PRETTYLISA – SHITFREAKS starring in video Prettylisa , various males ($50 Hightide-Video)

Prettylisa’s ultra hard return. This stands to be one of the most perverted scat films around. Prettylisa has evolved quite a bit since her last video adventures. She is ready to swallow feces now and her outburst of excitment and perverted lust as she is engaged in these dirty games have to be seen to be believed. One of most outragous scens has her suck shit & piss from a toilet. She spits the brown mess in a kitchen mixer and creater her own disgusting cocktail.

This is one of Lisa’s prvately made amateur videos. Although shot with digital video equipment, please note that this video is intentionally amateur style. We dedided to leave it as raw, unaltered and unedited as possible to preserve the power and authenticity of the orignal material.If you like things sexy, glamorous and stylish this is a no go. Prettylisa is rough, hard & perverted so be warned.

Format: MP4
Duration: 60 Min
Size: 699 Mb
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NO LIMIT AMATEURS 2 starring in video Barbara, Max ($50 Hightide-Video)

Heavy piss, vomit and scat action from amateur couple Barbara & Max. This is one of the hottest, most extreme bizarre couples we have come across in a long time and their first video with us prooves how eager they are to go beyond the limits. Rauchy, extreme and very dirty!

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LONDON SCAT PARTY 4 starring in video Phyllis Joy, 11 Males ($50 Hightide-Video)

PhyllisJoy was again host to 11 shit and piss loving blokes who couldn’t wait
to give our shit-loving lady brown treats. She eagerly licks, chews and swallows all the fresh offerings and shows the amazed crowd what a perverted kinky slut she is.

Please note that this is amateur footage so the image quality, sound etc. are not
perfect but the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.

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CHRIS – THE DIRTY ANGEL starring in video Chris-Extreme, 1 Male ($50 Hightide-Video)

We are pleased to introduce you to the universe of Chris—a new, exceptionally kinky and gorgeous scat queen. We met her through a common friend who praised her unique services (see below) and suggested she would be the perfect choice for a video. When we actually met her in person, we were blown away with this unique, extremely perverted woman, her wit, charm and open and honest way of talking about her dark desires. Although she has been interested in golden and brown games for a long time, Chris has been a “sleeper” and decided to live her fantasies only recently. A genuine scat lover, she is very willing to explore every aspect of the fetish and her video debut goes to the absolute extreme. Her private and business life requires her wearing a mask in the video, Chris is not your average porn model but truly unique with a high profile background. We had no doubt her gorgeous appearance and the way she indulges in the action is absolutely fascinating. A dirty Angel indeed!

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AstraCelestial – ScatSuperStars Reunification – Part 01 ($11.99 ScatShop)

Taking shit, being in shit, eating shit, having sex in shit, all this is adored by my toilet slut. She admires herself when she in shit, do everything in shit, love shit itself. Opening her toilet mouth, she takes in a bunch of shit, smears my shit on her young beautiful body and licks my fingers from the shit. Posing in front of mirror covered in shit and smoking. And of course, she enjoys dirty sex, jumps on my strap-on and cum, rolling her happy eyes with pleasure. She’s a real toilet bitch.

A BROWN TALE 2 starring in video Lara, Tima, 1 Male ($50 Hightide-Video)

When luscious Lara and legendary Tima team up for the first time you may expect no less than a frantic piss and scat feast! Tender loving and sheer perversion – those girls combine it like no others. And when there’s nothing left to play with, they convince the cameraman to provide for more!

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Hightide Special – Sweet & Salty starring in video Violet Storm, Debbie & Amy ($50 Hightide-Video)

Amy, famous for her outragous, pissy escapades, was intrigued by the idea of combining food sploshing with naughty piss sex. She wanted to give it a try, selected two girls she really fancied—Violet and Debbie—and we went shopping and got carts full of sweet surprises for the trio. Originally conceived as an episode for Amy’s Pissing Phantasies, all three girls enjoyed the messy action so much we decided to dedicate an entire video to their sticky adventures. They just couldn’t stop and got into the action so much, we totally underestimated the situation. Soon we found ourselves in a studio that needed complete redecoration. Cream, pudding and liters of piss splashed against our walls and ceiling. The floor was covered with the kinky mix. The girls had the time of their lifes sitting in a urine filled pool, mixing their salty juices with sweet deserts, covering themselves with it and tasting the unusual combination. The action in this one is really wild and outragous. The wetter and messier they got, the more all three were turned on. Amy even made Violet stick a fist up her cunt, something she’s never tried before and it certainly didn’t require any lube. Sweet & Salty, a combination that is truly unique.

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POV/Xtreme Close Greenish Monster Pooping starring in video MissAnja ($11.99 ScatShop) – Amateurs Scat

The video is filmed in 4k quality. I start with tease because I’m naked in the video. I film in POV style. Seduce you by my nice and hairy pussy, perky tits and beautiful tight butt hole. My purpose was that you feel so close to me and butt hole during release this greenish monster poo. You would be feel as you have an eye contact with my hole I feel it would be large one but puckering a bit then comes out my monster poo nice and slowly. You able to see very close my asshole opening wide, able to see clearly my pussy and wrinkles around holes. After pooping I keep puckering a bit and pee close to camera a lot. At the end I show off how huge and nice this poo again. I also can see some seeds in my poo from the last dinner and you’ll see as well Looks yummy isn’t it? Have fun!

Length: 8:27s
Resolution: 3840×2160
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Chocolate Tower In Clear Glass starring in video MissAnja ($7.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

I was on holiday and before travel back home felt have to poo so bad. I no have much object where I can poop into so take 2 clear glasses this will be my help. I don’t wear underwear and you able to see little tiny piece of poo ran out of my ass before release the big and long one. Show you backward my round butt, puckering asshole and don’t release my shit immediately. But I can’t hold it so take the glass and standing position backward to you filling with delicious shit my clear glass. You can see opening my butt hole close up. I bet you wanna taste me So then pooping I pee a bit into glass and try to push out more shit. And finally display the shit in glass for you. Looks amazing isn’t it? Creamy delicious chocolate tower, looks as a dessert

Length: 4:44s
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Sydnee’s (Golden) Showertime!! starring in video funkyladies ($13.99 ScatShop) – Pee

Sydnee Capri is back with a new hot treat!! Sydnee has a deep confession – she LOVES being nasty!! She and her special friend get together from time to time when she feels the need to be treated like a nasty slut!! He knows She was home alone, hungry for dick. He begins by feeding her his turgid BBC. She nasty with it, as I know you have all seen her exploits over the past 15 years! She takes it all in, gagging and getting that dick and her blouse all wet with her spit and saliva. She’s getting nasty and dirty, so he decided to give her a warm shower, from his cock!! He makes her open wide and swallow a warm sip of his piss! All that’s left now to complete this FUNKY showertime, is a nice cumshot right on her mouth and face! Another nasty BBC demolition by Sydnee Capri!!

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Alonna’s Why aren’t you here Turdmuncher! starring in video funkyladies ($17.99 ScatShop) – Scat

Alonna is one nasty freak!! She’s back with one special treat for her FUNKY followers here on scatshop!! Alonna confessed she never knew she had a scat fetish until she and her ex lover Lashayy started making clips together for me a few years ago. In those two years she has really evolved into probably the most “bout it bout it” FUNKY lady there is!!

Anyways Alonna just made a big cross country move, while waiting for her place to be ready she decided to have a little fun in her hotel room. She begins by telling her loyal slaves how she knows you wish you were there, to eat she shit, and clean her dirty ass with your tongue. She’s disappointed you aren’t there with her, so she decided to give you a dose of what you missed out on!! Enjoy as she takes her frustrations out, removing her butt plug to push out some logs into her hand. THen she takes her FUNKY logs and rubs them all over!! This is that hardcore FUNKY treat you rarely see from any of my FUNKY ladies!!

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