Seduction – Smearing on big belly ($19.99 ScatShop)

im showing off my body in the shower already oiled up and I need to desperately PEE & it shoots out wildly its bright loud and ALOT!
then I begin to pooo and its a lot and creamy and dark! I then say lets SMEAR A MASK ON MY TUMMY & get this creamy load and smear it all over my tummy its warm smelly & smooth texture. I SMEAR IT EVERYWHERE & ITS ALL OVER MY HANDS & EVEN TRY TO JERK U OFF WITH MY NASTY HANDS
I then show off my belly in bright light mmm it looks soooo good on my huge belly even with the nastiness! Shower Time… Its time to wash it off in the shower, I show the water fall down my tummy and nastiness wash away and I get some soap and scrub the rest away you see it all and all the mess I left behind

This is a very nasty video but will make you into something you never even thought u were into haha

Rate 5 stars More rates & sales the more nastier I get haha

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