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[OPUD-194] Scat Torture Laboratory [2015]

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File: OPUD-194_1080p.wmv
Size: 5312829598 bytes (4,95 GiB), duration: 01:58:01, avg.bitrate: 6002 kb/s
Audio: 0x0162, 44100 Hz, stereo, 256 kb/s
Video: vc1, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 5744 kb/s, 29,97 fps(r)

BigTitsAlisa – I’m a little obedient doll (FHD-1080)

CastTatiana and BigTitsAlisa
Genres: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Lesbian, Dildo, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:07:58
File Size: 770,85 Mb

You like when you can operate the person as a small doll, play it and do with it everything that you want. My friend Tatiana offered me to be her own little doll, she promised me that she would treat the doll Alice well, I agreed because it was unusual for me. Tatyana tied ropes to my hands and began to lift my hands by means of ropes I became a small doll. Then Tatiana turned her doll back to you raised the hem of the dress and bared my ass to show you my ass. Next Tatiana bared her Breasts and ordered me to caress her nipples, I gladly began to caress the Breasts of his girlfriend, I’m obedient doll. Tatiana felt arousal , and decided to take off my panties, she takes off my panties exposing my ass and picks up a rubber cock and Fucks me right in the ass, on a rubber dick traces of shit, I did not poop in the morning. Tatiana gets pleasure from what she does with a small doll. Tatiana wants to go to the toilet and puts me on the floor and turns her ass to me and shits on my chest, Tatiana’s shit rolls down my chest and falls to the floor. But my girlfriend does not stop she continues to shit on my chest, Tatiana decided that my dirty chest will look best on the video, Tatiana bare my chest and smears her shit on my neck chest, and your fingers that shit shoves in my mouth. Tatiana again takes a rubber member and again Fucks me in the ass, but it’s a buzz and I like it when a member enters my ass. These are the games we have with my friend Tatiana…

File: bigtitsalisa – i’m a little obedient doll.mp4
Size: 808291394 bytes (770,85 MiB), duration: 00:07:58, avg.bitrate: 13528 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 25,00 fps(r) (und)

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Shitmaster 34 – I make everything for Mr. Otto 2 (Veronica Moser Inside)

When Mr. Otto Vroni again caught being lazy, his “generous” employer-heart bleeds and lashing out is inevitable. Fortunately Vroni knows how to get him down again and licks his itchy piles on the kitchen counter. Add to this a little treat out of her butt and Mr. Otto is already bac. He becomes horny and shits on her tits, sticks his old stink dick down her throat and spits it be rancid sperm into the open drawer. Then there is still “Veronica alone at home” and “easing in plum wine”. Two horny caviar stories with Veronica.

Cast: Veronica Moser – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/vera-moser/

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Shitmaster 37 – Scat in Bed (Louise Hunter)

Ringed faustfickgierige cunt, asshole and a constant strain joyous appetite for fresh caviar, which she is one of the best in their field. “Louise Hunter” from England and who knows them looking that makes no compromises. Today she goes to bed with a caviar dispensers to get everything out of it and to enjoy a massage, the hot holes. Of course, our own shit is eaten. Wide open, waiting Moni’s hot fuck hole and pee it fills to the brim. But this is only the prelude for the caviar of thumb is to expand then the greedy hole deep and hard. Under the “moaning” like the cunt squeals for help with their fists Jimmy Moni its highlights.

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In Jetzt Bis Du Meiner Hand – Shitmaster 39 (Veronica)

For a true fan is a dream come true. Veronica, the uncrowned queen of scat heard him and all his dreams came true. She has recorded its caviar and cheered him directly in the mouth with hers. She has him suck his shit-smeared cock and cleaned his Kack-Pussy to put off. With a lot of it has coaxed him his most perverse desires and implemented for him.

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Extremele Perverted Shit And Vomit Loving Girls From Lezpoo – Mega Pack 1

This mega pack of Extremele Perverted Shit And Vomit Loving Girls From Lezpoo Part 1 contain a lot of scat and vomit videos – 31 hottest videos to download!

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Heydouga 4037-PPV380 (The Kanchoooooo)

Studio: The Kanchoooooo – Gachinco

Extreme teen pooping made in Japan for asian scat porn lovers!

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Two lesbians show their game with shit (Full Edition)

Two russian sexy girls playing in dirty scat games. Full edition contains two videos parts.

Hope you like this video!

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Shitmaster 41 – Schluck meine Wurst (Susan, Marc, Moni, Mike)

Susan and Marc are a young couple and caviar when it comes to lust over them pull back and enjoy the common smut. From Susan’s asshole swells finest caviar and pressed slowly squeezing through the tights their firm ass cheeks. This delicacy is naturally absorbed and neatly licked. A good start for a real session with KV much shit, piss and vomit. Moni is burning again to Fick slot in the panty. That means it’s time. Mike from her she can fill the pussy, piss and shit in his mouth. But Moni wants more, she clings to the giant tube to milk it until a proper pound sperm unloads in her mouth.

Cast: Susan, Marc, Moni, Mike

Label: Z-Faktor – https://shitting.pro/tag/z-faktor/

Length: 01:23:55

Language: Deutsch

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Spritzigefee – vomit video (1080p)

Extremely hot vomit video from Spritzigefee for all toilet fetish lovers!

Cast: Spritzigefee – https://shitting.pro/category/pornstars/spritzigefee/

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