Nerdy Faery – Special Order for YOU My Toilet (€14.99 YezziClips)

I woke up chained instead of a toilet after tea with sleeping pills. You work as a maid in my mansion. My wife went away for a month on a business trip. You decided to take revenge on me for the bad attitude of your wife towards you by making your toilet out of me.
You are already seated above me. Angry and vindictive, you are in control of what is happening. Speak with malice and satisfaction from every belittling of me. Chmyrite with obscenities, compare in your favor with your wife at every step.
Now you are in charge and you decide what will be my responsibilities. Holding in my hand near the bottom and as a pointer, a broom for cleaning dust, order me to properly see you from below. Say that this is now my position in relation to you – under. That here you are, better than my wife and stuff like that. That your revenge on her will consist in the fact that you will make me, her husband, your own toilet, and after you use me for my intended purpose, I will come to my wife and kiss and caress her. Your anger is so great that you order me to sniff out your hot ass. In the meantime, you farts in my face and laugh at me with a rather sigh.

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