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For Copro Fan’s Only – Interview with scat lover and video producer sntck (2017)

Interview with scat lover

Interview with scat lover and video producer sntck

Some of you have asked us to do an interview with a producer.

If you are one of them, we have some good news!

Our new interview is with sntck, a scat lover, performer and producer.

1. Dear sntck, could you introduce yourself?

Hey sntck here, I love white girls lol

I have a nose fetish – the bigger the better, same with turds I guess lol

2. What was the first time you heard of toilet-play?

I first saw scat on 4chan i think, they post anything and everything. Ahhaha

3. Could you describe your first experience?

Well the first time i ever had shit on my dick was also the same time i lost my virginity!

She let me fuck her ass and when i pulled my dick out it was covered in a streak of shit…I was like 16 at the time so my brain didn’t really process how hot it actually was, haven’t had any shitty anal since

4. What is it in scat-play that you like so much?

I think for one its that I’m obsessed with ass in general, PAWGs are the best.

Its just so hot watching it come out lol

I also love how it feels on my dick, warm and gunky!

I think i worked my way up to this point since high school. There was a girl who always let me stink my hand down her ass crack in class, i wouldn’t wash that hand and would sniff it forever! ahahahha

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