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Kaviar Schweine – Exzesse im Walde (FULL MOVIE)

Summer is fun forshit lovers. Usually people chosen in summer in the woods to enjoy clean air, singing birds and charged energy of nature, but these perverted couples pursue completely different objectives. They prefer to fuck and shit outdoors, but this is no ordinary sex, as you might think …..

Having supported, sitting on a clearing, there is desire to empty a stomach, and our heroes don’t find anything more interesting as it is stupid to shit on the partner!

Kind of not strange it sounded, but they is unreal trudge from a scat sex. Having specifically smeared in shit, they start directly process of an sex act when they covered in shit.

Cast: Shit loving couples from Germany

Release Year2008

Studio: ArtMedia


Duration: 01:20:08

Must Have Scat Video !!!

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