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PRAYING MANTIS – BUSTED BUILDER (Femdom, Scat, Caning, Piss)

A builder is caught lazing about by the ladies of the house. They teach him a harsh lesson to improve his poor working morale.

Soon he’s in deep shit, but they haven’t even started yet!

He’s put in his place with merciless whippings, beatings and toilet abuse and is kept overnight to make up for the wasted time.







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Sperrgebiet Erotik 29 – FULL MOVIE (Linda, Natasha, Tima)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 29

Sperrgebiet Erotik 29 - FULL MOVIE

Scene 1 : Redhead girl Linda is on the backyard with her girlfriends who sit on the top of the wall & direct pee into her mouth one-by-one. When all the girls finished a guy comes and start to fuck her from behind. Then one girl comes and joins the play with shitting to Linda’s hands who smears the shit to the guy’s dick and start to clean it with blowjob.


Scene 2 : The tail, Natasha Anal fucking is repeatedly pulled out, so Tima can lick it clean again. Then Natasha gets a full load of shit into her mouth, which she shares with Tima and the donor from mouth to mouth. Linda and Ivana participate even as caviar dispenser.


Scene 3 : Roland is spoiled in the forest of two young girls with piss and caviar. Standard-definition. Guy and a girl walk in the forest when they find a girl in a tree. They get close to her and she pee to their faces and they really love it and start making out with pee on their mouth. After that she shit to their faces then climb down and they start to fuck.


Scene 4 : This is a threesome scat video with a brunette domina and 2 blonde slaves. Both the girls have to eat her pussy out, then one of them in fishnets pee in a glass and spill it to her domina’s mouth, then shit on her legs and cover it full of shit. After that both the girls have to lick down the shit from her feet, and she even spread it to one of their chest.


STARRING : Linda, Natasha, Tima


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Copro, Shitting, Excrements, Defecation, Kaviar, Shit, Crap

LENGHT : 1 Hour 25 Minutes 19 Seconds

SIZE : 1 Gb


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 28 – FULL MOVIE (Reda, Tima, Silvia, Natasha, Roland, Linda)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 28

Sperrgebiet Erotik 28 - FULL MOVIE

The full movie of the premium series from SG Video with lot of scat scenes.

In the first scene 3 girls fuck with 1 guy, blow his dick, split on it & he pee in their mouth. Then the girl with dark hair shit into the redhead’s hands and she smudge it to everybody and eat it. Reda, Tima and Linda, the wildly making out with two girlfriends. Lots of piss and caviar. Standard-definition. Three girlfriends and a guy do some weird actions. The guy pee into on of the girls mouth and she has to split it to an other girl’s mouth. After they finished the pee action, a fourth girl joins them and shit into one of their hand and she spreads it to all the girls bodies.


The second scene is a girl-girl pee scene and when the guy shows up they do some kaviar play too. A threesome scat video with 2 girls (a blonde and a dark haired) and a guy. First the girls are making out and lick pussy, then the blondie get pee into her mouth from the other girl’s trimmed pussy. After that a guy joins and both of them give him blowjob, then he start fuck their ass full of shit and it’s get covered in brownies.

In the third scene a double-sided dildo involved with 3 girls and it gets covered with poop. Silvia and Tima who anal fuck with a double-sided purple dildo, assisted by Ivana. When they done pee on the girl with dark hair and her body get shiny and wet & even get her own shit to her mouth. The they cover the dildo with it on both side and start to clean it with their mouth & making out with a nice big portion between two of them.


The scene 4 is a scat domination with 2 slaves. Natasha very elegant, wearing only a fur coat completely dominated arrogant Silvia and Roland. With a lot of saliva, piss, caviar, and their bare feet they are fucked hard by her and her 18-year-old girlfriend. As Natasha’s boyfriend surprised with it, he puts the arrogant Natasha’s head in a bucket filled with shit and piss.


STARRING : Reda, Tima, Silvia, Natasha, Roland, Linda


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Shitting, Scat, Kaviar, Group Scat, Peeing, Piss, Lesbian Scat, Toilet Fetish

LENGHT : 46 Minutes 58 Seconds and 47 Minutes 4 Seconds

SIZE : 302,2 Mb and 302,8 mb


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 25 – FULL MOVIE (Silvia, Natasha, Linda, Tima, Reda, Oxana and Roland)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 25

Sperrgebiet Erotik 25 - FULL MOVIE

Scene 1 : Silvia and Linda both in snow white lingerie, smoking in the living room. The redhead pee & shit on the girl with dark hair’s lap, she pick it up and smudge it and tenderly love, kiss and lick their caviar smeared ass and making out with mouth full of shit. The end is really hot, where the redhead’s pussy and ass gets covered full with shit and the other girl clean it up with her mouth.


Scene 2 : Natasha, who is sitting on a wooden bench in the forest, and rumpisst for you and rumscheisst and always keeps Blickcontackt to you so that you have the feeling that you’re on. When she licks the shit off her finger, it also offers you something.


Scene 3 : Linda Roland puts a Specktrum into her ass, opens it so far that you can go far in her ass daily so that you can see her brown crap deep in her gut. Tima and Natascha pissing and shitting her so pure in her ass. Roland and Silvia drink it with a straw directly from their wide open asshole while Tima again reinrotzt. (One-shots!) When, moreover, Reda joins with his girlfriend, finds a wild mess instead of caviar and lots of piss.


Scene 4German scat movie in nature. Natasha’s hot blonde 20 years old sister, Oxana, the woman with the most beautiful, big natural tits with pointy nipples which see through her top, masturbates then put a nice big portion of brown gold to a paper towel in a campsite.


Scene 5 – Making off

STARRING : Silvia, Natasha, Linda, Tima, Reda, Oxana and Roland


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Group Scat, Shitting, Kaviar, Extreme Scat, Download Scat


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 24 – FULL MOVIE (Linda and Natasha)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 24

Sperrgebiet Erotik 24 - FULL MOVIE

Premium sperrgeibeit scat video with 5 scenes.

The first scene is in a living room where one girl lay on the floor while the other shit on her chest and cover her whole body with nice, warm shit and sit on her face with shit covered ass. Linda and Natasha do a girl-girl scat action in the living room. First Linda go to the corner in candle position and pee into her mouth, Natasha go over her and she pee too. Then she lay on the ground and receive tasty brown creme to her face which she smudge to Natasha’s beautiful ass and covers it whole, then start to clean it with mouth while she sitting on her face.


The second scene is at a campsite in a forest where on girl lay on a table with shitty ass while the other do her rimjob. In the third scene a girl get tied to a table with duct tape and get a very huge amount of poop on her body which full covers her, then they start to wash it with pee. Natasha very classy dressed, very excessive in the forest with a just 18 years old teen. They go to a campsite where the teen girl sit on the table and start to defecate into Natasha’s hands who start to smudge and cover her whole ass in beautiful brown creme. When it’s get fully covered she start to eat it out so hard her whole face get shitty too.


The other three scenes are suprise for all kaviar lovers 😉

Scene 3 : Standard-defintion. Linda with a girlfriend, a blonde bitch with hairy who lies on a table and they tape her to it. First, they pee into her mouth and then start to shit each other’s hand near her. The redhead girl lick one piece of shit, then put the rest to the blondie’s mouth and spread more to her whole body.


Scene 4 : Natasha, naked in front of you presenting in aufreisenden poses and several thick Kackwürste out pressing on a glass table, then with her ass in the pile purely at their bare feet inside rummatscht and both thus keeping the camera that you hastm feel you could smell it and taste it. (A good scene to jerk off.)


Scene 5 : Two girls go to the forest to do some dirty play. One has a dark hair, the other girl is an alternative gothic girl with red hair. She start to pee to the other girl’s mouth, then they switch and the redhead girl lay on the ground who receive pee and shit to her mouth and smudge it to the other girl’s ass and eat it out. After they switch again and the girl with dark hair get a lot of shit to her face.


STARRING : Linda and Natasha


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Girl and Girl, Lesbians Scat, Outdoors Shitting, Kaviar, Shit, Scat Porn, Download Scat Full Movie

LENGHT : 1 Hour 25 Minutes 34 Seconds

SIZE : 699,95 mb


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 23 – FULL MOVIE (Silvia, Natasha, Linda and Roland)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 23

Sperrgebiet Erotik 23

Der komplette Film der Premium Serie von SG Video. Eine Menge Kaviar und jede menge Pisse sind in diesem Film garantiert!

Scene 1 : Silvia and Natasha, both of which are lined with a lot of piss and caviar from Linda. A truly affectionate erotic lesbo scene where you really saw how all three leave full, and kiss each other greedily suck their rosettes.


Scene 2 : A horny, dirty Kaviarparty in the forest. Silvia and Roland are totally dominated by Linda and three young friends, hard cock kneading, Brustwazenkneifen, spit, piss and fully geschiessen in their mouths. Roland gets into full ecstasy and squirts his sperm Linda fully in her mouth caviar.


Scene 3Kaviar party on the Danube beach with Natasha, who gets fucked anal and several young girls lick the freshly drawn from the ass caviar-smeared cock clean. Roland and Silvia, who get spoiled with piss and caviar: caviar feet licking, scat kisses saliva, swallowing and licking each other all their blurred rosettes clean.


STARRING : Silvia, Natasha, Linda and Roland


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Enema, Shitting, Kaviar, Caviar, Extreme Shitting, Copro, Scatology, Excrements

LENGHT : 1 Hour 47 Minutes 23 Seconds

SIZE : 694,6 mb


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 22 – FULL MOVIE (Linda and Anna Maria)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 22

Sperrgebiet Erotik 22 - FULL MOVIE

The first scene is a threesome scat movie with a redhead and a brunette girl at the fence with a guy who covers his dick with shit and the redhead girl clean it with blowjob. And also she smears the brunette’s ass with brown cream and lick from it…. Classic threesome sperrgebiet scat movie with 1 guy and 2 girls, a redhead and a brunette. The guy and the brunette meet with the redhead girl near the fence and invite her to fuck. He lift up the brunette and she pee to the redhead’s mouth. After that she gives him a blowjob, then a blonde girl comes and shit to the redhead’s hand and she spread to the guy’s cock and suck it. Then an other dark-haired girl comes and she also shit into her hands and she eats it.


The second scene they are at a backyard swing where a guy joins for scat domination and he gets covered with shit…. Linda swinging at the backyard with her russian girlfriends, pee into each other mouth when a guy appears and start to fuck them in the ass. After that one of the girls shit on his cock and they smudge it, cover it and give him a blowjob to eat all the feces from his dirty cock, then making out with each other while poop is into their mouth.


The third scene is a group scat with 3 girls, a guy and lot of scat. Anna Maria and Linda play around with two friends and a guy with her shit. Many intensive caviar kisses that are rewarded in the end with cum. First they start with some anal fuck where the guy’s dick get covered full with shit and then the girls give him blowjob. Then one if the girls shit to the other’s hand and they spread more shit to the guy’s cock and the girls entire body.


Scene 4 :  a brunette and a chubby redhead making out while shit in their mouth. Chubby Anna Maria and her very pretty Russian girlfriend making love in the backyard, then an other girl comes and she peeing to their mouth, then things goes dirtier and Anna Maria get lot of shit to her hands which she start to eat and smear it both their face & making out this way. Then a lot of girls comes and start to wash it down with their pees.


STARRING : Linda and Anna Maria


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Peeing, Pissing, Group Scat Video, Girl On Girls Shits, Shit, Copro, Excrements

LENGHT : 1 Hour 15 Minutes 57 Seconds

SIZE : 490,1 mb


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 21 – FULL MOVIE (Ildikó, Anna, Tima, Maria and Linda)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 21 – FULL MOVIE

Sperrgebiet Erotik 21 - FULL MOVIE

A group scat movie with lot of shits which cover hot girls’ body.

In the first scene 2 girl, one with a dark hair and an other with blonde give a blowjob to a guy, then ride on his cock. While she is riding she defecate to the third girl who lay under her and him, then they smudge it to her body and cover it with shit….. Ildikó, Anna and Maria do a foursome scat video with a guy. At the beginning they all give him blowjob and rimjob & ride on his cock and during that she shit on the redhead girl’s face who lay under them on the floor. The blondie pick up the nice big portion and smudge it to the guy’s cock and cover it, then lick down and pee on it.


In the second scene also 3 girls involved to the scat party, then do lesbian sex with each other, then a guy joins, they cover his dick with poop and he start to fuck them and ask them for blowjob…. Tima gets two girlfriends pissed on her wide open pussy, then suck out the two girls. Perverted sex lesbo licking with lots of piss and feet. Then when one of the girls a cock hard durchfickt Anal, be smeared with shit cock is blown again and again.


And there are 2 more scenes, but those will be suprise 😉

Scene 3 : Anna Maria and Linda which a man lying on the ground pampered while getting new women to come and all three pissed and shit. The girls are fucked more properly with the vollgeschiessenen cock while they lick the brown shit from the feet. A really dirty movie with a lot, a lot of shit.


Scene 4 : A young pretty redhead Russian girl pissing in front of the camera on the top of a drawer. She masturbating & fingering her ass when small portions of shit falls out of it which she start pick and but she really curious about it’s taste and carefully start to tasting it. It tastes so good she get greedy and eat all of it from the floor and masturbates during it.


STARRING : Ildikó, Anna, Tima, Maria and Linda


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Group Scat, Girl and Girl Scat, Shitting, Pissing, Lesbian Scat, peeing, Copro, Kaviar, Scat Full Movie

LENGHT : 1 Hour 11 Minutes 10 Seconds

SIZE : 586,4 mb


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3 Bengel fur Charly – 1 (kit kat by John Thompson)

3 Bengel fur Charly - 13 Bengel fur Charly part 1

Here you will find two scenes : with Linda and scene with Wilma

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Uromania 8 (2001/DVDRip)


Linda, eine blasfreudige, blonde Drecksau lässt sich ficken wie ein Schwein. Immer wenn Sie einen Orgasmus kriegt, pisst die Kleine ab wie ein Elch. Gaby und Anna schiffen sich selbst kopfüber ins Gesicht, pinkeln sich gegenseitig in den Mund, lassen sich schamlos über den Haufen knüppeln und vollrotzen. Continue reading Uromania 8 (2001/DVDRip)