PrincessMonica – Hitwoman in toilet 2 ($10.99 ScatShop)

Custom request: “Another mission complete, this time you sit on a banker face until wearing sexy evening thigh white short dress with a very deep plunging neckline,some sheer pantyhose and some lacy panties, and again as you coming home this time the first thing you need to do is to take a seat on toilet and let out a big great dump, coming in the toilet whit your dress already picked up so we could see your ass fit perfectly in those pantyhose and panties. As you putting them down and sit down heavily on the toilet with your big butt. Immediately a heavy stream of pee comes out while you taking off your shoes so you can be more comfy on your throne, cross your legs. Quickly followed by a big brownie who splash down in the bowl. You shake your ass a bit complaining that it splashed your ass a bit so touch your buttcheek to take off the few drop and readjust yourself more comfortably,now it’s smell very bad, so bad it make you giggle that you can do a smell like that. it’s getting hot here so you put out your boobs from your top and let it hanging out while sitting here stay a bit crossed leg reading while you still pushing out more with a few farts and more pee, looking around you say you have not your phone near so you quickly get up to retrieve it and sit back down fast. Start to check your phone as a brown sausage come out. Still on the phone you start straining and grunting because the last piece is going to be very hard to push out but now you are a bit pissed off because you were checking your bank account on your phone and apparently your boss didn’t pay you and now you want revenge. Now ready for pushing the last out, take down your phone uncross your legs lean forward and spread your legs apart so we can see your pussy just a bit with your arm resting on your thigh, start to push,it’s coming slowly, you are a bit lost in your thought, thinking about how you gonna dispose from your now former boss, that make you smile a bit because you know exactly how to do it, you keep your smile as finally the last piece come out and plop heavently in the water. Start your wiping get up and puck back your clothe in a sexy way flush and leave…see you next mission.”

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