LucyScat – I destroy my Pantyhose to smear! ($14.99 ScatShop)

Feels great to feel a tight Pantyhose around my feet, my legs and especially when my poop is stuck between my buttcheecks and this pantyhose!

Peeing a Puddle underneath me, my Feet get already wet. I see how it flows towards my hands and make its own way.
This time my pee is really yellow!

right after i start to poop in this beautiful black pantyhose. I feel how my Poop doesnt have much place to escape, so its search his way down to my pussy.
But my Poo can never escape from my need to smear and my need to feel it on my hands and my skin!

I start smearing it abit inside of the Pantyhose, but quickly i decide to rip it open cause the light,black piece of cloth annoys me now. Its just not like to feel my warm shit with some pieces of food in it on my hands.
I start to smear it on my Buttcheeks, first the right one than the left one.

After i rip off my Pantyhose my thick Butt can finally be free and be smeared with my juicy chocolate!

Have fun watching!

Lot of Love,


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