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Scat Impressiones – Ingrid, Alexia and Cathy (2005)

Scat Impressiones

Scat Impressiones - 1

Scat Impressiones - 2

Scat Impressiones - 3

Scat Impressiones - 4

Scat Impressiones - 5

Scat Impressiones - 6

Scat Impressiones - 7

A famous model in the theme of scat practicing these cases in different places and different people with the same pleasure as to itself 😉

STARRING : Ingrid, Alexia and Cathy


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Smearing, Shitting, Group Shitting, Pissing, Water Sports, Copro, Kaviar, Toilet Fetish, Shit Eating, Cooking

LENGHT : 1 Hour 19 Minutes 39 Seconds

SIZE : 699,5 mb


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Alexias Adventures in Paris (X-Models)

Alexias Adventures in Paris

John visits Alexia for an interview. Alexia shows John an ultra extreme Paris trip indeed. First, Alexia climbs up on the kitchen sink, and takes a big long piss into a glass. She grabs a croissant, dips it into her piss, and eats it, then washes it down with piss.

Next, she eats a large pizza/calzone. After eating, she goes into the bathroom, inserts a tube into her ass and fillsher bowels with an enema. She returns to the kitchen, takes a large pizza pie from the refrigerator, bends over, and expelsthe enema onto the pizza. Bending over the shitty pizza, she sticks a finger down her throat and pukes up the pizza/calzoneonto the shitty pizza pie. She squats down, starts squishing the pizza, shit and vomit with her hands and fingers. She picks upbig chunks of the mess, and crams it into her mouth, to eat it.

As the tour of Paris continues, Alexia is riding in a car sight seeing. Alexia has to pee. She spreads her legs and then pisses into a plastic garbage bag.She takes a can of her orange juice, pours it into her water bottle, and stuffs the nozzle of the water bottle into her asshole.She squirts as much of the orange liquid into her ass as she can. After pulling the car over, she gets out, and shoots the liquid out of her assonto the ground.

The final chapter takes place at a park, near a pond. Alexia lifts her skirt, and plays with her pussy and nipples. She squats near the pond, and takes a piss into the water.


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