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Miss Larissa Scat Porn Collection – Full (17 Exclusive videos from Miss-larissa.com)

Miss Larissa Scat Porn Collection

Hi my friend!

Today you can download all videos from hot and cruel femdom  & scat-related site Miss-larissa.com which today is not work 🙁

The sadist domina uses her helpless slave the way she wants, whenever she wants, for whatever purpose she wants.

slave must exept any brutal punishment and abuse , regardless of how ugly or painfull it is. Miss Larissa likes to have fun. Lots of it indeed ! She can use any mode of punishment to get satisfied , and this sadist Mistress can not be easly satisfied !

The brutal Mistress is a refined educator. She believes that excessive pain is the best method to teach a slave who he really is , and to whom he really belongs.

Miss Larissa’s favourites are :

• Degrading human toilet-training with an open mouth and no taboo , chewing and swallowing all her sacred scat ! If Miss Larissa desires, slave must consume his own shit as well…

• Extreme CBT with brutal , fresh stinging nettle leaves. A real torture for a real slave…

Brutal fucking of the slave’s cockhole with large metal dilators…

• Hard whipping the slave’s worthless body…

Footfetish. Licking and worshipping Miss Larissa’s big black leather boots, whether clean or gracefully smeared with her sacred shit…

• Outdoor brutal torture and toilet-training …

17 Exclusive videos from Miss-larissa.com to download right now!

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Grauzone 27 (Manni Moneto Film) Extreme’n’Rare Scat Movie

You are welcome to download hottest german scat movies from Grauzone serie.

Directed byManni Moneto

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Feeding Time – Mistress Evilyne (Femdom – 1080p)

Another beginner toilet slave is serving me today. While he worships my thigh high patent leather boots, I tease him, telling him about how I am going to make him consume my shit….. how he is going to turn into a real toilet. I give him mantras to repeat to get him into the perfect toilet slave headspace. Then I piss and shit into a metal dog bowl and feed him with a spoon. He is really struggling, but that’s nothing that a few slaps with my gloved hands, whipping his back, and a severe telling off can’t fix. I make him keep eye contact with me while he eats. I know that looking into my eyes while he consumes my stirred up piss and shit will make him more willing and malleable. He struggles, and squirms and huffs and puffs. But he will eat everything, or my name isn’t Mistress Evilyne, scat queen.

If you like to see my nastier, cold and distant side, then this is the clip for you. This boy deserved no kindness or compasion. So I showed him none at all.

Scat Star: Mistress Evilyne – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/mistress-evilyne/

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Mistress Gaia – Open Good This Sewer (2017)

Like any career girl, I have had to learn to multitask. Using slaves as toilets is a convenience, not a job. So just because there is a former human being waiting beneath my perfect ass to be used as a receptacle for a huge amount of shit doesn’t mean I can’t take a few moments to check my text messages. The slave is well trained enough that it doesn’t need much instructions, just “open it”, not “open your mouth”—it is no longer a mouth but a shit hole and it is no longer his but mine. “Open your shit hole, toilet”. You get to see a beautiful shot of my ass and pussy poised above the toilet’s face waiting for a huge load.

This time there is no ass worship. I have become comfortable enough to use the toilet without prior stimulation so you see a slave reduced to pure toilet servitude, serving as nothing but a sewer, a piece of plumbing, a detour for my shit on the way to the city sewer system through the body of a “man”. The slave lies there with a massive shit spreading over its face while my perfect ass stays suspended over its face with one tiny turdlet waiting to drop.

As a special treat to your MASTURBATORS I put my ass right up to the camera as I wipe my ass clean, even though my ass is so perfectly toned that there is almost no need to wipe.

Unfortunately, once I have delivered there is too much shit for it to eat and I have to provide more “encouragement”, in this case in the form verbal encouragement, fake sympathy and of a harsh whipping. The slave managed to swallow what went directly in its mouth but leaves a lot around its face.

“Open mouth, slave. Open. Eat my shit! Eat all!…Ah, good boy! You are a toilet! You are not human!” I whip its penis and spit in its open mouth.

Finally I have to slave turn over to have a good whipping on its ass. My legs look beautiful in my stylish new boots as I hold its head down with my foot and whip its ass, ignoring its whimpers. You will probably CUM watching this part, TOILET PIG!

Cast: Mistress Gaia – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/mistress-gaia/

Release Year: 2017

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No matter what it tastes like [Scat-Movie-World.com] Lady Chantal, Miss Jane

No matter what it tastes like

No matter what it tastes like

You can not miss this collection !!! SCAT with Lady Chantal, Miss Jane – exclusive super this, we offer the best, cocoa places that leave, you excited for a whole movie over and over again !!!

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