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Grauzone 109 – Kaviar fürs Internet (Rare Scat)

In this movie you will see two scenes, in the first scene 2 guys of piss and shit on the girl, then smear shit on all her fine body.

In second videos the guy shitted on the girl and smeared shit on a body then it this dirty hand in shit begins fisting the girl in a cunt.

Country: Germany

Directed ByManni Moneto

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Avantgarde Extreme 45 – Die Zofe des alten Fritz (Katuschka)

Avantgarde Extreme 45 - Die Zofe des alten Fritz (Katuschka)

The row of AVANTGARDE EXTRAORDINARY wants to distinguish itself by an erhohten show-playful claim in the form of a concluded erotic society play with at the same time still starkerer pornographic compromise and boundlessness within the conditions moveable us. These films contain asthetisch very controversial scenes, but we do not plan to let condemn so simply as “a Schmuddelfilm”. It appears intellectual to me only naturlich to analyze SAMTLICHE Moglichkeiten sexual asthetischer universes with the quality of the mind also, too perversions etc. as a Porno-Kunstler is subordinate to us the job to provide an erotic imagination which, if ingeniously, almost always i in the „black area“ will be settled and does not want to allow to determine itself, therefore, from the herkommlichen stereotypes.

Ready for an extreme adventure of a german blond girl in berlin? Watch if you are into hardcore sex movies with an avantgarde story line and kinky strong adventures. This blond girl likes to suck cock and to fuck two guys at the same time. She loves anal and gang-bang. Watch out because this is extreme.

Label: SubWay
Director: Simon Thaur
Cast: Katuschka
Language: Deutsch
Production Year: 2005

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