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Sperrgebiet Erotik 36 – FULL MOVIE (Teen Girls Scat)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 36

Sperrgebiet Erotik 36

A really long scat movie with 2 girls, a blonde and a one with dark hair. They take off each other clothes, then start to play. Then the things go dirty and the blonde girl receive shit to her face & pick it, smears to her tits & kissing with the other girl while it’s in their mouth. There are 3 other hot scat scenes with these 2 girls, in one a blonde friend join to the action and they do a threesome.

Scene 1 : Lesbian scat movie with a young dark-haired and a blondie slim girl. They start with making out and fingering each other’s pussy. Then the blondie lies under the dark-haired girl and she release tiny petite shits to her mouth.


Scene 2Threesome lesbian scat video with hot and slim young girls. 1 dark-haired and 2 blondies. They start with making out and take off each other’s clothes, then the 2 blondie lie down under the dark-haired girl and get shit to their faces.


Scene 3Solo scat movie with dark-haired girl who has tongue piercing. In the beginning she start to masturbates. Then she croutch and shit on the table, put it on her two fingers and start to lick and eat is and spread it to her tits and body.


Scene 4Solo scat movie with hot blondie girl in red dress. In the beginning she play with her pussy and pee on the floor, then release a petite tiny shit to the table, take it on with her fingers and start to lick and eat it.


Scene 5 : This is a beautiful Sperrgebiet Scat Movie with lots pee and scat eating. We have a dark-haired young bitch in this movie in a nice orange dress. She pisses for us, and then squats down and shows us her beautiful bum. She then gets on all fours like a dog and licks her own poo off the couch she just took a shit on! She uses her fingers too to eat it. The camera angles displaying this bitch lick her own shit are just amazing. We get to view her acting like a dog and her ass is amazing to look out. This is truly an amazing video of a bitch just licking her own shit like a dog. Enjoy.


Scene 6Lesbian scat movie with 2 young and slim girls, a dark-haired and a blondie with fluffy lingerie. They start with playing with their pussies then the dark-haired girl squat over the blondie and shit into her face.


Scene 7 : Lesbians scat video in standard-definition with 2 young girls, a blondie and a dark-haired. They start to pee to the floor, then the blondie lay down to the couch and the other girl squat over her and shit to her face. Then the blondie take it up and place to the other girl’s mouth and push it with her feet.


STARRING : Two Scat Loving Teens


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Shit, Shitting, Kaviar, Pee, Pissing, Toilet Fetish, Sperrgebiet Erotik, Scat

LENGHT : 1 Hour 39 Minutes 12 Seconds

SIZE : 625 Mb


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