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Look. Heavy and fat poop starring in video Markovna (Release date: May 05, 2021) ($10.99 ScatShop)

Heavy and fat poop out of my ass

Format: MP4
Duration: 8 Min
Size: 449 Mb
Resolution: 3840×2160

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DIRTY FRIENDS starring in video Lisa Black, Spicy

Watch in this new movie, Lisa and Spicy playing with piss, vomit and scat. They really love that, they can spend all day sharing scat piss and vomit.

Format: MP4
Duration: 34 Min
Size: 4656 Mb
Resolution: 3840×2160


26.03.2020 Scat Class – Tay, Jaqueline, Angel (newmfx in 4K Uhd)


Title: Scat Class
Cast: Tay, Jaqueline, Angel
Genre: Scat, Piss, Spit, Big shit, Lesbian, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:38:09

Teacher Tay catches Jaque and Angel kissing in the classroom! Oh, she will make these two naughty students suffer! The teacher begins to spit on their kiss, which they are forced to taste the saliva, and soon after they are forced to kiss Tay’s ass and pussy until she is satisfied. The two students end up naked, and Tay shits on top of them, forcing them to smell the pasty scat up close. Soon after, the girls still have to spread the pile of shit all over their bodies, lick the excrement and kiss while they chew the fecal cake, sharing the taste of Tay’s shit while almost puking in disgust. What a cruel teacher!

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Love Rachelle – Tasting Big Yummy Shit… You Eat the Rest (4K UHD-2160p)


Title: Tasting Big Yummy Shit… You Eat the Rest
Cast: Love Rachelle
Genre: Scat, Big shit, Solo, 4k UHD-2160p
Duration: 00:10:40

I’ve gotta shit so bad, I can’t keep it in anymore! I BARELY manage to tell you what I ate the past 2 days but can’t even hold on long enough to finish as I helplessly groundhog my full shitter, it’s too late, I have to shit! I crap a HUGE load, leaving me all messy, and hot, my pussy creaming all over. It smells SO good. You should clean me up back there. I lean over my poop pile and taste it, teasing you while I do–mmm, it’s delicious. I bet now you can’t resist tasting it yourself now, hmm? You eat the rest then, you greedy shit eater!

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Love Rachelle – Getting Slave Hooked On my Shit 4k-UHD

Title: Getting Slave Hooked On my Shit
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Solo, Smearing
Duration: 00:11:22

I waste no timing taking a shit on a plate for you, moaning with pleasure as my poop pours out of me. Here’s your meal, slave. Are you ready? Ready to belong to me? Mmm, I’m gonna make you eat every piece of this turd. You’re gonna become addicted to my shit. When I’m done with you? You’re gonna be begging for me. I don’t even know if you’ll really be a slave after even, more of a worshipper, really. You’ll be so sad eating real food after this, because you’d do anything to trade it in for a hot log right out of my stinky oven. But because you are my slave, and because I OWN you, you’re going to eat my shit, no matter how you feel! I don’t care if you get cold feet. Doesn’t matter. All that *does* matter is that you’re going to be eating my shit like a dog. Besides, we both know how much you really want this anyway. I think you’ve been dying for my hot shit longer than you’d like to admit. Are you ashamed that you really want to be a toilet? Is it humiliating? That your greatest desire has been to watch my poop push out my hole, and for you to give it a hearty lick? You’re obsessed about poop– MY poop, aren’t you? And when you’re finished eating this up, you’ll be shitting out my shit! Then I suppose you’ll be eating it twice. Now follow along with my instructions, slave. I demand that you eat my shit piece by piece and JUST the way I tell you…

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ElenaToilet – Eat My Smelly Poo, Toilet! (25.03.2020)

Title: Eat My Smelly Poo, Toilet!
Cast:  ElenaToilet
Genre: Scat, Spit, Big shit, Solo, Dildo, Smearing
Duration: 00:11:08

You like to obey me and fulfill my whims, dirty toilet! Excitedly watching as I shit wherever I please, and you get to obsess over each pile and eat it up as you want? Quite befitting of you, really. It’s all you’re waiting for. Exquisite treat! And you get to guzzle it up every time. As I’m going about my day or going to work – you’re gonna have to hurry up and eat my poop quickly. Otherwise you will smell unpleasant ? You lucky cos you have a Mistress to clean up after shit. You better lick my floor and my pretty asshole clean too, bitch. These thick, falling monster shit are all yours! Rejoice in, stupid pig!

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LoveRachelle – I’ve Fed HUNDREDS My Shit! Over 1000 Logs (14.03.2020)

Title: I’ve Fed HUNDREDS My Shit! Over 1000 Logs
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Cum, Fisting, Big shit, Solo, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:11:01

I’m so hot to be sharing my shit with you– you should feel honored to be one of the hundreds of hungry mouths I’ve fed my shit! I’ve been selling my shit for 4 years now, and literally EVERY single shit sells. And when you normally shit every day, or every other day, all that shit adds up to.. a HUGE amount of crap! I poop a BEAUTIFUL turd into a plastic container that I’ll mail to you, and tell you how to eat it–but not before I tell you how it smells, and tastes–and EAT SOME MYSELF! Delicious!! I have the yummiest “chocolate” out there…

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Love Rachelle – Poop Ramen… Delicious! EAT WITH ME Instructions (14.03.2020 – 4K UHD-2160p)


Title: Poop Ramen… Delicious! EAT WITH ME Instructions
Cast: Love Rachellehttps://copro.pw/category/pornstars/love-rachelle/ (107 videos)
Genre: Scat, Piss, Spit, Big shit, Solo, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:10:49

I’m so thrilled to have you over as a guest! I made you a little something to eat… sorry it’s not much, my kitchen is trashed, practically empty and I’m not much of a cook! All I really had were some ramen packets, so I made you a bowl of noodles. I drained it, though. Looks bland and boring! Am I doing this wrong? Sorry babe! Surely there’s SOMETHING I can do to make your meal a little more interesting…
And sure enough, there is! My special lite Piss Broth and Poop Topping really gives this ramen the kick it needs! I EAT A BIG BITE of my sweet shit along with some noodles to show you exactly how I want you to savor this treat, babe. Make sure to follow along with my instructions!

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LoveRachelle – You Get Your Dinner After It’s Gone Through Me (12.03.2020 – 4K UHD-2160p)

Title: LoveRachelle – You Get Your Dinner After It’s Gone Through Me
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Big shit, Solo, Smearing
Duration: 00:12:14

You should thank me, hun. You’re getting the honor of a hot, home-cooked meal from yours truly. I cook my meal on the stove while I talk to you about what kinds of foods I like to make, the ingredients I use, how I take special care to make sure I always indulge myself with something delicious and nutritious and how I’m going to fix you up something much better than the god awful crap you call “food” that you normally eat. I sit myself down and eat my yummy meal right in front of you. Oh, where’s your dish, you ask? That’s funny, I wasn’t talking about *this* meal, it’s not *nearly* ready for you to eat yet. You’ll have to wait and see what I have in store for you tomorrow night, love.
Tomorrow comes, and you’re famished. You can’t wait to have a bite. I smile, ready to indulge you. I bend over, ready to deliver you your meal, finally, nice and hot–and fresh out my ass! Hope you’re ready for your meal, babe. I have to build you up to the healthy food I eat by giving it to you in a form that more closely resembles what you already eat–you know, ease you in 😉 Enjoy a hearty glass of steaming piss to wash it down with!

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Evil Dead 3840×2160 4k Porn

Deep in the woods, in an abandoned cabin lurks monstrous evil. The evil forest spirit possessed my love, burnt his mark into her innocent soul and turned her into a blood-lusting demon. I found her tortured and scared in the cabin, tried to comfort her, but she grabbed my cock and sucked all good out of me. Then a gory pandemic orgy started and my soul was damned. Save your souls and run!

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Demonic Beauty 3840×2160 4k Porn

An evil spirit haunting an abandoned house. Demonic zipper head beauty, an imprisoned sinner from long time ago, sinful nymphomaniac. Nothing ever scared me as this damned soul. I couldn’t move when I saw her. But I am the Exorcist and my job has to be done. I grabbed her by the hair and fucked that unzipped mouth. I cleansed her soul through her pussy, I washed away her sins with my jizz and then I let her body rest for eternity! Rest in peaces, you sexual demon.

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Capital Punishment 3840×2160 4k Porn

Smell of burned flesh and crackling electricity. A young criminal tied to an electric chair used to be a hot girl, but that was a long time ago. Do you think she stands a chance of surviving the electric shock she is about to experience? Well, she is still alive! A beauty sentenced to capital punishment in an electric chair. I am the executioner and I will do my job!!!

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