Seduction – Piss and shit a huge beautiful load

I’m a beautiful alien queen and youre my host on Earth. Show me around your planet please, because I dont fully understand your customs yet.

You have to convince me to wear panties under my robes when I go out. Earth is so modest! I notice you take the panties when I’m done with them, but I dont say anything yet. I wonder if maybe you’re eating them?

When it’s time for me to leave I reveal that alien women can read minds and since I’m a queen I’m very powerful. I can see desires so deep that you don’t even normally let yourself feel them.

As a thank-you, I fulfill these desires. I pee in a container for you to drink and I unload a huge shit into a pair of panties you provided me with. You watch me and smell my shit right as i push my ass backwards towards your face, offering it.

I leave you with the period stained items, the piss and my panties filled all the way up with shit and I know you’re going to enjoy them once you’re alone <3

Seduction – Piss and shit a huge beautiful load

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