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Shitmaster 41 – Schluck meine Wurst (Susan, Marc, Moni, Mike)

Susan and Marc are a young couple and caviar when it comes to lust over them pull back and enjoy the common smut. From Susan’s asshole swells finest caviar and pressed slowly squeezing through the tights their firm ass cheeks. This delicacy is naturally absorbed and neatly licked. A good start for a real session with KV much shit, piss and vomit. Moni is burning again to Fick slot in the panty. That means it’s time. Mike from her she can fill the pussy, piss and shit in his mouth. But Moni wants more, she clings to the giant tube to milk it until a proper pound sperm unloads in her mouth.

Cast: Susan, Marc, Moni, Mike

Label: Z-Faktor – https://shitting.pro/tag/z-faktor/

Length: 01:23:55

Language: Deutsch

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Magma Extrem – Piss Parties (2006)

Magma Extrem

Diese Extrem-Säue liefern Ihnen das volle Programm: Fotzenstrapazierenden Doppel-Mösenfick, Arsch-poppen bis die Glocken anschlagen, Fisten bis zum Unterarm und warme Pissefluten, die glatt für ein Vollbad reichen!

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Tatort Toilette 91 – Kack ab Baby

Tatort Toilette 91

Ling from Thailand shits directly in widely opened mouth her devilish beautifully to Mike and swallows his shit. Rudi immediately “licks” an obdolblenny crack of his cool Margo, Free “changes clothes” of the old woman in young, she copulates
with his huge stick, at the same time accurately shits,
Rita and Carla shit and urinate competing in speed.”

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