GwenyT – Dirty Lust ($20.99 ScatShop)

This is a sensual masturbation video where Gwen starts with rubbing her cunt soft and tenderly, then moving on to pull and rub her small and pink nipples. She’s waiting patiently for her poop to find it’s way out of her without any force. Sucking on her thumb and letting her poop slide out of her she begins fingering herself and showing off her painted toes while acting adorably pleased with herself, then pushing so the rest will come out. She rubs it generously into her cunt, then gets out of the bathtub and onto the floor where she has room to lay her cunt on top of her pile, first she pours her liquid lube on to it and rubs it in sensually and then lies down and grinds herself into it. Feeling the mushy poop moving between her pussy lips makes her rub herself, pouring even more lube onto her poop smeared kitty and finger her ass until she’s satisfied with her love for her own poop.

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