on his dick. After Eva has fucked well from behind, she piss again shits a big portion shit on his cock, wickst him until he cums.

The fourth scene When refurbishing the hall from Bob is pissed off and blown by Eva. Then she shits her jeans lying on the floor full. Then she takes off her jeans vollgeschiessene again and playing with the shit around.

The five scene Blonde girl Eva sitting on a gynecologist chair and start to masturbate, smoking and squirt pee like a fountain. Then she get a golden vibrator, stick it to her ass completely deep down, then call the cameraman to record closely how she shitting to the floor with fully spreaded legs.

STARRING : Eva, Bob, Silvia and Roland


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Poo, Pooping, Shitting, Kaviar, Copro, crap

LENGHT : 1 Hour 17 Minutes 31 Seconds

SIZE : 450,2 mb


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 10 – Full Movie (Eva and Tima)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 10

Sperrgebiet Erotik 10

The full movie of the premium series from SG Video. A lot of scat and pee is guaranteed in this full movies with many different scenes and actresses. In the first scene there is a blondie in a gynecologist where she pee on an other girl and she response with pee in her pussy too. Then she shit to the other girl’s hand and she cover her whole ass with shit and eats it. And there are 3 more great scat scene, even with bodies fully covered in scat.

Scene 1 : Eva is naked wearing only a fur coat open Gynokologischen on a chair and masturbates very arrogant with a cigar. Then she has to lick her bare cunt Tima and her asshole. She pisses her in a high arc into the mouth and allowed her to eat their shit frischausdrückte.

Scene 2 : A redhead and a blonde girl sitting on the couch and playing with each other: making out, suck nipples. Then the blondie start to peeing on the floor and after the redhead as well too. Then the blondie shit on the floor & the redhead girl do it as same.

Scene 3 : Eva, as totally drunken trashy bitch sitting to a gynecologist chair with beer on her hands, rips off her stockings, pour her body with beer and start to pee like a fountain, then shit to her stockings uncontrollably which rip off under the weight of the lot of shit and fall to the floor and she gets mad and start tramping it.

Scene 4 : Three girls rumpissen, and pissed in the mouth by a dick nd rumscheissen. Standard-definition. Piss movie in a staircase. Guy meets 3 women in a staircase and the dark-haired one gives him a blowjob while the other 2 watch them. After that she go to the redhead girl and pee to her mouth. When they finished, the redhead girl pee to the stairs and leave it wet.

Scene 5 : Eva naked and arrogant with a cigarette holder in his mouth has to lick her horny Tima Vollgepisste feet, then both shitting a large portion of the dance floor, Eva rubs her feet through the shit and Tima licking them clean.

Scene 6 : Hot german scat girl Eva sitting on a toilet, read a magazine and try to shit, but she can’t do that regular way, so stand up and start to put faeces to the floor and start to trampling it with her feet and smudge it to her legs with her hands. Fantastic short scat video.

STARRING : Eva and Tima


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Shitting, Foot Fetish With Scat, Copro, Kaviar, Shit, Scat, Lesbian Scat, Defecation, Excrements, Only Girls, Girl on Girl Scat

LENGHT : 1 Hour 33 Minutes 40 Seconds

SIZE : 292 mb


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Eva made 1.2 LBS of shit for Jeff order (Eva – in FULL HD 1080p)

Eva made 1.2 LBS of shit for Jeff order

Eva made 1.2 LBS of shit for Jeff order

I have made the jeff order for my poop, 3 days retain in my intestine… Lots of shit for Jeff

GenresPoop Videos, Scat, Copro, Kaviar, Shitting, Crap, Big Pile, FULL HD 1080p

Scat Pornstar : buysexygirlspoop, Eva

FULL HD 1080p

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Uromania 13 (2002/DVDRip)

Uromania 13

Yet another ‘Uromania‘ made, which means more fucking, sucking, licking and, most of all, these girls love the piss as much as they love everything else, especially facials

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Uromania 4 (2000/DVDRip)

Uromania 4

Nach dem Genuss einiger Flaschen Schampus, pissen die hübsche Denise und ihre schweinegeile Mutter heimlich um die Wette. Hemmungslos lassen sich die Damen sodann vom Freund der Tochter anpischen und durchvögeln. Dann geht’s weiter auf Zechtour und die beiden Pissnelken verrichten ungeniert in aller Öffentlichkeit ihr kleines Geschäft.

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