I Shit In Your Slave Mouth – Shitmaster 31

As a caviar slave Isabelle meets her master even the most unusual request. Well done, as it should be discarded she, what comes out of it and is rewarded with the KV of their master. To fill her stomach completely, it is tied around the mouth and dishes with a funnel pissing instilled until the tummy stretches. The cock hungry Monique and her lover and lubricate a screw like crazy.

Cast: Isabelle – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/isabelle/

Studio: Z-Faktor

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Fuck my shit in the ass – Shitmaster 32 (Veronica Moser Inside)

Veronica’s pussy is already dripping again. She can not wait to gets her lover. Her pussy drips as it already runs hot Pisstrahl down Gabriel’s throat. Now there’s no turning back. Hot caviar swells from the ass and filled her mouth. With relish, she chews and swallows while his stiff cock fucks the asshole. She swallows the brown dough and shoots it. But who knows Veronica knows that she can not get enough. At the same time on the other side of the globe will also meet with two horny shit-turbocharged sexists to act out quite naturally, to piss and shit and have orgasms.

Cast: Veronica Moser – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/vera-moser/

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Shitmaster 33 – Kleine Kack-Fotzen (Full Edition – Three Video-stories)

Joanna is horny, her little pussy is dripping wet and her asshole is burning. She sneaks into the kitchen to get a crap steak on the plate and eat it with relish.

Leila gets the shit addiction in the shower. Been drilled in their butt cracks caviar is the only way out of her sweet anus. When she licks the warm mush of her fingers, wakes up the pussy and wants to be greased and waxed.

Theresa has prepared a special treat. With strawberries she refines her horny meal and enjoys each piece. She plays with her little pussy until she squirts with pleasure in the smudged plate.

Cast: Joanna, Leila and Theresa

Studio: Z-Faktor

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Shitmaster 34 – I make everything for Mr. Otto 2 (Veronica Moser Inside)

When Mr. Otto Vroni again caught being lazy, his “generous” employer-heart bleeds and lashing out is inevitable. Fortunately Vroni knows how to get him down again and licks his itchy piles on the kitchen counter. Add to this a little treat out of her butt and Mr. Otto is already bac. He becomes horny and shits on her tits, sticks his old stink dick down her throat and spits it be rancid sperm into the open drawer. Then there is still “Veronica alone at home” and “easing in plum wine”. Two horny caviar stories with Veronica.

Cast: Veronica Moser – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/vera-moser/

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Shitmaster 35 – Das Mädchen in der Wanne

A bizarre impression of the scene, the one who finds the bathtub in the living room standing. Suzan already sits in the middle thereof, and steaming porridge straight from Marcs asshole pressed her mouth filled. So it then goes further and the visual impressions of this scenario repeatedly shoot bursts of electrical impulses through the brain of the viewer.

Studio: Z-Faktor

Meanwhile, Olga and Olev do what they do best. They fuck the shit hot genitals and how the world champion. With his thick cock and a fist of the Russian sex machine horny gets fucked from the fat cracks.

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Scat Sisters in Action (Shitmaster 36)

Dr. Mueller is a perverted pig. Helena comes as the blonde to pussy control it compels them to give him pee. But just when his dick is coming to his wife. Together with the patient, she startled him and his sweet mouth stuffed with caviar. But the tables turn as Helen finds pleasure in the filth and the woman doctor sucks the shit out of your ass.

Cast: Isabelle

Now the bear is dancing in the practice and a wild mess takes its course. Same idea with her uncle Dr. Mareike. Before they know it puts her philanderer of its stem in mouth and pussy. But that does not meet the nasty doctor, he pees it fully, she poops on his shitty cock and puts her in the neck.

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Shitmaster 37 – Scat in Bed (Louise Hunter)

Ringed faustfickgierige cunt, asshole and a constant strain joyous appetite for fresh caviar, which she is one of the best in their field. “Louise Hunter” from England and who knows them looking that makes no compromises. Today she goes to bed with a caviar dispensers to get everything out of it and to enjoy a massage, the hot holes. Of course, our own shit is eaten. Wide open, waiting Moni’s hot fuck hole and pee it fills to the brim. But this is only the prelude for the caviar of thumb is to expand then the greedy hole deep and hard. Under the “moaning” like the cunt squeals for help with their fists Jimmy Moni its highlights.

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In Jetzt Bis Du Meiner Hand – Shitmaster 39 (Veronica)

For a true fan is a dream come true. Veronica, the uncrowned queen of scat heard him and all his dreams came true. She has recorded its caviar and cheered him directly in the mouth with hers. She has him suck his shit-smeared cock and cleaned his Kack-Pussy to put off. With a lot of it has coaxed him his most perverse desires and implemented for him.

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Shitmaster 40 – Lesbian Shiteater (Isabelle)

The pretty, blonde lesbian sex games is at Helena. With their experienced friend Isabelle, she meets in a studio to record their perverse desires aszuleben. Willingly she keeps her pussy to let her fuck around and reached its peak when the horniness Isabelle poops her mouth. Together the pair has what nibble as they are leaving their gut screams to Isabelle’s asshole after a hard anal fist fuck. Jimmy and Agneta meet in a bar, and quickly became a hot session caviar with all the trimmings.

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Alexias Shit Nightmare

23 year old Alexia goes beyond the limits of shit sex in her video debut. A true shit lover, she eats and swallows shit, brushes her teeth with it, swallows liters of piss and covers her body with feces. Beware! You will see some of the most outrageous and extreme acts of scatology ever captured on video.

Cast: Alexia Cage and other males

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Extremele Perverted Shit And Vomit Loving Girls From Lezpoo – Pack 2

This is the second part. First part of Extremele Perverted Shit And Vomit Loving Girls From Lezpoo you can find here:


Only hot’n’wet and shit’n’piss loving girls there!

33 Scat Videos!

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