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I dance, I warm you up and I play with my stockings, I pull them up … a lot I pee on myself and shit, I play with my rich shit … And I rub it all over my sexy stockings … Super hot, dirty and erotic!

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Like I said before, I have been taking fiber to bulk up my turdz and it’s working great! I was sitting in bed this morning having coffee number 2 when I felt the desperate urge to go for a shit. I take you with me into the bathroom and sit on the bathtub giving you a great view of my ass. I spread my cheeks and give birth to a big stinking shit. Before I shit, I weighed myself and again after. I take my temp to see how hot my ass is. Then I show you the tip and my shitty blooming colon rose before picking up my turds and putting them in the toilet. I show you the toilet and the mess I made and flush it down. One last glimpse of my winking stinking asshole before I say goodbye. Enjoy!

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Part 1
I am Fatima, a beautiful 22 year old bbw mistress
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i train my old scatophile white slave
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that pig’s tongue is brown, and the slave comes. …
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That night! We are getting ready to go to bed and. .. One of those whores needs to go poop! He asks, shit on me! Urgently I take it off it’s boxer and scratch him with my nails! Oupps! sorry for that! I want and it is urgent, have to try to find the ideal position to film and him not stop pissing me off! No longer able to hold back I shit on his cock! What a relief ! it was huge.

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I’ve been wanting to do a scat on the car for a long time. I enter the room and discover the car. She is wrongly parked! I punish the driver for it and shit on his car. My shit is so stinky, it cracks and falls on the car. I imagine in this moment the face of a slave, your face! I poke the driver’s face in my shit! Still, scat is such a pleasure!


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I’m so turned on that you’re excited enough to play with my poop that you’d actually buy it for me to mail to you… let me show you how I fill up this container with my smelly poop, first hard and chunky, then creamy and perfect for smearing 😉 Before I vacuum seal the poop and sign it, I’ll smear some shit on my pussy and on my face and jerk off with you until you cum


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Hello everybody . Friends, in this video Olga is wearing her beautiful mesh sexy outfit. She wants to play with her rubber cock. Olga put him on the floor and will have fun with him. I suggest that you include all your imagination and imagine that you are lying on the floor at Olga’s feet and she is having fun with your penis. He got up from excitement, very hard and Olga kicks him. Then she presses her heels on your testicles and again kicks your cock and stand on it. Then Olga ties a red ribbon on her penis, pisses on him and shits. Liquid shit pours from Olga’s anus right onto your dick. Then she sits down on him with her ass and fucks herself anally. Olga obsessively fucks herself with a dirty dick and brings herself to orgasm. Here is such an interesting video made by Olya. Turn on your imagination now and enjoy watching!


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Watch as I push my butt plug in and out of my arse! I pop out the butt plug and poop in the bathroom. I show you the big pile of poop I’ve made in my bath! What a naughty, delicious mess I’ve made!!

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part 2

I put my shit on a plate, I make the slave sniff the poo
I talk to him and I laugh, it’s dirty pig, ridiculous….
it turns him on it smells good he says, I spit on his pig face,
he puts his nose in it, and he licks my good shit
I like to see this treat of my poo.
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the slave likes he is very excited, I jerk him off ……
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