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German scat video with 5 scenes.

In the first scene a photographer guy go to the forest with 2 girls, the brunette get shit to her hands from the other then he start to fuck her from behind while she eat the brown creme from her hand.

In this movie Dirk, Tima and a pretty girlfriend go to a forest campsite to do some dirty action in front of the camera. They start to making on on a bench, then Tima bend over and put a lot of soft, creamy shit to her young brunette girlfriend’s hand and she start to smudge it and eating it, even while Dirk fuck her from behind.

The second scene Dirk at the pool with a redhead teen girl with short hair. She start to give him blowjob, then get fucked from behind in doggy position. Then a latina girl comes and start to give rimjob to Dirk, who then start fucking the teen girl and fuck the new girl’s mouth. During it the redhead girl start shitting and Dirk push the new girl’s head under her ass and her face get covered with the brown creme.

Third scene – scat domination with 2 girls and a guy slave who like to eating out pussy, get split in his mouth, tramping his cock and get pee into his mouth directly. After the other girl joins and start to shit on his body and the other girl start to smear it and cover both their bodies with this brown creme, rubbing to each other and fuck while shit in their mouth and both their genitals are full with shit.

Scene 4 : Super Teen Weblog, a craps fully dicktittegen girl’s face and then rubbed her with her own shit. Standard-defintion. Two girls, a bbw blonde and a brunette walk in the forest when they find a rock and start pee on it to each other. When they done with pee, the slim girl shit directly to the blonde BBW’s mouth and to her entire body and spread it.

Scene 5 : The last Super Teen Tivi, lying in a chair and gynokolischen vollscheisst her little white panties. As she takes off her panties and so she pisses playing around with her little caviar-smeared pussy in a high arc.

STARRING : Dirk, Tivi and Tima

STUDIO : SG-video

COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Outdoor Scat, Shitting, Copro, Caviar, Shits, Posing, Girl on Girl Scat, Shit Eating, Defecation, Kaviar, Copro, Excrements

LENGHT : 1 Hour 12 Minutes 3 Seconds

SIZE : 434 mb



Sperrgebiet Erotik 14 – Full Movie

Sperrgebiet Erotik 14

Sperrgebiet Erotik 14

Scene 1 : Tima with her boyfriend and her little cousin at the beach. The little shits in her diaper, her boyfriend squirts his cum on it. Also Tima shits and put the pacifier her little sister in the shit and sucks then turn around.

Scene 2 : Tima, two men and three Hungarian sluts make out with each other wildly. Caviar dicks being put into it directly from the ass in the pussy, and Tima with her young friend, who enjoy the stinky poo relish. (A rumgesauer without end)

Scene 3 : A chubby and a slimmer blonde MILF go to the forest and start to lick each other’s pussy. Then one start to pee to the other’s mouth and bend over to shit to her hands which she smears to their face, licking it, put into their mouth, then start to smudge to their chubby bodies with enormous tits & clean it with pee.

Scene 4 : A muscular young guy and a teen girl with small tits do a scat video. At first she giving him blowjob, then he start sucking her nipples hard and pointy & eating out her pussy. Then he lay on the ground and she put a lot of shit to his face, then pee on it and start to smudge it with her feets & sit on his face to receive a shitty mouth pussy eating.

Scene 5 : Dirk walks in the forest and is totally surprised when suddenly a naked girl sits in front of him and invites him to fuck her. While Dirk fucks her, Tima appears their sticks his tongue into her ass and eats their caviar directly from the source.

STARRING : Tima, Dirk, three Hungarian sluts, chubby and a slimmer blonde MILF and other….


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Smearing, Shitting, Scat, Kaviar, Scat Sex, Toilet Fetish, Copro, Shit

LENGHT : 1 Hour 29 Minutes 3 Seconds

SIZE : 575,3 mb


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Sperrgebiet Erotik 13 – FULL MOVIE

Sperrgebiet Erotik 13

Sperrgebiet Erotik 13

In the first scene Dirk voyeuring a girl who pee on an outpost in a forest, then go to her and pee into her ass, then she start farting & they meet with a girl on a bench who pee like a fountain.

For a walk in the woods remembers a girl as she is pursued. They provoked him while runterpisst from a high seat and craps. When he comes, he pisses on it and squirts his sperm into her mouth. As both go away together, they meet on a park bench the little Sandra, you have 20 euros, but they will piss and shit in front of them.

The second scene is at a classroom where the teacher talk 2 girls about anatomy and erotic literature. He ask 2 for a presentation where one shit and cover the other girl’s tits with the brown creme.

Roland, a teacher of Biology and History at a girls’ school, before class tells her his students the example of the Marquis de Sade, that there is no limit in sex. He shows them by having them encourages them to piss and shit to each other.

In the third scene a girl with curly hair masturbates with a golden vibrator then pee & shit on her sheet.

A redhead german whore in United States flag patterned panty and a shiny black bra animates you to jerk off while she thick a vibrator into her pussy then to her ass. Then she take it off, show us her butterfly tattoo and start to  pee & shit to her bedsheets.

STARRING : DirkSandraRoland


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Outdoor Shitting, Water Sports, Scat, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Shitting Groups, Two Girls Shits

LENGHT : 1 Hour 25 Minutes 26 Seconds

SIZE : 414,4 mb


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Magma Wet – Piss Gesichter

Magma Wet - Piss Gesichter

Was Sie hier geboten bekommen, sehen Sie nicht alle Tage. Rekordverdächtige Mengen an Blaseninhalten ergießen sich mit kräftigem Strahl in durstende Münder. Männlein und Weiblein pissen sich dabei gegenseitig gleichermaßen an. Zwischen den Entleerungen wird selbsverständlich ordentlich gefickt. Hiermit erklären wir die Wasserspiele für eröffnet

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Magma Extrem – Piss Parties (2006)

Magma Extrem

Diese Extrem-Säue liefern Ihnen das volle Programm: Fotzenstrapazierenden Doppel-Mösenfick, Arsch-poppen bis die Glocken anschlagen, Fisten bis zum Unterarm und warme Pissefluten, die glatt für ein Vollbad reichen!

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Magma Extrem – Die Piss-Marie (Download or Watch)

Magma Extrem - Die Piss-Marie

Hier tobt eine wahre Piss-Schlacht. Aus undichten Spalten sowie aus tropfenden Hähnen ergiesst sich der warme Nieren-saft sprudelnd und prickelnd in gierige Mäulter.Da möchte man am Liebsten mitmischen und seinen Teil von dem reichen Pisse-Segen abbekommen.

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